“God isn’t late with his promise as some measure lateness. He is restraining himself on account of you, holding back the End because he doesn’t want anyone lost. He’s giving everyone space and time to change.” 2 Peter 3:9

Hi Deana,
Wanda Lumpkins 01:33 AM on March 31, 2009

I was on the beach a friend and I. He was cooking on a round bbq in front of a high, cement wall. I looked out over the water and saw the sun rising, or maybe setting, either way it was low in the sky. Waves were coming in and crashing. Then I watched as the water pulled back away from the beachhead and I saw a high, forceful wave coming back in. I warned my friend, “that looks like an angry wave,” I said to him. We need to leave. He barely heard me and continued cooking. I ran along the wall until I found an opening and went and stood in the doorway. I heard the sound of laughter, of people eating and drinking and relaxing. They were unaware of the wave. The wave hit the beach and the cement wall hard. The talking stopped. When the wave went out, my friend had disappeared. I saw people in the water, some who were swimming. I asked how they were able to do that. A voice said, “they know how to swim with the wave.” When the water came back in there was debris, dead fish, shrimp, but people were out scavenging even though the stench was unbearable.

I was looking at the pictures the week that it happened and saw the cement wall on the beach. It was part of the resort. On top of the wall was a place where people could sit in beach chairs and get sun have drinks. That’s when my dream came back to me. I started researching tsunamis and discovered that their trademark was water pulling away from the beach. Before that, I had no idea of what tsunamis were.

I had this dream maybe the 19th or the 20th of December, 2004. Not time enough to interpret or warn anyone.Your thoughts are welcome.

Wanda Lumpkins


11:57 PM on March 31, 2009

Yes, I would say the Lord gave you the dream, and it is for a warning, but there was nothing you could have done about it then. The dream parallels the spiritual condition the world is in right now. It is a message to the believer, and a warning for mankind and his destiny. I know that you would have liked to have warned people about this, and perhaps that was the highest purpose for it, that many of us in the body have not been quite ready for ( to execute natural disaster warnings that governments will pay attention to) but I believe we are coming into that kind of kingdom authority in the earth. I also, believe that God is getting your attention on a truth that is far more profound than even this cataclysmic event that was very grievous for so many, regarding a call to evangelism for a truly lost and dieing world.

They call the tsunami of 2004, the day that the earth rocked on it’s axes. What message, what warning, could be more serious? I believe that God is saying to you and all other watchman on the walls, ” As real as this tsunami was (that you did warn people about in the dream)… so also, is the second death God warns us about in scripture; which is eternal separation from the creator. The walls of this world cannot keep us from the wrath that will be poured out upon this earth for those who reject Christ; however, He said, ” I am the door”. And that is where you found refuge for your self in the dream. Your refuge was in a door way. The Way of the Door.

In the days yet to come.

I believe the sun truly was setting. Your dream signifying the end of the age we are moving towards. Your friend was doing, what the rest of the world has been doing from the beginning of time; eating, drinking and making merry. As they did in the days of Noah. As they did when Noah warned them. You saw the waves and watched them, as all sober minded Christians should. And then you began to see an ominous sign as well. An unusual, chain of events began to occur. The sea, as you found out later, gave you the sign of tsunami. The Word of God say’s my people parish for lack of knowledge. For those who do not know the word of God, for those who do not watch and pray, for those who are not sober and vigilant; an otherwise normal day, will be the bait of a trap, that will catch them unawares. As one more un-discerned sign of the times goes un-noticed until the day He comes as a thief in the night…

For a moment the great tsunami of 2004 stopped the world in it’s tracks. People were lost, it was devastating, it hit close to home in all of our hearts. But, did that change human nature? Did the world repent?

The debris field and aftermath.

When sin is finished it brings forth death. Yet in the stench of death a wayward world continues to deny the one who created them. They became skilled in riding the waves that were to warn them; however, in the end- no skill, no earthly knowledge, no works of any kind, will save them. Sadly your friend in the dream did not have ears to hear. But God is saying continue to watch, continue to pray, continue to warn them, and work towards bringing the lost to the Way of the Door. Even if it feels your the only one standing. For those who have found themselves pre warned of Global or local calamity, but had no power or means, or clear understanding to pre-warn others; rest in the knowledge that your God is reminding you that the message of the Cross and the saving of souls, and your intercession for your country and those around you, is as real as warning people of death, in the earth shattering events you’ve dreamed of. -deana

Another Example of Dream Interpretation

This dream was e-mailed to me.

Re: [propheticdreams] dreams about a snake.

I had a dream that there was this snake in front of my window in the kitchen of this old house I once lived in when I was 10 years old. I had opened the window and tried to kill the snake with a knife, but the snake didn’t die. I had another dream where there was a snake in the house. I bent over and squeezed the snake really tight holding the head and mouth shut. This killed the snake. What does this mean…may the lord bless and thank you for your insight.


The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds. I believe that you are dealing with an issue that you have dealt with in the past. You had insight in regard to it (window seeing) and took action, but that action did not completely get rid of it. I believe that you were ten in the dream because it’s numerical prophetic value. You were “in the prophetic meaning of 10″ not necessarily ten.Ten represents the law. It also means ” just due”. As in Abraham giving Melchizedek a tenth of his spoils. Or tithing under the law.

Anything that is handled by the letter of the law, or through text book instruction, cannot bring complete resolve in any situation. The law was a shadow of the better covenant we have through the “Blood of Jesus Christ. “By grace we are saved not of works. Kitchens also represent the working place in the home, so again this may be something that you tried to take care of by works, in the past, or by the letter of the law. But now that you have (or will be coming into a better understanding) you will have victory, and this victory is literally going to crush the enemies head of operations, it will shut down his lies and plots against you. This will then completely destroy his ability to work against you any more. It looks like you will remain diligent until this evil assignment is completely cut off and done with. Remember it is- Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord … blessings in Christ.

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