Monday, Oct. 24, 2011 in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole) I'm on the right hand side next to Sununu
Monday, Oct. 24, 2011 in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole) I’m on the right hand side next to Sununu.

Last fall I joined a prayer tour to the capitals of the United States on the eastern seaboard. We prayed as we traveled from one capital to the next, and during that first week I kept hearing two recognizable words coming up in my prayer language.  One of them being the word Monday, so much that I began to wonder why. I also, recognized a name in my prayer language, as well, but I paid it no mind because it was not a name so distinguished as say, Washington, or Jefferson, and dismissed it as possibly being just a word in another tongue. Later, realizing that the word was a name, and that the day (Monday) would have a remarkable association with it.

That following Sunday we drove out of Augusta, Main, and spent the night in Concord, New Hampshire. We were scheduled to go to the statehouse (Monday) on October 24, 2011 to pray over the senate and visit the Governor’s office. Early that morning I had a dream that I was walking with the Angel of the Lord through a capitol building. We did a complete walk through down the halls and into various rooms. I wasn’t sure where I was at in this dream, but we were scheduled to be at the capitol building in Concord that morning, and Boston, later in the afternoon.  Both of these cities would have a strong association with the name that was in my prayer language the week prior, still at the time, I never made a connection. When I awoke that morning, I had an expectancy that something significant was about to occur.

Seven months earlier I had traveled across the United States to visit my folks in Idaho. It was just 7 days after the earthquake in Japan. Early in the morning of March 18, 2011 the Lord woke me up with these words rolling in my spirit:

I have seen Him in the watch fires of a thousand circling camps, they have built to him an alter in the evening dew’s and damps.”

I was groggy and it was around 5:00 am. I fell back a sleep wondering why I was  hearing a thousand, when the song says a hundred.  In a half sleep state I saw  a vision of multiple watch fires under the stars of the night dotted across the United States. I had seen this very thing before, when writing down  the Days of the Judges Prophecy that I published 6/15/2010. Now in March 2011, the following year, I was seeing it again. I wrote down the vision and began my article: Watch Fires of a Thousand Circling Camps.

While protests in our nation had yet to occupy our cities, I believe  a prophetic counter part was already in progress, as God’s plan to cover the capitals of this nation in prayer, and prophetic proclamation, was well under way, on many fronts. Enigmatically, that  movement was prophesied in another word called the  Joshua Campaign in 2010, as well. ( See link below.) Our own assignment since 2008 (My husband and I) was to pray during our travels in the US over cities and regions. Whether by car, or plane, we traveled from East Coast, to the West Coast ten times since then. Which included covering a plumb line from New York, to Seattle; from Charlotte, North Carolina to Portland Oregon;  and back to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This vision of watch fires was a bird’s-eye view of God‘s praying Church in America, that would move into a grand finale in the fall of 2011, on the Eastern Seaboard where it all began for this country, over 400 years ago.

While visiting Idaho I met with a Pastor friend of mine to pray about a mission trip to Africa. We spent the day together, and had a wonderful time in prayer, fellowship, and ministry; but, during that time I still didn’t have a leading regarding the mission trip to Africa, so I promised to continue to pray on it, and went back home to North Carolina. A few months later in September of 2011, I found myself flying back to Idaho, and on a lay over at the JFK air port in New York. My layover was over an hour, and during that time the spirit of intercession began to come upon me very strong, with no where, that I knew of to pray. I was perplexed at what I could do because what began to rise up with in me was a strong prophetic song and the intensity of it would require me to “lift up my voice” in a place where a national incident was just two syllables away from shutting down every air terminal in the country.  Thankfully, the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet, I thought to myself, Lord why here, why now?

I walked through the airport with this prophetic song, declaration, and prayer boiling in my spirit. I found a place that was  near my gate, leaned up against the wall, folded my arms, and sort of buried my mouth into my neck-wrap, and making no spectacle, I began to sing under my breath. The anointing intensified and the Lord  showed me that the tone of my voice blended with the “white noise” of the airport that, in its self, was at a roar. I prophesied into the atmosphere in song, standing at a major port on the eastern seaboard, to the nations of the world. Amazed that even those that brushed past me didn’t seem to notice the song that rolled into the same key of the ambient sounds of the airport, the anointing fell heavily upon me, and I sensed an open heaven above.

Many times while we have been in intercession on a national, or international level, the Lord has opened my eyes to see the body of Christ as one with the head, elevated in worship, and prayer, standing as/with Him in high places, above the circle of the earth. In the airport that day the Lord voiced His call to the nations (as he has been doing on many fronts) for an Elijah gathering, that would make straight the paths of the Lord, bringing in an apostolic age,  already in motion toward His millennial reign. This is  where the formally (disjointed and immature  body) of Christ performs upon this earth, as one grown up into the head (who is Christ) the fullness of the Godhead bodily. That same apostolic authority is even now  speaking corporately, asking for the nations, calling those things that are not as though they were, declaring beautify for ashes, and the oil of joy for mourning; standing as a witness, a wellspring of resource, for men and women who seek out God on this earth.

Christ the intercessor is standing in the gap in this political season that will set the course of what we will learn our world to be, in the months, and years to come. The greatest, most influential nation in the world (whose leader is still the most influential individual on earth) would be the point of contact for this spiritual gathering. Despise not the day of small beginnings or insignificant happenings. The fall of 2011 will be marked down in the books, one day, of great spiritual significance.  As will the year 2012. Again, what I didn’t know at the time was this was a preliminary work of the Spirit for what was to come in the days ahead.

Back in Idaho my pastor friend and I met again for prayer, it was then that she told me that the mission trip for Africa was off, she said the Lord told her that she had a new assignment. This lady whom I have known for over 20 years, who has been on several mission trips to many places in Africa, England, and Russia, was now telling me that the Lord said she was not to go back to Africa before she accomplishes her new assignment in America. She asked me to join her in a 15 state tour of the eastern seaboard to the capitals of the United States. It was then that it all began to make sense to me, the prophetic word and intercession at JFK., the numerous trips back and forth across the US, and the national prophecies given to me for our nation.

God’s concern in this hour was for America. There was a spiritual movement cresting towards the eastern seaboard, ultimately arriving in Washington, DC., and we were about to ride in on one of those waves. It was not one single gathering, but various ones, for various reasons; nevertheless, (as one great Eagle) the servants of the Lord landed on the eastern seaboard in the fall of 2011, and whether they knew it or not, they were launching off America’s new day with apostolic prayer, and proclamation, that would then turn to the nations. So often, we are part of a movement we cannot see. But, for this the Lord opened my eyes. What a mighty God we serve.

see the link below- The Eagle Has Landed: February 23, 2011 

I believe that those who were in intercession for America, during this time, were also there in spirit, sharing in this supernatural Elijah gathering, that has now turned its wings into the head winds of all nations to face down lying signs, and wonders, throughout the earth, with the true exploits of God. The first stop began in the free world, in the region of the first thirteen colonies of the United States of America, to affront the spirit of idolatry that seeks to occupy our land, with lying signs, and wonders, to contribute to a spirit of apostasy, falsehoods, and harlotry. This Corporate Elijah, representative of  the Christian race, and fore front of the forerunners will do exploits, and his offerings will please the Lord, and the Holy Spirit will answer by the baptism of fire, consuming His body, the living sacrifice, with the presence and glory of God, fulfilling the remarkable contrast between the people of God on this earth, who trust in Christ, and the children of this world who will continue a down hill spiral into darkness.

The last three years I had been out of public ministry, altogether, after resigning from a hectic career, preferring a quieter life of traveling with my husband, writing, and prayer. During our prayer tour I kept telling my Pastor friend, the Lord has said, “I am in a season of being “hidden” and am not interested in any public ministry or encounters. I was there to help her in what she needed, and to pray. Not four days had passed before I found my self preaching on the streets of Albany, New York, next to my partner, whom I had been trying to convince that “I was hidden”. You can imagine her entertainment when a local news camera started filming us, and I flicked my camera phone up toward their lens, and sort of had a battle of the bands moment with our cameras, until they panned away. My partner, who had just finished prophesying publicly over the city, looked at me laughing, and taunted, “Hidden huh?”

Our tour to the Eastern Seaboard began the 17th of October, 2011. Every where we went the political environment was amped up. There was heightened security because of the protests. Unemployment was higher than ever, and people were coming together to talk and debate at the steps of many of the capitol buildings we visited. They were going back and forth about the Jobs Bill; statehouses were full of activity, if not, the sidewalks outside of them were. I personally, had no specific leading regarding the trip. I focused on my responsibility to drive and do what I could to support the pastor’s vision, at the same time some of the things she wanted to do (like unfurl the banners she brought, on the white house plaza) was a little too crazy for me, especially when there was a caravan of black SUV’s parked on the plaza, with secret service agents guarding them. I sort of wanted to have a quite trip, and I think this 70-year-old gal wanted to have a more eventful one. Lol, I wanted to get through it without getting tazed, or added to a list, and she didn’t seem to be concerned about either one of those things.

We had to stay focused on our mission because there were distractions, conferences, prayer rallies, and big name ministries holding conventions, some less than an hour drive from our motel, but God said, “they have their mission you have yours.” We stayed on course, and if I had not had the dream that I had in New Hampshire, it is unlikely that we would have stopped what we were doing there, to regard the high-profile event that began to unfold before our eyes. WE were in the right place at the right time. Another divine point of contact for prayer, in the spirit. After the dream that morning, I knew to wear my dress, all though, I had no clue on what was about to happen.  I fixed my hair, and put on my makeup that morning, forgoing the comfortable tourist type clothing we often dressed in. The Lord knew the crowd I would find myself with later would be more formal.

Hours later, I would be ushered into a room in the New Hampshire capital building reserved for friends, family, and reporters, to witness the registration of a GOP candidate who was signing the papers for the New Hampshire Primaries. I stood behind former Governor Sununu, (whom I stepped aside for so he could stand next to Mr. Romney) thinking it incredible that had I not stepped aside I would have been between the two of them as Mitt Romney was sitting at a desk signing the paperwork. The last person I imagined to see, in the last place I thought I would be. But I remembered, Romney was in my prayer language the entire week before. He was not the candidate I was hoping for at the time, there were many of them stepping into the race for president. Not the man I was searching out, but nevertheless, there I was on a prophetic prayer tour to the capitals of the eastern seaboard, doing a spiritual work, and Mitt Romney was in the statehouse the Lord spoke to me about, in a dream the night before. The Lord provided a prophet seer to stand as a witness to one of the most important moments of this presidential candidate’s campaign. So, then let that place be reserved for ever, where I stood, may God’s anointed men and women  find their place, as intercessors, counselors, confidants, servants, and prophets to those who occupy governing offices in the land.

An hour earlier,

My friend and I were trying to ignore the hustle and bustle in the halls of the New Hampshire Capital building as security, reporters, and Romney supporters, were lining up for him to walk through a side door. We were standing at an elevator waiting to go upstairs to continue our business there when I heard the Lord speak to my spirit and say, “Don’t miss the obvious here.” I turned to my friend and said the very thing I heard the Lord say to me. She was in no way impressed that Mitt Romney was in the building, but agreed to stay on the floor we were on, and wait on the Lord.

We stood there at the beginning of the line beside a hallway full of supporters and their “Romney For President” signs. One bubbly lady turned to me and asked if I was a supporter, I said no, and explained to her that I had not made up my mind yet. She sort of looked at me like, why are you here then? And began to eye us, I thought it must be because of the protesters outside. Again, I was glad that I put on a dress, but my pastor friend was a little more casual, wearing her coat, and sporting a red, white, and blue banner, looking like a potential hazard. I laughed to myself, and thought what are we getting into? My friend, in no way, was a Romney supporter and was not afraid to let any one know who would ask. I supposed she would even tell him that, if she was given half the chance.

A whirlwind of activity filled the air, as a side door opened and reporters and escorts led Mitt Romney down the hall. We were the first to greet him.  He was a tall and kindly looking individual, he seemed to have  a familiar demeanor about him that reminded me of the men I grew up around, hard-working, decent, blue-collar type.  Of course,  the remarkable difference was that he came from a wealthy family, and by no means of the same economical back ground.  He had a genuine smile and his eyes twinkled when he surveyed the room. He seemed personable enough, and I felt that he believed in what ever it was he thought he was doing, and means well. I immediately sensed he was a man after his earthly father’s heart and desired to live up to all his father believed he could be. His eye was constantly reverting back toward his son who was behind him as the crowd separated them.  Mr. Romney kept looking back to check on Tagg’s  progression through the crowd, and continued to do this through the whole affair. A genuine smile never seemed to leave his face, and his affirmation towards his adult son, and desire to keep him close, was always present.

I am not political but my intercession for this country covers the area of governments, municipalities, and the judiciary system, as well as those of other countries, I have no political agenda, nor do I publicly support any one party over another. I don’t know Mr. Romney’s back ground, I still know little about him, but these are the things that have come to me regarding him. My spiritual assessment and discernment of this man, is that his ambitions are strongly tied into a desire to please his natural father of whom I believe he had/has great admiration for. I also, felt  that he genuinely desires to be an example to  his children.  His eyes are on the prize and he is well aware that moral failure would destroy his dreams,  not only for himself but for his children, and stain his father’s legacy. Again, in my prophetic gift I sense that this is the force of balance that has kept him out of scandal and will be that which he will  draw upon, as he skirts the agendas of others that have him by the shirt tail, looking for favors returned.

I feel, that he does have a well formulated plan he desires to activate if he should win the presidency. The problem will be as it is for all that enter the oval office. A systematic unraveling of good intentions for the fulfillment of another agenda, a foreign agenda not from this world. His prayer support will be much-needed for him, to run the gauntlet unscathed if he is to become president, a person who seems like he could put the “American” back in apple pie, but some how he seems too benign, and out-of-place, for the terminal world we live in.  Whether or not he will be the next president I have no idea, but the Lord has had me focused on him for prayer under wraps in my prayer language, for a long time, but then I have also had the same thing for Obama.

As Mr. Romney moved towards us from the side door –

I felt He wasn’t sure what to do about the banner my friend had unfurled, so he kept walking right toward my camera, reaching past me to shake hands with the zealous supporters beside me. The long hallway was packed with people. I quickly checked my camera and found that it had been off the whole time. No pictures!! I could not believe it. He was still with in camera frame so I followed behind to try to get another picture; the next thing I knew I am in a sea of people pressed together in this hall, following Mr. Romney around the corner into another hall. We all just kept moving, as I disappeared around the corner, I saw my pastor friend began to share with a man who had just walked in from the security area. Romney was mobbed about with supporters, and dignitaries, as staff stepped out of their offices to greet him, reporters, deputies, and two body guards (that I know of) began to approach a room several feet ahead of us, where more reporters and statesman were waiting. Amazingly, the crowd (as God is my witness) began to part like the red sea before me.

The girth behind moved me forward until I was now standing right behind Mr. Romney, thinking, Lord what am I doing here?  But, I immediately knew my assignment had never changed, it was like the airport, the noise around me was a roar of greetings, clapping, conversation, laughter and with it my prayers out loud, continued for our nation, our people, and the one in front of me. The frailty of his humanity for such a great office, caused me to groan in my spirit saying, “Lord, merciful God, no man can do this with out you.” I prayed for Mr. Romney, his family, and for whom God had ordained for the presidency of the United States of America, in the coming election, but that was not all my assignment as I would soon find out.

The crowed  bottlenecked at the door of the office Romney was about to sign in. The hall full of people began to get thinned out as statesmen, family, and friends of Mitt Romney, joined the reporters in the room. I was ushered in along with Romney, Sununu and Tagg, and ended up standing behind the Governor as Mitt Romney made history in New Hampshire, later winning it.  Now, all my efforts to convince my pastor friend that I was in some sort of hidden place in my life with God, becomes a joke my daughter loves to re-tell. My picture was one of many in the crowd that hit all the major news outlets that day, that went all over the world, including CNN, Headline News, and the Washington Post. God has his coming out parties, I suppose, and his sense of humor. Thankfully, most of the photos just showed my forehead. But I got some wonderful footage of the event.

Why this encounter with this man? Who is Mitt Romney and what will his destiny be with this nation? Why did God send this prophetic intercessor, obscure scribe, and seer, to pray over him as the crowd walked him down the hall to sign for the New Hampshire GOP primary? Why did he then make away for this same anointing to then stand in as a witness, as well? Could it be that this is the position God wants to reserve for his anointed men and women? Are we not called to counsel on behalf of the kingdom of God, and it’s relevancy in the earth to those in high places, as well as low?  In November 2008 as God is my witness, the Lord was at my door in a vivid dream and presented to me the Obama family, I was standing in the white house, and the Lord said, “You will accommodate these here, in this house.” That is how I found out that Barrack Hussein Obama was president of the United States of America, in the early morning hours, after election night. I was hoping I would wake up to another, but that was not the case. I was to be in his service, accommodating him in “the peoples” home, in my prayers. God knows I never spoke in disrespect, I never passed on the ugly e-mails, and repeated the rumors. I prayed for the president and hoped he would hear from heaven. How much more so, shall God require a standard for those appointed in a position of counsel, to world leaders in the earth?  Shall they not have an excellent Spirit, as Joseph and Daniel?

I believe that America, will get the kind of leadership it is asking for, not to speculate on who it will be, good, or bad; but, that man  will be pushed, and persuaded, by unseen forces that activate against them, the minute they enter into the office of the presidency. Their moral compass is all they will have to withstand the force of hell against all their good intentions, but for God, and his intercessor that individual will be swallowed up alive by all that hungers and thirsts greedily for power. There is a dome, not unlike the domes in most of the capitol buildings we visited, a rotunda of darkness settled over Washington DC., Yet, God will continue to raise a standard if we are faithful  to pray.  He will hear from heaven, and heal our land, if Christians repent, and  turn away from serving two masters.

We are seeing the actors find their places on the world stage of a battle for the highest office in the land. I can say for one of them, there was an encounter, a divine encounter, orchestrated by God. The difference was that instead of being in my living room prostrate on my face, I was transported hundreds of miles to stand behind him and to pray, and be one of a room full of witnesses who looked on, while Mitt Romney would make his candidacy official for the New Hampshire primaries. In the days we live in now, we need the heart of the Fathers to be turned toward their children, and the heart of the children towards their fathers. I pray the next president of the United States of America, will lead with the heart of a Father for the future of our children.

So be it, let him fulfill his purpose in the earth, in Christ may his life bring Him Glory. But I am sharing these things now, that God’s prophets might consider them, and seek the meaning of them, and consider who this man is. I can say this one thing, it was done, by divine work of the Holy Spirit, with no man-made agenda, no reputation, status, or association that put me there. The angels made a way for me to walk heel to toe down that hall with this GOP candidate that was officially launching off his candidacy registering in the New Hampshire primaries under the “Holy Grail Endorsement” of Sununu (termed by media). This was going on while prophetic ministries were endorsing other candidates that are now long gone, out of the picture. In order to see we must completely turn off the natural mind, and rely upon the Holy Spirit, in all things. Rendering  unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s. How can we kick up the dust in political skirmishes and expect to find ourselves as counselors in the highest offices in the land?  In a time when all we do and say is recorded, wouldn’t these things come up in our social networks and e-mails if we were to be appointed to stand as counselors and ministers to governing powers?  This is my goal, to refrain from my right to freely express my opinions for the higher more excellent goal, and that is to stand as a trusted minister to all men and women, both great and obscure. To be about the Lord’s business, not the business of men.

Luke 12:3 What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.

Acts 23:5 Paul replied, “Brothers, I did not realize that he was the high priest; for it is written: ‘Do not speak evil about the ruler of your people.'”

Ecclesiastics 10:20 Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the matter.

dee barnes


The Joshua Campaign was an enigmatic prophecy given 8/20/2010 speaking of a  movement that would  parallel the (yet unknown) Occupy Wall street movement, a year before it began in our cities. This call of the Spirit for God’s people to occupy our land in prayer and proclamations was stealth and strategic for the season we were in, to prepare us for the days to come. God’s people responded with prayer movements all across the land beginning in 2011.


The slide show below are photos I was able to take of the event. The one of me is in a mash up of supporters in the hall of the New Hampshire Capital building.  Minutes after this photo the crowd parted and I was moved forward close enough to take a picture of Mitt Romney and Sununu. In the next photo you can see that I am pushed into a walking huddle with Romney, Sununu and Tagg, as we are ushered into a room full of reporters, where  I am given (inadvertently) the best seat in the house.  I found my self right next to Mitt Romney, and stepped aside for Sununu to join him. Behind me is Tagg Romney in a room full of  Statesmen, friends, and family of  the candidate. The last photo with Mitt Romney and Sununu looking at each other laughing was sent over the AP wire, I’m on the former Governor’s right. The last couple of photos are the streets of Albany Ny., during “Occupy Albany” at one of the 15 state capitals we visited to share Christ.

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The Eagle Has Landed: February 23, 2011

… Eagles will land, in times of uncertainty, they will be in the middle of it all, and they will lead prophetically, my Elijahs in the earth. They shall be carried up upon the wings of the prayers of the saints, and they all shall enter into each others reward for those who bear them up in prayer, and those sent are one, who abide in the Vine. The sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in his wings! I saw a white eagle with his wings spread out, and I saw the eagle launch out across the ocean from the Western Hemisphere (taking off from the eastern seaboard.)  Intercessors were tucked into  the feathers of the eagle, and I could see that the wings extended across northern Europe, with the body over the middle east, and the other wing over Africa. And then I heard the announcement, “the EAGLE has LANDED!.” Your prayers have landed along with scores of others. You will share in the reward of those who have been sent. If you are living in these places where the Eagle has landed, put out your faith and receive: for he that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward: and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward. Mathew10:41( American Standard) var sc_project=8260371; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security=”68205adf”;

Protection has been declared over you for: He (the almighty) shall cover you with his feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge. (As you continue to abide in him.) Psalm 91:4   The Eagle’s keen vision shall come upon many of you, for with out a vision the people perish. Salve for the eyes. Proverbs 29:18 English Standard Version Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law. A pure word from the Lord has been prepared, and will begin to be released to you through the (culturally established) prophetic ministry that is already among you …

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