Early Warning Systems Down! A Prophetic Dream

A series of dreams recorded August of
2019, that I stumbled upon a few days ago has really opened my eyes. The second half of that dream begins when an E-C2 Hawkeye navy aircraft, crashes into a skywalk and burns. See if you can’t draw prophetic insight for the times we are in right now, as I share this podcast dated August of 2019,  just a few months before life, as we new it, would be changing forever in the United States, as a world wide pandemic spread across the continents. The question now emerges how then shall we live? We are one house with many living rooms, with an underdeveloped church depending on us for their growth and survival! As a fire storm is about to explode through the events already taking place in the earth. Is our early warning system up or is it crashing like the E-C2 Hawkeye in my dream, that set off a series of explosions? Are we ready? The cliche’ that we are running out of time doesn’t even fit any more! We are out of time! Now, we must lead, now we must shepherd, if we can lead a household we can host a flock of sheep. As elders and mantles brood over the lambs, no one has to be left behind. Did an E-c2 Hawkeye Navy plane crash and burn, like it did in the dream, since then? Yes, exactly one year later. Not far from Norfolk Virginia. An all weather, carrier able, early warning tactical aircraft. 8/31/2020  Was that a prophetic warning to America and the Church on our early warning systems? Have they gone down? Listen and hear for yourself the dreams and see what conclusions you can draw.


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America’s Good Friday Prophecy

4 thoughts on “Warning System Down, A Prophetic Dream.

  1. I certainly have caught the fire of this dream and warning. I have also been pressed upon about this very thing. Our children if we don’t move will fall to the lies of the enemy. I have children & grandchildren. I’ve also been thinking( I believe it’s Holy Spirit leading me as this video confirms what I’ve been holding in my heart) about having a house gathering for my adult children and grandchildren to have a place of fellowship and reading of the word together. Could you please keep me in prayer as I move forward. Asking Holy Spirit to lead me in His truth. I appreciate your ministry and have been following you for years. I don’t always respond but I’m here and so encouraged by your words & encouragement. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to fill your heart with His Spirit & guide you as you are seeking him.

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    1. Thank you, good to hear from you again, we will certainly pray for you and your family. Thank you for your words of blessing. May the Lord prosper you in all your endeavors to bring him glory!


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