August 20 2012

Words in the now

Citation as to why I believe we are in the season of the What I See for America Prophecy revisited.

The campaign button depicted in the vision lying on top of the wheat was of a candidate who ran in the GOP race this year,  2012. The wheat harvest this year did well despite mid west drought. “The sustaining grace.” The heartland of America is crying out for God to heal our land, a wheat harvest was depicted in the vison, a prophetic marker that we might pay attention to the season of this prophecy.

One wheat farmer wrote, We have winter wheat harvest still to come, some how the drought didn’t effect  the spring and summer wheat harvest, we will just trust in God for winter’s.”

 USDA Report Slashes Corn, Reaffirms Strong Wheat Supplies -2012
By Casey Chumrau, USW Market Analyst

Wheat is undoubtedly linked to the corn market this year. That is why the global wheat industry was anxious to see what adjustments the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) would make to corn in its monthly World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report released Aug. 10. While the market focused on a sharp 6 percent drop in estimated world corn production, USDA reaffirmed the unchallenged ability of U.S. wheat farmers to help the world meet its grain needs again this year.

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