Four years have come and gone since the Summer of No Return- 2008- a time when America transitioned into what we now call a “new normal”. In a prophecy the Lord gave me in 2007, the Lord said, “The First peoples will have the last say before America turns her final corner”. In July of 2008 A Native American event called the Longest Walk ended in Washington DC. Whether or not this event had any media coverage, I don’t know. I do know this- The Lord God had it in His appointment book, and He used it as a prophetic marker to signify a shift in America that would take place shortly after that event, during the time we call “The Summer of No Return”. A year or more later, we were in intercessory pray and saw a vision of the bear market economy, in the form of a bear.

Image by Uriah Barnes
Image by Uriah Barnes

For three days we were in intercessory prayer over the Body of Christ that this darkness would not prevail against His people. In the next vision we were dressed in bear pelt from head to toe. The Lord said, “Wear the bear, for the bear market is not your economy.” I saw the Lord as a guide and HE was “wearing a bear pelt”. It wasn’t hard to figure out the message- what has been sent out to destroy will be taken down, and worn as a trophy by those who put their trust in Him. Now one full cycle of time has come, there are similarities from the last cycle. The people of God are in revival but a different kind of revival than ever before. It is universal and no man can claim it, no group has the power to label it, nor authorize its power. Can a pool contain a flood? Does a tsunami ask for license to break across the shores? These are the days where the harvester will come upon the sower, and the sower the harvester. No man can conjure up what YAH is doing in the earth. No man will be able to corral it, and call it his own. It is this kind of activity that shakes both the heavens and the earth. In that climate no dead tree can stand, or continue to stand, especially when God is trying to restore and heal a land. In order to do that dead works must be rooted out. What is dead will fall when the earth shakes and the winds blow; dead twigs, limbs, branches and trees are naturally pruned from the living. Dead works in us are dealt with by the same principle when that rushing mighty wind blows upon us, and the baptism of fire sets us ablaze, and the shaking of that kind of encounter begins to clean us out, begins to prune us, so that new growth, and new life may prevail. An organized pruning from the careful hands of the vineyard worker is much better to endure, but this only comes when we examine ourselves, judging rightly before God, rather than our waywardness reaping it’s natural reward and consequences. These consequences drive prodigal sons and daughters back to the Father’s house in different areas or levels of their lives that needed correction, but far less carnage would have littered their past had not they gave up their dead works much sooner. At least they knew where to go. What one should be afraid of is being passed by when the pruner comes calling- for what orchard worker will bother trimming away at what is already dead? Is it not left alone to be uprooted hauled and burned? So it is then, in this hour when God is doing A mighty work in the land, blessed are those who have conscience towards Him. On such a great scale has the Lord of harvest entered his vineyard that the earth shudders as it groans for the manifestation of the Sons of God, as if sensing the stirrings of the Spirit, to this end. So then, do not be caught unaware, and unprepared, when you hear (in all realms known) the crashing sound of DEAD TREES FALLING.

See the link below regarding the Summer of No Return 2008.

Dead Trees Falling Prophecy July 27th 2012

I want you to know this thing, the dead tree is coming down, all that could be done has been done. A mighty institution is coming down, while a house made with out hands continues it’s transformation.

It began in my house, says the Lord-

Did I not enter into a portion of my vineyard, four years ago in the days of harvest? I looked for fruit and found no fruit though I cultivated, nourished, and pruned it; yet it supplied no lasting fruit for me, and drew from the vines bearing fruit- THEIR fullness … Now one full season of time has come. One full revolution, we are back where we started in a different place. It begins in the church and goes back into the world. What momentum shall ensue? From what camp shall it be? I have given you power to tread and where have you been? On the banks of the river, splashing in the over flow? Or have you pursued my Holy Mountain from where rivers are made?

I began this thing in my house, and I have said, that I would, and I will continue to do so, how much more will I bring the great trees down of this earth that extract wealth from the land and cause the (hidden) poor, the orphan, and the widow to suffer? It has been that the poor of the land have suffered the most in the day of disaster, for they have had little to shelter them in the time of trouble. know that this has grieved me, and I have charged my people to stand up, to speak to the storm, to take their authority in the earth and open the heavens above their cities …for this very reason. (… Speaking peace to the cities that you dwell in, that you might live there in and prosper …” )

You will see. The tide is turning. For I will shelter my covered ones, who find their REST in me. I will nurture them at my breast and they will know the mother’s heart of their father God, these the poor, the orphan and the widow, all those of a broken and contrite heart that I will never despise. Come to me and find true treasure …ies. Come now into this my chamber and find your rest in me. When you are strong become as weak, when you are rich be come as poor, for the poor in spirit will inherit the kingdom of heaven. I will bring it down to them … come refuge. Rest my love, my fair ones, just a little while longer until the dark night passes.

Do you not emanate glory when you rest in it, when you abide in it? Those searching out from where your peace comes must enter the light to find it. Do this, find me now while I may be found, and I will certainly give you- them that are with you.

I grieve when my people parish for lack of knowledge and understanding; is not wisdom to be found of me says the Lord?

Shouldn’t there be darkness where I am not? Should there be light where I am absent? Is good now evil and evil now Good? Shall I bless the Hybrid Church and anoint the Christians who yet serve Baal? Will these things not be discerned by my people? Will lawlessness prevail and distribute peace? Will anarchy bring order to the land, will a hybrid church sustain it? Will my people continue to serve two masters and mix the clean with unclean? Shall you not rather, attend the greater premier of a rising dawn where kings shall bow (with their wealth in hand)? Choose now this day whom shall you serve, for the hybrid Church will do good works, and intrigue many with flattery, but the people who know their God will do exploits and show his power in the earth. Nevertheless, even in night’s darkest end, good will, and has, triumphed over evil. Yet, remember, I have called my people to flee the Babylons of this earth, in this hour. Should my people gaze long into evil, spell bound? Should they not, rather, watch and pray discerning the seasons, the days, and hour they are living in?


Is this the same pattern as before? Are we coming into another sequel? Is the Lord of the vineyard walking through the vine yard? Will another Christian institution fall as before? Will a dead vine be plucked up? Will dead roots be removed? Shall revival explode where it was once smothered down? For the Lord of Harvest tears down, plucks up, but he ALSO BUILDS AND PLANTS, rooooaaaaaaaar !!!!! Can we discern HIM? Will we understand HIS mighty works in the land? Will a stronger hurricane than Cristobal hit the port city, or will it be, rather a hurricane of love? Is it in our hands to pray? Shall a lake become an ocean? Shall it make land fall? Will the winds shift? Shall we not pray for a mighty move of God beyond church walls in the Spirit- in breath?

Do we now know that the tabernacle of God is with men? Not the other way around. Do we know that the only lasting institution that can sustain HIs abiding glory, IS NOT ONE? It is the living breathing house made of lively stones, made with out hands, where Yehushua is the corner stone, from where all lines are drawn!

While The hybrid church attend it’s casualties, under a canopy of increasing darkness, the Manifest son’s of God will do exploits in the earth bringing glory to His name, Arise and shine-

Spirit of the Living God-

Come now, a little while longer, until all these things are finished, I Am has sent you, I Am is with you, I Am is in you. YOU Are hidden in me. I AM refuge in the storm. I AM He that lived and was dead, I AM alive forever more, I possess the keys of death and of hell. You are in me, and I AM is in you! Dwell In me, [the secret place] abiding in the shadow of the Almighty. I AM your refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble; I AM that I AM ..

Four years ago in the summer of 2008- Newine Pouring

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