The Good Ship Bounty and Sandy Enigmas

As I was watching rescue footage of the ship Bounty that sank at sea off Cape Hatteras, during the hurricane Sandy. I had a tug in my spirit, that both Bounty, and Sandy, had messages of warning for America in prophetic parallels, embedded with in each story.

Tall Ship Bounty Picture by US Coast Guard
Tall Ship Bounty Picture by US Coast Guard

The hurricane that hit the Eastern Seaboard just days before the election of 2012 reveals an enigmatic message to America of the consequences when warnings go unheeded, and our sense of success is based on the achievement of temporal things.  The name Sandy means in short- The nature of the sand. It is the nature of the sand to erode. To build your life on such a foundation is to ensure that it will crumble and fall, for it will fail when the waves hit, the wind blows, and the ground beneath shifts.  As the scripture says: and great shall be the fall of that house that is built upon the sand. We should, rather, build our foundation on the Rock of Ages, that will bear up against all storms.

Even as I am finishing up this article a terrible tragedy has taken place where the name Sandy, again is in the news. The nature of the sand is to erode.  The sanctity of life has been eroded away by attitudes towards abortion, that allows the legal murder of pre-born children, where our government is providing financial aid, not only for Americans, but is even allying itself with other governments to make it possible for poor countries, as well. And we wonder why such violence is happening  in places that should be safe, and nurturing, for children. The message is clear we have built our principles upon that which will fail us, the moral fabric of our society is disintegrating out from under us, like the shifting of sand. Since we have set our hand to spread this abomination, are we getting a spiritual blow back of consequences in America because of it, is life less valuable in the minds of so many young people growing up in our society?


There is an interesting connection to the hurricane Sandy, and the Tallship Bounty,  including the original “Bounty” of the past. As many know the ship was a replica of the vessel involved in a mutiny where captain Bligh lost control of his ship, the story most of us know from the movies as  Mutiny on the Bounty.  The one leading up that mutiny was Fletcher Christian he took over the ship and sailed back to the Tahiti islands they had just left,  later settling on Pitcairn Island where Fletcher began a new colony with his native wife.  His first-born son was named  Thursday October,  because he said he didn’t want his child to be named anything that would remind him of England. He barely escaped creditors prison as a young man because of his mother’s amassed debt, there.

It was a Thursday in October that Bounty left the Harbor of New London, Connecticut in 2012 to avoid being in port during hurricane Sandy. It set sail Thursday October 25th heading for  St. Petersburge Florida, hoping to go around the hurricane. 

Bounty began to feel the effects of Sandy by the 26th on Friday,  a few days later October 29th a stress signal went out from the ship requesting assistance, where the coast guard immediately responded. By the time a rescue helicopter arrived the ship was under water and the 16 crewmen were in the sea, 14 crewman made it out, 2 perished.  One who lost their life was a direct descendant of Fletcher Christian. She was a new crewman and on the ship because she wanted to experiences sailing on the Bounty, as a descendent of the famous Fletcher. Her name was Claudine Christian. Claudine’s name means “voice of weeping” Her body was later recovered. The other one that died was Robin Walbridge, he was the captain of the Ship, he is lost at sea. The name Robin derives from Robert meaning “bright or Shining.”

The following is the prophetic message of the Bounty Lost in hurricane Sandy.

America you have put your heart upon those things that do not last. You have trusted in your riches, and have relied upon your own strength for security, you have built your house upon the sand, and the nature of the sand is to erode away, and you have built your life on those things that do not last. The Lord saw the choice America would  make with both eyes open,  and you have done this thing, you moved away from the principles you were founded on, so then because you have forsaken from where comes mercy, your bountifulness will slip away, and you will not be able to bear your storms. Not because God has left you, but because, America, you have left God.  Turn now back to the Rock of your salvation, for you are in a season of being warned, and there is still time for you to heed these warnings, take spiritual shelter in the Rock of Ages, seek God while he may be found, and set your lives in order that you may weather America’s economic storms, and be mindful, if you build it in the sand, it will be the first to go in a hurricane. On Christ the solid rock we stand, all other ground is sinking sand.

The Christian voice of weeping- intercessors  for America will be of no avail for a season.  When what was formally known as the bountifulness of America slips beneath the waves. Just as all the calculations and expertise of the crew and captain of Bounty could not withstand the fury of the storm named in essence  “that which is the very nature of sand”. So also, the nation’s advisers, policy makers, and great minds steer at the helm will not succeed in avoiding  the storm to come,  for they have weakened America’s standing in the world, by indulgent living. When sin is finished it brings forth death. America has been warned, prayed for, hedged about, favoured, called to, wept over, yet, she has made her decisions and those decisions were not upon the rock solid principles of the word of God. The Fear of God is lacking in America, there is no reverence for the life he has created, no fear in touching the innocent of the land, but now the Obama nation policies is setting their hand to do harm to the pre-born throughout the world, through the abominable sin of abortion.

Once, as the name of the captain of Bounty goes, America was a bright and shining light (Robin) to the nations like the light house off of Cape Hatteras, the tallest light house in America. The light houses that showed her the way of salvation, and gave her counsel, could not help, for America launched herself  headway into this storm, by living her life in the “nature of the sand.” And though the infrastructure, the architecture, of walls, and bridges,  were bright and shining against the backdrops of this world …   We need to understand  Robin Walbridge went down with the ship, and was lost at sea.  America’s strength shall falter, it shall fail,  if America does not take heed the warnings. As Claudine Christian was recovered, so the voice of the weeping intercessor for America will be restored, in our land. But, shall her bountifulness ever rise again? Only if the ship Bounty is brought up from its watery grave, so also, there is hope for America to rise again, still, she will never be the same, she will need to be completely restored. But, then, has not God said, “there will be a restoration of all things, shall not the kingdoms of this world  become the kingdoms of our God?

In closing …

Two years ago I had a dream of a great storm. In the aftermath I looked over and saw the Lord Jesus sitting on a rock, he looked at me with compassion in His eyes  and acknowledged my bewilderment over the aftermath of the storm, and said, “I know (I see you) its okay, just have enough for 27.” All this time I wondered and prayed what does this mean? The Lord gave me instructions, but I didn’t understand, I thought 27 meals?  27 days? Months? Enough of what?

Then the Lord gave me Ezekiel 27:27. Perhaps he was saying get ready and be prepared for 27. I realized the whole chapter 27 was speaking to America. Noticing that it was October 27th that  Captain Wallbridge of the Tall Ship  Bounty  made the decision to change the course of the ship that put it right in the path of the hurricane. The 27th of May 1911, is when Thursday October Christian the II passed a way.

I took special note of verse 25. Remember it was the 25th that  Bounty Sets sail on a  Thursday in October. (Thursday October was the name of Fletcher’s Son, and grandson.)


Ezekiel 27:25

The ships of  Tarshish (seafaring vessels)  were your ocean caravans. Your island warehouse was filled to the brim! “But look! Your oarsmen are rowing your ship of state into a hurricane! Your mighty vessel flounders in the heavy eastern gale. You are shipwrecked in the heart of the sea! Everything is lost — your riches and wares, your sailors and helmsmen, your ship builders, merchants, and warriors. On that day of vast ruin, everyone on board sinks into the depths of the sea. “Your cities by the sea tremble as your helmsmen cry out in terror. All the oarsmen abandon their ships; the sailors and helmsmen come to stand on the shore. They weep bitterly as they throw dust on their heads and roll in ashes. They shave their heads in grief because of you and dress themselves in sackcloth. They weep for you with bitter anguish and deep mourning. As they wail and mourn, they sing this sad funeral song: ‘Was there ever such a city as Tyre, now silent at the bottom of the sea? The merchandise you traded satisfied the needs of many nations. Kings at the ends of the earth were enriched by your trade. Now you are a wrecked ship, broken at the bottom of the sea. All your merchandise and your crew have passed away with you. All who live along the coastlands are appalled at your terrible fate. Their kings are filled with horror and look on with twisted faces. The merchants of the nations shake their heads at the sight of you, for you have come to a horrible end and will be no more.'”

Now before any one fusses about me being a doomsdayer look at my prophecies and think again. Look at the Bride International and see who you are in the scheme of things. We are in this world but not of it. Our kingdom is come, and we are the head not the tail. We are above not beneath. We will be busy about the lord’s business bringing heaven down on earth, and manifesting His light against the great darkness. The enemies against the God of Israel will not prevail, it is written.

Happy is the man who fears the Lord , taking great delight in His commands. His descendants will be powerful in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed. Wealth and riches are in his house, and his righteousness endures forever. Light shines in the darkness for the upright man. He is gracious, compassionate, and righteous. Good will come to a man who lends generously and conducts his business fairly. He will never be shaken. The righteous man will be remembered forever. He will not fear bad news; his heart is confident, trusting in the Lord . His heart is assured; he will not fear. In the end he will look in triumph on his foes. He distributes freely to the poor; his righteousness endures forever. His horn will be exalted in honor. The wicked man will see ⌊it⌋ and be angry; he will gnash his teeth in despair. The desire of the wicked man will come to nothing. (Psalms 112:1-10 HCSB)

Note: Another extraordinary reference to 27 was the number on the coast guard rescue basket, pulling crew men of the Bounty from the sea. Number 327.

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