The Vista of Prophetic Dreams and Visions. One aspect of the biblical gift of prophecy and interpretation, is the ability to interpret dreams and visions, given to the dreamer by the Spirit of God.

 When requesting dream interpretation (from NeWine Pouring) you are requesting ministry of the biblical gift of prophecy and interpret ion that gives testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ. The prophet’s anointing is bestowed upon vessels of clay, subject to imperfections, that is why all prophecy must be examined in light of the Word of God. The scripture teaches us that when giving a word of prophecy we should do it in such away other prophets can judge whether it is from God. In this email format, where dreams are sent in, it is the recipients responsibility to share the interpretation with trusted biblical counsel for confirmation and further ministry. However, it is imperative that when we do that we seek out God’s servants that have ears to hear, what the Spirit is saying when He speaks.  

Joel 2:28-29 “And it shall come to pass afterward
That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your old men shall dream dreams,
Your young men shall see visions.
And also on My menservants and on My maidservants
I will pour out My Spirit in those days.

cropped-cropped-800px-tokajska_pivnica-21.pngIf when hearing the interpretation of dreams, or visions, you do not feel a witness from the Holy Spirit (who is the spirit of truth that leads us, and guides us into all truth) then you should take the word to prayer for more understanding and to other prophets that they might “stand and judge”. An elder in The Lord, or believer that can pray with you, for the word of God tells us out of the mouth of two or more witnesses let every word be established.

A known and trusted prophet of the house of God, can be a witness, that agrees with the Holy Spirit who rises up with in the believer, upon the Word of truth. When this happens you will immediately know God is speaking to you, who always provides more than one source to establish the prophetic word, or dream interpretation. Sometimes, under error, or oppression, we are unable to discern the Lord’s voice;  in this case, always seek help from your family of believers, and leadership to pray, help, and counsel you to “hear from God”.

Spiritual ministry is meant to be done as a group effort, and should never be exclusionary of other giftings of the body of Christ, this keeps us on track for the scripture says, “For lack of guidance a nations falls, but victory is won through many advisers” Dream interpretation and prophetic words given out of the ministry of Deana Barnes is done so with-in this biblical paradigm in mind; therefore, we urge those who receive ministry to seek confirmation from God with-in their church family, personal prayer, and bible studies.

More on understanding your dreams.


More On Understanding Your Dreams

4 thoughts on “The Vista of Prophetic Dreams and Visions

  1. Hello I am looking for a dream interpreter that’s Christian to help me with my dreams about my coworker. There are 5 dreams and I’m on the fence about where to find sound biblical interpretation.
    Please help with advice. Check this out… 2 years ago I told God that I didn’t want another man unless he’s from God, after all the heartbreak I been through choosing for myself.
    Dream 1: So I had a dream in September of ‘16 about a man sitting behind and holding me.we were in the back of a car and he was laughing and joking with me we were having fun. I don’t know who was driving but we were going up a street near my old home. The car stopped and I had to be dropped off but I said I’ll be back and left him in the car at a crossroad near the gym. then woke up. I felt so much real love in that dream from him and from me, that when I awoke… I was in so much love with this dream man and wishing the dreaming didn’t end. I was like God what was that I want that back, I was sad to wake up! But I was also like huh?? because in the dream even though his face was a blur, his clothes were like a style of guy I never was into. Fast forward to February of 2017 God blessed me with my first job in the field I studied making good money. I’m 28. I started seeing this man there paying me crazy attention.
    Dream 2: Then I had a dream and he was in it sitting beside me on a bed and I was wrapping myself in a blanket feeling that same love I felt from the first dream that I forgot about. I woke up like Lord, is that him? I noticed they even dress the same style and he has the same demeanor as the man in my first dream… my brother was sitting next to me in that bed, and the guy, was sitting across from me.
    Dream 3: I had another dream a month later where same thing he told me he had a question for me and I ran away and wrapped myself in a blanket feeling real feelings of peace and love.(that never happens in my dreams the real feelings, so I paid attention, these dreams also stick in my memory unlike other fleeting random dreams). This time we were in a giant assembly hall, instead of a bedroom though. In the dream my sister was beside me and I said “I wonder what he’s going to ask?” I awoke.
    All the while at work this man is day by day coming closer to me, but too shy to speak to me. I didn’t wanna “pursue” him though. So in May We had a company picnic and I said Lord if he is the one he should just speak to me instead of always smile and stare. He spoke to me that day. We exchanged numbers and I’ve been talking to him since. The way he looks at me is like no one has ever. It’s almost adoringly. He’s a year older. We vibe together like crazy… I feel like I can talk to him about anything, and vice versa… but here is the catch— he just got out of a relationship in January ‘17, right before I started at my job. And he told me this. He told me he’s not ready and doesn’t wanna hurt me even though he really likes me… and I totally get it and respect that he told me. So I backed off this summer and let him know I am not going to be there if he’s just lonely and I cried out to God because I feel like I ran ahead of Him and was in pain. One night I was praying and crying out to God and I fell asleep.
    Dream 4: I dreamed then that I was in a room with all my family and friends fixing plates and communion, like a banquet, but they were blurry and the focus was on the table I sat at… this man walks into the room and sits across the table to join me. The banquet was dimly lit with candles that hung in lanterns from the ceiling. In the dream I knew that he knew everything about me and I felt his love for me… there were candles hanging around us it was beautifully decorated and there was a big gorgeously arranged bouquet of roses hanging above me and his head… when I looked up to notice all the beautiful roses I felt his eyes follow mine to look as well. Then I woke up like Lord was that a wedding ??? It was crazy.
    Since summer we still have been growing close and I know he likes me so much, he’s so obvious about it but doesn’t do anything about it and I definitely stopped running ahead. Over time I’m starting to notice that he’s learning more about me… he sent me a song from Sade knowing i like her the other week, and that touched me. But it’s eating me up and I keep going to God like am I wrong to feel led by the Spirit through these dreams? Am I being deceived or am i being doubtful? Me and this guy definitely have the potential to have something special and that I’ve never felt before but there’s this block right now. I just keep praying for him. I don’t know what else to do but give it to God. Also this man is not a believer… he doesn’t mind when I talk about God and told me he was baptized when he was young but turned away and that is another reason why I’m scared to death that I’m not hearing God in this.
    Dream 5: last night I dreamt that me and him were standing together and he just looked down at me and genuinely smiled. I reached out and hugged him tight. He then said that he had something for me. We appeared in a room that was soft blue light lots of windows around us. He handed me a donut. It was warm and soft and sweet, a glazed donut… I was tasting it and not wanting it to be gone ! That’s when he revealed that he had more donuts the sand as that one for me and I was happy.
    Next scene I was standing outside of a shop… looked like an antique shop? I was looking through the big glass window of the store, he was in there sitting. I was standing outside trying to use some sort of meter to buy time (kind of like a parking meter?) but it wasn’t for parking. I kept putting my quarters in the meter and messing up the amount of time I needed to buy and it wasn’t working for me. I got so frustrated that I used all my coins and walked into the shop flustered. The shopkeeper, am older man, said all I needed was a dime, I said that’s not enough !! But he put the dime in the machine for me and bought my time and I thanked him and started opening boxes for of new dishes like plates and salt shakers that were ordered for me. The end
    I know there’s a lot but please help me. I’ve been struggling for meaning for so long now.


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