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Dreams are like a virtual reality program rehearsing multiple scenarios, while mixing and matching probable out comes, true to the best understanding we have of what our paths calls for. They may or may not be God’s path, depending on our personal commitment to Christ. Still, various scenarios are played out according to the in-put our life experiences have provided. Victories and failures, that are often driven by moods and emotions, meld together, with the past and present; often, exploring a probable or feared future, with in the compiled data. Fears, and traumas, hopes, and desires, moral choices, verses immoral choices, appear to be played out, and examined across the spectrum of this venue, called our dreams. Sometimes our mind, acting like the body, flushes waste, or immulates our skin on how it expels a sliver. Clusters of troublesome, blurry dreams, lasting for days then gone like a mist forever. Impossible to be understood, or remembered, forever forgotten. While afterwards we have somehow resolved to face a few more difficult days, somehow inexplicably renewed. A design fashioned by a merciful God that even the lost souls of this world benifit from.

Whether all dreams have meaning is not known. But they all have purpose as I stated before, it is the brain’s way of processing useful data, and possibly eliminating or archiving irevelent data. In the articles God Speaks In Our Dreams I and II there is a list of what kind of dreams to pay attention to. These dreams have a quality similar to a special message interrupting a regularly scheduled television show. They grab your attention and usually contain important or even alarming information. They are often memorable. With your thoughts tending to return back to the dream several times through out the day. They can return to us in our waking hours, and remain in our thoughts for weeks, or even be remembered, vividly, off and on for a life time. They can trigger more dreams like them. These dreams should be resolved through prayer seeking to put them to rest. Unless, they are just acting as a truthful and peaceful conveyor of comfort. The following list is the details one should remember when writing down, or telling their dreams, to an interpreter.

1. If you dream of someone who you have not seen in years and remember their name, the name may be important. Look it up in the etymology of names.

2. Animals- look up the animal’s attributes in an encyclopedia, research where they are mentioned in scripture.

3. Vehicles- think about what kind it is, what it is used for. Ask yourself why was I not driving the car I have now? It will be because there is something about that make or model that is speaking to you. Ships sail, airplanes fly, trains are on rails, etc … all of these variations point specifically to what your dream is trying to portray to you.

4. Color- Again scripture reference colors in your dream. Think about what they mean to you. All know that green represents living things. Blue often depicts peace, depending on what shade. Purple royalty. Yellow glory, the sun, light. Orange may mean warning; red, passion, love, stop etc. Ask yourself why these colors?

5. If you dream of sitting at a table, ask your self why was it round? Or square? Unless, it is your actual table at home, then those variation wouldn’t necessarily count. Where is the table, is it in your house or somewhere else? Note details. Was it set? Was it covered?

6. Rooms in the house all have special meaning. In the kitchen you cook, prepare, serve. In the living room, you relax, entertain company, play, and fellowship with family and friends. In the bathroom you bathe, clean up, eliminate waste, it is private for you, alone. In the bedroom you sleep, rest, are intimate with your spouse. Windows, doors, no windows, no doors …

7. Occupations, work dreams, things you are doing, building, taking apart; how you are dressed.

8. School dreams, what are you doing, are you in the present or is it a dream referencing the past?

9. Season of the year, time of the day. Weather. Storms etc …

10. Emotions, yours or others. The feel of the dream, happy, sad, angry. Are you in the dream or watching it?

All these are details that are important to note in your dreams. If you remember them they are important. You may have one about friends that drive up in your driveway in a car, but the car is not the same as the one they have in real life. You’ve got to ask yourself, “why were they driving the make and model of a car they do not have?” There is a reason for these details. They’re there to paint a picture that relay specific parallels or parables to you; so make sure you leave nothing out, when writing down your dreams.

All dreams submitted may be published upon interpretation if they have a significant message to the body of Christ and/or of good teaching value. No names or personal information would be published, unless the requested to be identified. If you have the gift of interpretation and would like to view dreams please request a dream interpreter application after subscribing to


What dream interpretation looks like.

5 thoughts on “Submitting Prophetic Dreams

  1. I dreamed of wearing my pink winter pyjamas in public at my school where I teach. I felt very self-conscious about my apparall.


  2. I have had many dreams, the last one in which I am trying to understand is I stood talking to a young girl when I heard someone come in, I turned thinking it was one of my boys but it was the Lord, and he brought me gifts, next scene I saw the most vibrant red curtain. The ends of the curtain were torn and ragged and blowing in the wind. What alerted me was that the window was open and i could see light behind it. I knew those sleeping in the bed beside the window would get cold. The window was not supposed to be open. I then stood holding an easter basket and asked my husband, whom I could not see, if he wanted me to fill it and he said no.


  3. I keep dreaming that stuffkeeps coming out of my body,like worms and i pull them out.then I have bumps all over my body and I squeeze the bumps and a awful fluid leaks out.I keep having these recurring dreams.its like foreign stuff is in my body and I try toget rid of it,help!


    1. It’s okay life is processing out toxins. You’re getting better. Seek prayer ministry and counsel. I am a Christian dream coach. Naturally I believe your needs are found in drawing closer to God, through His son Jesus Christ.


  4. Today on 11/26/16 – I have a friend in Prison named Rahim and to dream about him

    It was Rahim and I living together and I saw 3 silver humma trucks pull up in our yard I’m not sure if he told me to leave or did I leave out of fear. I left and went to the bathroom to hide but I felt like the people in the truck could see me and so I ran a cross the street to my sister and her mom house and there I say outside with them in their back yard their house was white but in the back we can see my house a little bit but it was trees mainly back there. We was talking about the Brink trucks being at my house and I saw the trucks leaving well they must had been finished with business because Rahim was up when I left but when I returned he was on the living room couch sleep and I guess he heard me coming through the door we had a white dog there and I remember when he woke up he started fussing at me saying he had to wake up to a dog instead of his girl (keep in mind we are just friends in real life I like him more than a friend but he is in prison) then I was with my family at a family gathering and my favorite aunt was there the building was white on the inside with white chairs we had this projector screen on the wall looking at stuff and I saw colorful cupcakes. My aunt was going through her emails and I saw Rahim email address in her messages and pictures so I got upset and she walked away but she left her email on the screen so I went and looked through her emails until I found his email address and Only to see some other man picture being sent to her because it wasn’t his picture and I felt okay knowing that I left because I saw myself driving and I ended up at my sister Gabby house with her 3 kids and some man in some project apartments we North Gulfport Projects in reality . It was night time I t outside I saw a silver car driving towards us I got scared and started running toward the house but as I’m running the car was on the opposite side of apartment reversing slowly and then as I got in the house I heard 4 or 5 gun shots and I told Gabby I had just seen that car and I called the police and by the time we all was looking hiding places everyone came outside but it day time then and I told my sister I hope the police don’t need to know who called them then I woke up


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