Vista of Dreams and Visions

Habakuk 2:2

Then the LORD answered me and said, “Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, that those who read it may run with it.”

This site is a record of Prophetic words that have come from dreams, visions, and prayer, through the prophetic ministry of deana barnes. We worship God the creator who is the one that gave us dreams. We do this through His son Jesus Christ, whom we recognize as the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

Collossians 2:9

If you are here it is most likely because you were invited or sent a link. If you would like to offer thoughts on what you read on this site you are more than welcomed to do so. If you would like to message to me a dream you can do that, as well. May God’s grace keep you, and his Love over shadow you.

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3 thoughts on “Vista of Dreams

  1. Today on 11/26/16 – I have a friend in Prison named Rahim and to dream about him

    It was Rahim and I living together and I saw 3 silver humma trucks pull up in our yard I’m not sure if he told me to leave or did I leave out of fear. I left and went to the bathroom to hide but I felt like the people in the truck could see me and so I ran a cross the street to my sister and her mom house and there I say outside with them in their back yard their house was white but in the back we can see my house a little bit but it was trees mainly back there. We was talking about the Brink trucks being at my house and I saw the trucks leaving well they must had been finished with business because Rahim was up when I left but when I returned he was on the living room couch sleep and I guess he heard me coming through the door we had a white dog there and I remember when he woke up he started fussing at me saying he had to wake up to a dog instead of his girl (keep in mind we are just friends in real life I like him more than a friend but he is in prison) then I was with my family at a family gathering and my favorite aunt was there the building was white on the inside with white chairs we had this projector screen on the wall looking at stuff and I saw colorful cupcakes. My aunt was going through her emails and I saw Rahim email address in her messages and pictures so I got upset and she walked away but she left her email on the screen so I went and looked through her emails until I found his email address and Only to see some other man picture being sent to her because it wasn’t his picture and I felt okay knowing that I left because I saw myself driving and I ended up at my sister Gabby house with her 3 kids and some man in some project apartments we North Gulfport Projects in reality . It was night time I t outside I saw a silver car driving towards us I got scared and started running toward the house but as I’m running the car was on the opposite side of apartment reversing slowly and then as I got in the house I heard 4 or 5 gun shots and I told Gabby I had just seen that car and I called the police and by the time we all was looking hiding places everyone came outside but it day time then and I told my sister I hope the police don’t need to know who called them then I woke up



    You may use this as you see fit…..time is short….wake up the people
    …”you will not have time to finish your coffee.”

    YHWH has given me dreams that have come to past, or will soon come to past. The first dream that came to past was when I was about 10 years old in 1947. Many others came to past sense then. What I want to share with you is what YHWH gave to me near the end of Jan. 2011. Below is the dream, please judge it, for I know it will soon happen.
    YHWH Bless
    Rich Riding Sr.
    Southern California
    Subject: Re:Dreams

    I was Baptize in the Holy Spirit almost 40 years ago. The H.S. told me in 1978 to “tell His children that they would go through HARD TIMES before He came back.” I have been telling anyone that would listen get ready, hard times are coming……He gave me two dreams at the end of January of this year.

    Dream Jan. 15. 2011 This was an email I sent to my daughter in Hawaii
    On another note: last week I told you about the first dream that I had. In the dream a person said that,”you won’t have time to finish your coffee.” Well ,two nights ago I had another dream, it was long so I wont try to tell you in email. It will have to wait when face to face or on the phone. I have been waking up between 3:00 & 3:30 am for the past 3-4 weeks. And when I go to bed I tell Mom I will wake her up at 3:30 am tomorrow. We laugh and joke about it, but I still wake up at the 3:00-3:30 am time. Now for the dream, which is the most important: I was still on the Fire Dept in LA. The the change of shift begin at 7:00 am in the morning, but in the dream I was in the front of the Station with the doors open like the rigs were to be moved at 3:30 am in the morning and I was talking to Karen why is the change at 3:30 am and not at 7:00 am. Nothing was said. I went to the back of the Station and the change of crew was bringing in the Fire engines through the back of the station into the front of the Station. Every one was busy getting things ready to start the new day.
    I told mom the next day about the dream. I had no Idea what it was about. The next day after that I was driving to get a part for my new bike. As I was driving, the Holy Spirit very gently whispered to me. The 3:30 am change of the crew at the Station meant, ” the last 3 1/2 years is beginning to take place”. The front rigs were being moved out to be replaced by the anti-christ mechanism from the back door. I believe that we do not have time to finish what we have been doing and …”won’t have time to finish your coffee.”
    Keep this in prayer, you can tell anyone you feel that needs to hear this message. May YHWH have mercy on all of us. If I receive more info on the dream I will email……….. Then 4 days ago Feb. 9th. 2011 the Holy Spirit said to me the 7am change in the shift is the begenning of the Millennium. ……..PTL.
    Love you both
    This email was written to my daughter who lives in Hawall, we communicate to what is going on in the world.
    Richard Riding Sr. ….I live in Southern California USA
    P.S. The first dream I ever had that came to past was when I was 10 years old in 1947. Many have come to past and they will continue. Shalom
    This happened in 1972..40 yrs ago…Please discern

    In 1972 I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. In 1974 I was going to a small church. The Pastor there asked me to take up the collection as the regular person was ill and not there. After we collected the offering we went in the back to count the collection. While doing that I came across a folded white paper, as I opened it up and read it, I was shocked. The paper said.” When the USA goes against Israel judgment upon America will start in “7″ days and last for “7″ months.” Its been a lot of years since I thought of that Prophecy. Who would think a thing like that would happen in a country blessed by God? But as the years wore on and the things that this country has been doing. I would never have thought that this would happen, but know with our President in office and the things that he is doing, I can see this is what is about to happen, when? I don’t know. But my spirit says soon. How soon??
    Yahweh bless you and yours.
    This is a dream I had 27 years ago, to some I have sent it to a while back, to those that have never read this, I send this dream to you, please judge it for yourselves.
    May YHWH have mercy on us all


    Richard Riding, June 16, 1985

    I had a dream, I don’t know if I was in the spirit or body. I was at a fire station in Los Angeles, CA, early in the morning hours. It’s as if I was transferred there for a temporary stay. I had my uniform and fire gear in my car. I reported to the captain and was trying to find a bed to sleep in for the balance of the night. I went to the dormitory, upstairs, and it was full of beds with men sleeping in them. It was crowded and I found a bed without a mattress. So I decided to go down stairs, and when I got there, there were other firemen milling around out in the front of the station. I could see their faces and I knew some of them from my earlier days as a fireman (1962-1978). While outside I was talking to three chiefs of different rank. While we were talking, a particular high ranking chief (I don’t know who he was) came running out of the fire house towards his chiefs car in his turnout clothes, in a panic and I mean Panic. He tried to get in his chief’s car and drive away, but his aide (a fireman who drives for him) stopped him from doing so. He kept hollering, “I have to get out of here, I have to get out of here.”

    The next thing I heard was a wailing noise (siren). I looked up and heard a noise and saw, it seemed like thousands of jet aircraft traveling fast with their afterburners blasting. (I was in the Air Force for four years.) There were literally thousands of them. It was dark in the early morning and I could see the flames coming out of their engines’ tail pipes. I made a comment to one of the chiefs, “There are thousands of them.” (They were fighter aircraft.) The chief was looking at me with a scared look and I said to him, “Jesus is coming.” When I said this there was a bright flash in the sky and the heavens glowed with a bright light. I fell to the ground and heard screaming of the men around me. I could feel the heat of the light around me (it was an atomic bomb) exploding in the Los Angeles area. I then woke up and had the strangest feeling of emptiness that this is going to happen in Los Angeles, IT WAS SO REAL.

    Dream on 6/16/85

    Richard D. Riding Sr.

    January 12, 2013 at 11:53 am


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