More Shaking, Indonesia Will Praise God.


“I’m going to shake Indonesia, that Hindu God is coming down. I will shake everything that can be shaken. That Hindu God is coming down” says the Lord.

I see a sea of hands lifted up in praise to the Christian God in Indonesia. I see an awakening in foreign lands where heathen gods ruled. In other lands the rosaries and Marys are coming down. Rosaries and Marys are coming down.

The Elijah Gathering

I see that there is a call of God, a trumpet, and the sound of an alarm. I see that God is calling those in the spirit of Elijah to gather to Him. They are coming out of an unholy “mingling” among the nations of the earth, and they are gathering together. They are being called to gather into Him who is the Light of the world in a Holy Spirit gathering of prophets and they shall be one voice, yet work in many places. A concentration of light and power that shall separate the children of God from this world’s  darkness, even in their religious ceremonies.

I see that they will go out into the earth with this light of revelation knowledge that truly will make straight the paths of the Lord, and turn the heart of the fathers towards the children and the heart of the children towards their Father. The word through them will be confirmed with signs and wonders following, that  will face off with Satan’s lying signs and wonders. Every where this anointing goes, the earth will tremble. The Churches that heed the word of the Lord will be shaken and the dead thing clinging to them will die. They shall be pruned back, and they shall bear much fruit. For the Spirit of Elijah is being released on a greater scale to challenge the spirit of  idolatry in all lands, and face off with lying signs and wonders, through out all nations.

This entry was posted on June 12, 2011.

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