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The Violent Take It By Force  

Clearing The Debris Field

In The Government Of God – from the series subtitled: How Not To Become A False Prophet

NeWine Pouring


The message of the New Testament poured down through the ages, sealed by the crimson flow of Calvary’s Cross. The Covenant between God and His people through His son Jesus Christ.

This website is  one tool where that message is served through those gifts that He has given. The message is “The Covenant” established and unmovable from the foundations of the world. Yet, revelation brings more light and understanding to God’s people everyday through those who seek His face. Every word, teaching, prophecy, vision, or dream, that is in harmony with the COVENANT will be confirmed in the contents of the written Word of God. The written word that teaches us how to live a better life.

Serving the message is serving the message giver, God the Father, in the name of His son Jesus Christ. It is my desire, and that of my family who supports me, to see the fullness of what Christ has done for us on the cross, preached to the nations. His Word being confirmed with signs and wonders following.

May this website bless you, and encourage, you to be all that you are called to be in Him.

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  Celebrating 98,000 registered hits on articles published by the writer of NeWine Pouring, from 104 countries!

All graphics, art, or photography on this site is either my own, or has been purchased for use.  Anything beyond that is the result of a public domain search and is protected/in compliance of  the fair use copyrights act.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to NWP Media Center”

  1. John McAteer said:

    Hi Dee. How do you access podcast content?


  2. John McAteer said:

    Hi Dee. I have to confess what a surprise to read the name of your ministry after having heard NEW WINE during worship on Sunday Morning. It was the first of the posted dreams that puzzled me the most and thank you so much for your comments. I would be interested to hear your comments on the other two dreams posted on open heaven. Just to let you know, I am a 48 year old Irish believer living in Southern Ireland, married with one daughter. Look forward to looking into your web site in more detail when I can. For now.Keep looking in the right direction. Br. John


    • Hi John, thanks for writing. My husband and I have three adult children, we were called to the SE of the US, from the NW, several years ago. NeWine Pouring is a dream journal website, the articles come from visions and interpreted dreams, that the Lord has given us through the years. The dreams you posted were definitely prophetic. Is it possible that you could send that 2nd dream with any more detail, (that you can think of) to thepouring@gmail.com ? I work on submitted dreams from there, and may have a couple questions to ask, about, it. We have an article on how to submitt dreams, in order that important details are not left out, including prominent colors, names, and numbers, people often over look. Once we have worked out the dreams you can release them, on OP to complete your post if you would like. God bless. -dee


  3. Thanks for your blog – and thanks for liking the post, “No person or place is more important than the Lord.” at my blog, “Learning From God’s Word.” God bless you and make you a blessing to many.



    Thank you my friend for following and studying with us. Congregations on your 72,500 followers. Your message here today is awesome. Thanks for sharing, and may the Lord’s peace rest with you and the work you are doing to lift up His Kingdom.


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