STRANGE BIRD  was a prophetic dream the Lord gave me, October 17, 2012 (19 days before Obama’s re- election) regarding his second term. I left out a portion of that dream indicated by blank lines that I felt not to release,  at the time.   The following article includes the  omitted parts and  the revelation the Lord gave me regarding Obama’s first term in 2008.

 “I would have much rather seen something different from what I saw … but I am believing it is for the purpose of prayer to avoid what could be,   if we let even a few hours slide by with out prayers, as we solemnly, assemble; soberly, believing God  for our nation.”   11/ 5/2012

Deuteronomy 28: 45-48

The foreigners who live among you will get stronger and stronger, and you will get weaker and weaker. Foreigners will lend money to you, but you will not be able to lend to them. They will be like the head, and you will be like the tail … You had plenty of everything, but you did not serve the Lord your God with joy and a pure heart,  so you will serve the enemies the Lord sends against you …

imageIn 2008 the Lord revealed to me (in a dream) that Obama would be elected as president of the United States, and that a Clinton would be a part of his administration.  In another dream soon after his election I saw there would be several things that would be headlining in the news at the end of President Obama’s first term. For example: I saw  that Andy Griffith (a supporter of Obama) would be  in the news toward the end of his first term.  (Andy Griffith  passed away July 3, 2012) Later, I began to understand that the passing of this icon of family entertainment,  who seemed to embody the American ideal of God, and country, was a sign to the nation that these old fashion American values were passing away. I also, saw in the dream that  family TV would be permitting  homosexual interaction to be aired in the same degree it allows intimacy between a man and woman to be aired on the networks. In the dream, during President Obama’s first inauguration, a lawless, and perverse spirit, approaching adolescence, was running around unbridled on the platform. I have to say that this “spirit” came from a previously liberal  administration, and that the Obama administration was inheriting it. Interestingly enough,  Michele Obama was not pleased with this unruly, and perverse spirit,  and expressed her disgust, privately.  After that,  I saw a long line of celebrities, many of them in the entertainment industry, standing off stage,  behind the scenes (waiting for Obama) to support their very liberal agenda. The beginning of the line seemed somewhat benign, but as the line progressed, liberal acts became more vile.  It is my opinion that his “coming out speech” regarding his opinion on same sex marriages was to satisfy these supporters.

As was outlined in the same dream,  there would be highly publicized issues regarding same-sex marriages, and pedophilia, toward the end of his first term. As I stated, President Obama announced his position on same-sex marriages on May 9, 2012. We had the Chic-fa-lay Restaurant ordeal, and on October 18, 2012 we learned that the Boy Scouts of America released information regarding  over 1,200 files on  suspected pedophiles that had infiltrated the organization in a 20 year period.  All of this just months, and weeks, before the elections, as President Obama  finishes out his first  term.  From that point on,  not only has America embraced perversity in the land, but has now begun to produce it.  In other words “the fruit”  is now  ripe bearing seed, and the flood gates would be opening at the end of his second term.  In sowing the wind, America is now reaping the whirlwind of perversity and lawlessness in our nation. Yet, there is hope for our youth, for as the pendulum has swung to one extreme, many youth  are looking toward more wholesome lifestyles, in the opposite direction. Darkness is showcasing the value of light.

On October 17, 2012 the Lord gave me a dream that caused great concern for the direction America was going, and the out come of the  2012 elections.  The concern intensified after seeing prophetic parallels in the Hurricane Sandy, and the sinking of the Tall Ship Bounty, just off of Cape Hatteras, during the storm.  I have written an article called the Tall Ship Bounty and Sandy Enigmas. Ship Bounty and Sandy Enigmas that explain those prophetic parallels.

In the dream of October 17,  2012 I saw Obama, occupying two “high places in the earth”  that had two peaks.  The high places represented the most powerful office in the world and its two terms.  The peaks reminded me of  time lines. Showing the beginning,  middle, and end, of the first and second terms. Obama and I see a Bald Eagle in the sky, it was the biggest eagle I have ever seen. I stated that to him. I believe the Bald Eagle represented America as “big government”.  One thing, that I will explain later in this article, sticks to me  and is constantly there when I close my eyes.  It  is a scene that takes place over  the second high place  on  the downward slope,  or the “winding down period” of President Obama’s  second term, that I omitted in the first publication, (leaving blank lines to indicate that there was an omission). I have estimated this time period to be around the spring of 2015 and beyond. (I have a graphic of something very much like what I saw in the dream below this article.)

The omission was to give me time to  wait  upon the Lord for more insight.   I believe decisions can be made  to  change what I have seen. It will take the prophets of God to be acknowledged in high places, and the council of God’s men, and women, to be heard.  I was concerned about giving information to the enemies of America, but the Lord said, rather, that I should be concerned about  the enemies of God.  For  if  America listens to God’s prophets they will receive the prophet’s reward, but if they don’t, all this is counted as foolishness anyway, and the Lord said, “These things  will go as I have shown,  and the faithful will not be at fault.


Obama  takes me on a helicopter ride, it is a military helicopter. The big one. We fly to the highest place on earth, to the highest peak, it was beautiful, as far as vast, It wasn’t snow-capped however, it was dirt brown and barren. He took me out and we stood up and looked into the sky above.

A  Bald Eagle soars at our fingertips, I said, ” This eagle is the largest eagle I have ever seen.” We watched it for a moment and I watched President Obama point to it and he was enamored by it, like a child, amazed beyond belief. I then watched the eagle land. It landed and stood next to Mr. Obama. It was the same height, standing at least 6 foot tall at the edge of a ravine that looked like either a root or a branch, I surmised it was a root for it protruded from the ground. And then something very curious began to occur. The Bald Eagle began to transform into the shape of President Obama, the eagle became “like” and acted “like” Obama standing next to him. I had the sense that we were in real-time; not past, not future, that this thing was happening now, at the end of his 1st term, just prior to the elections (October 17, 2012) the day after the White Hot Train  vision.

The Obama Nation and Second Term

In the next scene President Obama is taking me to a second high place on the earth, he wants to show me something more, but, I feel like I do not want to go there. I see several scenes beginning at Libya but my memory of the details fade as soon as I awaken. What I do remember is Mr. Obama, at one point, in silhouette high placeform flat on his back on the slope of the right hand side of the peak.  It seems to be transposed over the middle east and it looks like he is east of Medina. Prior to that, on the left hand side of the peak it starts with Libya, as Syria appears to bleed across the back drop of the dream like a water color upon the horizon line, spreading out  into Turkey, Iran,  Kuwait. and Iraq.  Above, below, and beyond it.
For some reason there is a parallel, a likeness, or connection,  between Libya, Syria, and Cuba. Literally, I see Cuba’s Castro,  Gaddafi, and Obama, wearing the same kind of beret hats. I’m not going to try to interpret that, I just know that I  immediately began to think that there is a lesson we need to learn regarding our dealings with Cuba. We need to learn from history a better way of dealing with wars, and struggles between tyrants, and dictators. I’m thinking don’t arm either one. Or, all the money, and military strength we give them, could be turned on us, and our allies. These are my thoughts after the dream. I’ve learned that  visions and dreams from the Lord often transcend beyond our understanding, and it is easy to misinterpret  what is actually being conveyed. Invariably, someone else will have a word, a revelation, that brings it together, and this is how the body of Christ brings forth revelation.

I see instances when the Obama figure is wearing a Green Beret.  But, like I said, my memory is somewhat darkened regarding the second peak. Even so, there is a lot going on scene, after scene, images, like a decoupage of events on a tourist map litter the barren landscape of the second peak. Mr. Obama seems to be occupying the middle east in high places. I believe the Obama figure is America, because the Eagle Nation in the first scene of the dream, took on his likeness. So I believe it is America’s foreign policy, and military presence.

The Eagle Nation becomes the  Obama Nation  (Original entry November 5th 2012)

America will become “like’ Obama, taking on his policies and his philosophies, this transition will occur prior to the beginning of the second term, at the end of the first term. The  Eagle, absorbed  his persona.  Likely, a shift where America, as we know it, becomes the  liberal nation it has been threatened to become. To those who are sensitive to changes in spiritual atmospheres, there will be a notable change in the air. I believe if President Obama is granted a second term the platform he is running upon can only guarantee  us  the consequences that comes from the shedding of innocent blood, that this platform seems to want to financially support, not only in our own country but even that of others. Not to mention, a platform that supports homosexuality, and may not stand strong for Israel, but rather has suggested to divide its land.

(Even now, a foreign aid package is scheduled to go to Egypt on the 22nd of January. If it does go through, America will not  fare well because of it.  If it is stopped there is hope.)

The color of the eagle’s feathers stood out to me in the dream, they were lighter brown than what I have seen with Bald Eagles, so I researched it and found  that the first four years of an eagle’s life-   have lighter brown feathers, and it is just prior to the end of the fourth year they begin to look like the bird we all recognize as the Bald Eagle. But in this case the  eagle began to take on the form of the man. This is the Bald Eagle in what is called its juvenile years, not quite developed into its identity, so to speak. The next term would bring us into the “full plumage” of what God is permitting this administration to take us into, if in fact, Obama is elected a second term. Before, the Bald Eagle was the symbol of America, in this instance the symbol transforms. The eagle nation becomes the Obama nation. In that case, down that road,  America transforms into the image, policies, and philosophies, of another kind we know not of, in his second term. What you would call a “Strange Bird”  from what  America has been known to be in all its years.

(Strange, still I remember the Eagle standing on a well established root, dirty, protruding through the ground. At first thinking it was a barren branch, after all is that not how we have seen the eagle, upon the far reaching branches from a cliff? Or, towering tree? But no, this is a root on a barren landscape, on the edge of a ravine, the tree itself, seemingly long gone.)

The Silhouette in the Sand

My thoughts are that we are “hooked”  into  military involvement  in the middle east at  the same time the  Syrian struggle  bleeds across the back drop  involving Turkey, and surrounding nations. This causes the glow in the dream’s back drop that creates the blackened out Silhouette  of Obama,  lying in the sand east of Medina. When I say east of Medina I mean if you take a line down the middle of the map of the mid east from North to South it falls on Medina, towards Kuwait, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan on that side. Possibly during a time of economic collapse, that involves an economy that stalls and then in the spring of 2015 crashes, if in fact the downward slope of the peak is a time line representing his second term.

I believe there is a desperate attempt  sometime just prior to that crash to jump-start the economy but it loses momentum and crashes.  These are my thoughts based on other dreams and visions  that I have not yet published, but seem to coincide with  a stall and crash.  The alternative to this interpretation would be a profound military failure, or loss, at the thrust of an invasion. Not just an economic crises. The fact that the details were misty, I am reminded, we look through a glass darkly, we know only in part. That is why we lean (not) to our own understanding but in all our ways we acknowledge God, and He will guide and direct our paths, and again the word tells us to prophecy and let the other prophets stand and judge. If America repents, and takes measures to move away from the federal funding and support of abortions, remains strong for Israel, and gives her enemies no power, she shall fare far better. If she strengthens Israel’s enemies, she shall suffer the same consequences as Israel’s enemies. I cannot believe that we would ever join with Israel’s enemies, it is incomprehensible to me.  Yet, providing military support to unstable countries is a likely scenario that would accomplish that.

 (original paragraph from the November 5th 2012 post)

We still are praying for our president, for his protection and for his family, and the ability to hear from God, that he would turn to him with all his heart. Ultimately,  the people of God, will continue to express His kingdom on earth,  and be an integral part of end time awakenings.  As the sun shines on good and evil alike, so also, sadly, it is not only the wicked who will suffer in a nation gone astray from God. You cannot stop a train.  America is on a track into her destiny, and come what may, the triumphant church moves forward in stark contrast against America’s storms,  manifesting His light in ever-increasing darkness.          -deana barnes

2 Peter 3:9-13
New International Version (NIV)

 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.  But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar;the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare. Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives  as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming. That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat.  But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.


 Strange Eagle, Landing

 NeWine Pouring

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