What Windows Mean In Dreams

We see a biblical pattern on how a prophet seer should regard their dreams, and visions, in the 7th chapter of Daniel verse 1-2. The Prophet Daniel had the dates of his dreams and visions recorded. He explains where he was when he had them, and the scripture outlines how the chief facts of the matter were told. Dreams have a way of diminishing in time, that is why it is imperative that we write them down. The main facts will trigger the more evasive details in memory. In times past, I’ve discounted dreams in the grogginess of my mind just to realize, later, they were symbolic in nature, and had prophetic significance. We can train our memory to retain our dreams until they are recorded, by holding on to what Daniel describes as the “chief facts” that provide what is needed in unfolding the details later. For me, I can usually recall open visions in full color, but, have found prophetic dreams elusive, over time, unless they are written down. It is possible to have a dream prophetically recalled, when forgotten. Understanding of dreams is obtained through the Holy Spirit or a Spirit filled interpreter.

The Symbol of Windows in Prophetic Dreams.

Windows are for viewing in order that we might SEE on the other side from where we are at, without actually being exposed to the out doors. We comprehend what’s beyond our four walls through the window, while what is outside stays outside, and what is inside stays inside. Unlike doors, where we must walk in and out to “know” windows enables us to see, without actual engagement. A plate-glass window keeps the environment outside from coming in, while letting in the warmth of sunlight at the same time. Have you heard it said that eyes are a window to the soul? Windows are the eyes of the house we live in, where our spirit and soul resides. In dreams, therefore, windows are portals for viewing prophetically; giving us the sunlight of revelation knowledge, and understanding, regarding circumstances, and situations, otherwise unknown. It is important to observe the type of window we may have in our dreams. I recently dreamed of a church that had all their windows boarded up with bright white barn shutters. They were nailed closed. This was disturbing to me for, although, the church looked spruced up, I knew that the eyes of the church were being blocked out from sunlight. It appears, in the dream, that a deliberate decision to shut out prophetic, or, revelatory teaching was replaced with something that provided a more cosmetic appeal.

The first mention of a window in the bible is:

NKJV Genesis 8:6

So it came to pass, at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made. Then he sent out a raven, which kept going to and fro until the waters had dried up from the earth. He, also, sent out from himself a dove, to see if the waters had receded from the face of the ground.

Through out scripture windows are used symbolically to pour out blessings, to describe an open heaven, to escape in, or, out of; to watch from, to call from, to hide behind, to fall out of. Windows are spirit, in that you can be somewhere else other than where you are, in the hearing, and in the seeing, through open windows. The Lord shows us what is going on in our world around us that would, normally, not be seen through the view of a prophetic window. If what we see through the window comes toward us, or passes over the house, again, it will not have any effect good or bad. However, that doesn’t negate the emotions we may feel in the dream. Whether, it be joy or concern. If in a dream one observes through a sliding glass window, a thing; that person will, most likely, walk in or out of what’s being seen. Or, at least there is the potential for it to be experienced, or interacted with. Good or bad. The difference is we’re able to SEE through the door, before opening it. This is the Holy Spirit giving us revelation on something that presents itself at the door, before it actually happens, so we can choose to open, or not to open, to go out or stay in, whether it is a picnic or a storm. To engage, or not to engage, would be the question to ask the guide of your life, the Holy Ghost. I had a dream where a tsunami, (that I was watching out for) suddenly smashed through the glass doors. I was able to escape it, and was one of those in 2007 warning all who would listen, of an economic tsunami about to crash into the shores of AMERICA, and effect every one of our lives. Specifically, those I saw flooded to their waist, in the dream, lost half their savings.

Where windows are in your house is important in a dream.

Often, people will tell a dream that they had of which they feel is of prophetic significance but will leave out information such as where the window was in their dream. Details are everything, it is important to take note where the window is located. Is it from the front room, back-room, bedroom, the garden house, or kitchen? It could be the front or rear window of your car. Ask yourself what type of car, and who was driving? All these details surrounding your window dream is significant.

Many prophet seers see windows in their dreams.

It is like God saying, “I want to show you something” and then He brings you over to a window. If you move out of the window it often means you will experience what you see, and will move out into it, this is about your own will, and/or obedience. This “seeing” the thing before it presents itself at the door. If what is outside comes in through the window it may not be invited, and could be an intrusion- for a door is something we open to others, letting or allowing things through your window is consent, but you must examine why the window, and not the door? Jesus said, ” I am the door of the sheepfold. Something coming through the window that you do not open to is that which is not of your consent. Such as the wave that crashed through my glass door window in a dream I had in 2007. It was an occurrence that took place, but did not overtake me, for in the dream I was watching, and prophetically aware. But, it certainly was not consented to. The dream caused me to be aware and ready. This is why we want to acknowledge the significance of the prophetic gift in our dreaming. Dreams you have should be addressed in your prayer life. Authority taken against would be intruders, in the spirit, is encouraged, when they occur in our prophetic dreaming. The gift of the discernment of spirits, and many other giftings can be operating in a dream.

What Recurring Dreams Meaning. 

One incredible dream story I was blessed to watch unfold, was that of a women who dreamed of fluidly and invisibly slipping through a car window with her children. She was being grievously persecuted, and threatened. As in her dream, her escape came to pass two days later, where she and her children were removed from the situation, peacefully. The vehicle in our dreams often reflect where we are going in our lives. For her she was escaping a silent hell invisible to the rest of the world. So, slipping through a window from a bad situation often means God is making a way of escape for us where there seems to be no way, warning you of it before hand. Because this happened in the family car, it signified change was coming for them all, and life as they knew it would never be the same, as it turned out. This kind of miraculous escape we see in scripture where Paul was let out of a window in a basket, that he would escape an impossible situation that would have otherwise cost him his life. Therefor, it is not surprising that window dreams that we are slipping away out of, speak of escaping into freedom or experiencing deliverance.

Those things that come through a window often foretell what is obtained through your prophetic gift. In your life, where your window is located in the dream is important for it will describe how much others will be aware of what it is you have received. A neighbor handing you a pie, through the back or front window, for example, is an unexpected gift that will come to you through the gift of a seer, or through your gift as a seer. A non public view window means it will be a gift needing to be discerned for it will not be seen, at least for a season by anyone other than you. A front of the house window is there for all who is looking, they will see you have received this gift. The neighbor is the one who is friendly, closest to you, who lives in the vicinity of where you live. The bible tells us in the Old Testament not to travel far for a relative’s help when a neighbor is close at hand. So, the neighbor, window, gift, interaction represents impartation that will minister to the needs of those with in your reach or community, specifically. The kind of gift will most likely be enigmatically significant and therefore needing to be prophetically broken down for further understanding. An open window enables you to see and hear, engaging in every way emotionally, but not by physically being present. Again, these are prophetic KNOWINGS and engagements while in the shelter of your home base.

Scary Window Dreams and Nightmares

Always, remember your dreams are subject to the name of Yeshuah, and the out comes negative, must pass through prayer. We are never to take dreams as the final word of any matter, but subject them to prayer; asking God for revelation, knowledge, and understanding. Often times dreams are for warnings when they are negative, and must always be taken before the Father in prayer when they are disturbing. It is not God’s will that any man perish. He warns us to save us, He does not pronounce death or destruction for the purpose of torment. Turmoil in our sleep life is a good indicator that life style change is needed. God calls us to peace.  

Take a moment and listen to this video podcast. A prophetic dream of the beginning stages of the New World Order:
Cashless, Tossing Wallets

Any one that declares to you that dreams are not from God if they scare you is not scriptural. You do not rebuke dreams. However, you can rebuke bad characters in your dreams and bind/expose/avoid them, as you would any predator; spiritual, or real. Jesus said, “I give you power to tread” an entity overpowering you in dreams should be bound as soon as you have awareness to do so; even in the dream doing it in Jesus name. Prayerfully process them when awake. God gives His beloved rest, so again restless sleep that lasts for days indicates something is wrong, even physically we should strive to be sound, in order to have rest. For intercessors, however, it is a good sign you are not answering a midnight call to prayer, when you feel troubled in your spirit, and anxious. The bible says, be anxious for nothing but with petitions and prayers let your requests be made known to God, and he will keep your heart and mind in perfect peace. Anxiousness is a flag, you need to pray. Wether you are concerned about something or your spirit man is feeling concerns of the Spirit and not responding in prayer, anxiousness will set in. On the other hand if your dreams are the result of a lifestyle with out God, you will need instruction, and prayer. Confessing your sins and seeking God is a good start. All should consider the matter prayerfully, and God will reveal to you His ways that lead to life.

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Often, the Lord will give you dreams to warn others. But, they must be considered before Him prayerfully. If you are faithful with your prophetic dreams about others, He will entrust you more. Dreams should be shared only after receiving the green light from the Holy Spirit to do so. Always, give hope and instruction for a better out come when sharing your warning dreams. This is how God operates desiring that no man or woman should parish, but that all would come to knowledge that would save them, which is Christ, and Him alone. To approach people with a warning without a company of counselors, and prophets to consider the word, and examine a plan of action, is short-sighted and does not follow the biblical model set before us, to plan and prepare, upon receiving prophetic warnings. Such as the first century church did, when warned of a famine to come.
Cashless, a Prophetic Dream https://youtu.be/g-eMjJ1bAUM

The following is the bible’s last word on prophetic night scares.

The Amplified Bible Job 33: 15-18 For God [does reveal His will; He] speaks not only once, but more than once, even though men do not regard it [including you, Job].[One may hear God’s voice] in a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men while slumbering upon the bed, then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction [terrifying them with warnings], that He may withdraw man from his purpose and cut off pride from him [disgusting him with his own disappointing self-sufficiency].He holds him back from the pit [of destruction], and his life from perishing by the sword [of God’s destructive judgments].

In closing

Prophetic words should be up lifting. So let’s examine the words up lift. To be up lifted often means encouraged out of discouragement. To be edified out of de-edification. That is similar to being UPLIFTED from out of a pit. Sometimes, a nicety in the prophetic word, is not all there is that one must know about their condition. Some folks may not understand being in a pit is not a good thing. That is why we need the prophet, to not only point out the betterment of not being in the pit, but to also, point out the snake that is living in the pit with them. These things work together to UPLIFT the woman or the man from their low condition up onto the KINGS HIGHER WAY. Discernment of spirits, words of knowledge, and words of wisdom, are those other giftings beyond prophecy that, also, work in the realm of dreams. Our dreams can be brutally honest regarding our ways, and motives. We can see ourselves in a way never understood, when God gives us these insights. The Spirit of The Lord is ever drawing us to learn of His nature, to be the best we can be in Him. Through prayer, and His word, does he unfold the mystery of our GOD inspired dreams, when they come to us.

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23 thoughts on “What Windows Mean In Dreams

  1. I had a dream where Im looking through a front window of a house that I supposedly use to live in for many years. Thtough the window i see a shabby looking house. But im looking one lsst time before i say goodbye. Its locked and i see i left two item on a hook 2 pretty duffel overnight bags with pretty flower designs. One belong to me the other one is my moms. I know they are travel bags where we carry the smaller stuff. In real life i wanted a bag like that to go to Fiji or just take a small trip. I felt baf that my old house was locked and couldnt get our last 2 bags. It was locked. But leaving that shabby old house felt like a relief. I felt i had my whole past of memories in that house. But in real life never lived in a house like that. Does it mean my plans for a nice vacation with mom are dormant. Only thing that felt good about the dream was that i lived a few blocks away in a nicer house more modern house and was a new beginning or frwsh start? Your thoughts?


  2. My mother had a dream pf looking out a window at a beautiful sunset with angels flying around and. When she looked out tje other window it was the worst black storm cloud just wandering what this dream could mean. Does anyone have an idea. Thanks so much


  3. I had a dream that light was coming in from the top left corner of a window into my sisters bedroom (a room we would share eventually when my grandmother moved in with us). It’s a room in the far back of the house (there was a big wall surrounding our house for we lived in a different country at the time. There really wasn’t much you could see from that window for the wall was closest to it). I remember that was the time I understood what was meant when people menationd fear of God. I didn’t get why one should fear him. That night I did. It wasn’t fear per say but I suppose it was a great respect. It’s a feeling I really can’t explain even now. In the dream myself and my two other siblings were on a bed just paralyzed huddled together in a corner of the bed. The rest of the room was dark except where the light coming in hit the floor. I mustered the courage to move towards it but very slowly for I was scared (I was quite young at the time). I tried to crawl off the bed on to the floor and look up into the light coming in. Trying to grab a peak I suppose at what was creating it. I couldn’t see anything. It wasnt a blinding light but unbelievably bright at the same time. I “heard” a voice. But it wasn’t a voice that was speaking out loud that others could hear (if that makes sense. Also something I can’t explain well). I could hear my own voice when I spoke out loud but not the one talking back to me. But I could still hear it. He told me to pray for 3 things (I know sounds very genie like but I used to pray a lot back then and I think I had stopped when that dream came to me for some reason). I woke up the dream still vivid now as it was then. And this is why till now More than 15 years later I have never said anything because the things I prayed for the next three days all happened. I always thought it to be coincidence and so dismissed it all but still kept it in the back of my mind. I finally told somebody the other day (she is quite religious) and she said that God had definetley meant to show that light just to me. So now I am looking for answers to it all and that’s what led me to this page and read all the other stories and to tell my own. Perhaps somebody has had a similar experience and could help see the meaning to it if there is anymore else for me that God may have wanted me to see.


  4. I had a dream. I knew I was dreaming. I saw this beautiful deep sky blue and sunset orange colored sky. It was a window toward Heaven, but it was high on the wall where I was.. There was a white slow moving smoke ribbon coming thru the left side and the smoke did not disperse or have a smell. I just remember asking The Lord to keep seeing it because it was so strikingly beautiful. I knew I was dreaming becsuse I touched my dog and said her name. She was lying beside me.

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  5. I had dream that out of nowhere window and some part wall falling from sky and I going inside a building and climbing the stair what could that means


  6. Goodday.
    . I dreamt that one of my employee broke into my house through my backroom window,after I must have stopped her from doing so,and she repeated it again,this time I noticed she might repeat it so I went into my bedroom and waited for her to jump in as usual,and as she was creeping in through the slide Window,she met me in the room,and said its cause I didn’t give her the key to my room,then I wokeup,few days later,she was disrespectful to me,what does this dream mean please,thank you.


  7. Well I can say I had a dream about a window disappearing in my room. It was fine in my dream but there when I awoke of course. I walked in my room and the window was gone . it was a wall like a window had never been there.


  8. I had a dream about an old window, a double paned wood window but it was huge, huge and the glass in it was thin, shiny clean and super clear, on the other side was just the universe, dark with stars and I heard my friends voice. I friend that passed a year before, I knew she was on the other side of the window but could not see her.

    I know I could probably interpret this myself, by giving it the meaning that I want to have, but I would appreciate some 3rd party in site.

    I’ve had about 5 dreams about her, never being able to see her face, I hear her name, I look for her, there are other aspects. The window, I have dreams about many windows but this one I’ve mentioned, I think of it often and I can’t (and don’t want to) shake it.

    Thank you so much for listening.

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    1. Julie, I do dream interpretation and coaching on a biblical perspective, you can submit it to the contact page (see header above), we will send you information on how it works to receive a response. My condolences regarding your friend. I agree the dream seems to be of interpretive prophetic value. Thank you for sharing. -dee


  9. Please, can someone take a stab at this…
    I was walking up to a door that had a window with blinds. I was not aware of anything other than the door. one slit of the blinds opened and eyes looked through, staring HARD, seemingly right THROUGH me into my soul and NOT MOVING… I felt like they were my eyes but they were brown and mine change between green and blue. after a few moments of looking at the eyes I was overtaken by pure TERROR… such intense terror that I took control of my body from the dream and started screaming, ‘wake me up, please wake me up!” any thoughts?? thank you


  10. Here is the dream of 16 September 2004:

    “Last night I had a dream where I saw President George W. Bush sitting in a chair and his eyes were red because he had been weeping. I walked up to him, he stood up and smiled at me and we shook hands. We spoke to each other for a short while and then I walked into another room in the house where we were in. This room had many windows. I was alone in this room and I began to weep bitter tears because President Bush’s wife had passed away. I saw the number 67 and I believe it meant that she (Laura Bush) died at the age of sixty-seven. When I awoke, I was very agitated in my spirit.”



  11. I wonder if someone can help me to interpret a scary dream I had this morning. I dreamed that there were 3 loud knocks on my bedroom window. Suddenly, I awoke. I looked at my dog who was still sleeping on her dog bed near the window. My other dog was sleeping on my bed. Clearly, it was only a dream-not reality. Otherwise, my dogs would have barked. This is the first dream I have had like this. Before, I had dreams about front doors that were open in the middle of the night. I know that they meant that I needed to get out of an unhealthy relationship. But what could this window dream possibly mean? For me, when I get dreams from the Lord, they are typically for guidance in my life. It was suggested that it meant that God was opening a window of opportunity. Is this a common interpretation?


    1. Carol, think about what it implies when someone walks over to a specific window in a home, when people are sleeping to knock on it. They know where your bedroom is. They know you’re there at that time. So it is a dream where, specifically, you are being called to attention. Naturally, we would look out the window to see who was there and what they wanted. Your part is to seek the Lord, and ask him what he is trying to show you through the frame work of prophetic seeing. This dream is to startle you into the act of seeking. Alerting you to wakefulness. It falls in the catagory of either warning or a wooing of the Spirit.


  12. Hi,

    I have been looking for an answer to my window dreams too. About a month ago I dreamed that my bedroom window kept flying open in the night. In my dream the door was locked up but my bedroom window was wide open in the night time. In the dream I woke up and felt very afraid that the window was open in the night. I looked at the door in the dream and confirmed that it was locked. I woke up.

    Last night I had another dream. This time it was not my house but my parents house. It is not a house that I know since it was not any house they have lived in before. Again, it was dark outside and the windows in two different bedrooms kept flying open. When I first realized that the window in my bedroom in that house was open I was very scared and ran to pull it shut. Then I realized that the window in the other bedroom was open so I ran to shut it only to come back to my room to find that the windows I had shut previously were now open again.

    I was feeling alarmed on the inside and I grabbed some twine to try and tie them shut. Then I woke up.

    This dream is beginning to really bother my spirit. I am born again. I feel like this is a warning dream, but I am not sure what about. Can you help me?



    1. Cynthia, you can submit your dream (copy paste) it to the contact page listed above on our website. From there we will look at your dream because it goes into an e-mail where we work from, and can contact you. Looks like it is a dream that should be prayed over. I would ask what family member occupies the other bedroom, or what it is used for. Is it on the opposite side of the house? You can respond through the contact page. Look forward in seeing your submission there. -God bless.


  13. Hi. Last nite I dreamed I was looking out of a window. The window had bars on it. The view was a ball of fire. I was standing in the end of a hallway looking out. On yesterday, I had a court appearance and judge said will decide if I will be awarded in a few days. Any insight on the vision? Also, I am a believer in Christ and I will continue to pray because the word instructs us to about everything. Thanks.


    1. Denis, you can email me through the contact page and send more about your dream. Please review our instructions on dream submission. Was the court appearance in the dream? You can clear that question when you re-submit the dream through the contact page. We pray for interpretation and if we dont get an out right interpretation we can coach you a little on the symbolism. -dee


  14. This is so interesting.
    I had a dream last night I was looking out my grandmas window and I saw a beautiful big tree with green apples on it. Trying to figure out what it means!
    A few months ago I dreamt I was looking out my kitchen window and I saw a ton of beautiful trees and right in front of me was a tree that flickered red (like a red maple tree) and green back and forth. Dreams are so interesting !!


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  16. What would a window that is covered in mesh metal screen but like a ,screen, door mean? Obviously it would not protect from the elements as it’s a screen but what else would this stand for?


    1. This would be a barrier allowing speaking and hearing, rather than seeing only. If the window was open. The nature or kind of mesh could be symbolic as well, most windows have screens some have bars to keep out thieves. What is normally on your windows would, usually, be of no consequence. What is unusual about your window dream, usually is. (Of consequence)

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      1. can you tell me what this means? i had a dream it seemed really realistic i was in my bed room standing at my door i heard someone banging on the window and i locked my door im not sure but i think that i thought someone was in the house after i locked the door i walked to the window someone just kept banging on it i tried to slowly peek threw the blinds the i pulled them open really fast and there was a women outside my window i punched the window and the entire window cracked it looked like it was shattered but it did not fall to pieces then i went to my bed layed down faced towards the wall away from the window and closed my eyes hoping to wake up there was wind blowing on my back i dont remember if the person was still banging but i woke up after that.


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