Join us Late Friday Evenings, starting at 9pm until Midnight. Real life stories, hot topics, and current events in the times we are living in now. Jesus is coming back, are You ready? Listen in live to our panel of speakers. Audience members can request mic time for questions or prayer requests by hitting *5.

November 22, 2019: Kingdom Outreach with Charles Littlejohn and Kingdom panel. more info to come.

November 15th 2019: America is going to burn! Dumitru Dudeman The Man And The Message. In 1991 a country girl from a small town reads a book written by a former Romanian bible smuggler, who suffered torture and imprisonment for his faith in Christ, and ends up on a mission of God to warn any one who will hear him, of judgment coming to America. She contacts Dumitru Dudeman to come preach in her neck of the woods. He accepts! For seven days Roxanne, her husband, and three children, drive the prophet and his grandson around to various Churches in the pan handle of West Virginia, that was still recouping from the flood of 1985. This is her story, of the Man And The Message, that called for America’s Repentance before her judgments come!

November 8th 2019: Tonight at 9 EST  Stephanie Bailey shares her journey out of drugs, suicide, and Santeria. In the second hour Charles Littlejohn from Kingdom Outreach and his panel, discuss relationship building, mending, and balancing. Should all relationships be mended? Find out Kingdom answers tonight at 10pm! 1-857-216-6700 #109170

Jesus is coming back, and we need to get ready!! 😎🙏🏻🔥 Questions? comments? Go to the contact page above. We would love to hear from you!

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