0827110956A few years ago, in a dream I climbed up to my watch tower on the East Coast of the United States, and I saw a volcano erupt in the Northeast across the Atlantic Ocean. Five months later the volcano in Iceland erupted. It was a sign to the remnant Church, pregnant with destiny, that a new thing was about to erupt in the Earth. It would bring a great alteration in spiritual climates and atmospheres; and even now, that change in spiritual jet streams has taken place that will roll us out of what is known as the prophetic movement, and into a pre-millennial apostolic rule that will shape the church into her final form, which is the image of Christ.

The spirit of  Elijah (the forerunner of the Word manifested) has prepared, and is still preparing the way, as the  body is growing together in proportion to the head, and is transforming into a mature presence of Christ, on earth. If we are cut off from this body, we are separated from the head … for the remnant Church is one with the Head.

It is interesting to note that the main characteristic of this volcano was its volcanic ash that poured into the jet stream altering flight patterns. The result of what God is doing in the earth is changing, re-routing, and shifting, the way things will be done, even, in the most powerful of churches. The “grounding” of these endeavors (from the greatest of air ships to the single engine models)  even now is come. The design in new commercial aircraft and the grounding of old ones, will also, signify this change in those Christian structures that fly upon the wings of the Eagle.

Along with these new approaches, take offs, and departures that the Church will be experiencing, so also, the world is coming into atmospheric changes in high spiritual places. Kings of the Earth are trotting out for position on the battle field that is to come for a face off against the Creator and His Christ, in a cataclysmic showdown. Recently, I saw the battle line drawn. The Host of heaven began to gather upon a bi-lateral line across the field of the breadth of the Earth in the spirit. We know who shall lead them. Even the Lord of Hosts! The Mighty Warrior!

Will I not shake the earth? Will it not begin in my house? In the spirit all things will tremble …

I wrote this down in the prophecy of the Mountain of the Lord, in 2009. Christchurch had an earthquake in New Zealand, 2011. I believe this is the beginning of those shakings that will spread from God’s house and beyond, and it truly has moved through the ranks of God’s people and tolled its bell with a natural shaking of  Christchurch In New Zealand, and then the earthquake in Japan. Now this judgment of shaking is being extended into all the earth. Blessed is the one who watches and prays for no one knows the day or hour in which the Lord may come. And you cannot soft peddle this and say they are not judgements, as some prophets have.

As millions were effected by the volcanic eruption in Iceland 2010, so millions in the body of Christ will begin to discern change in the order of how things are done in the church. Same destination, new routes, and approaches. It may seem like the spiritual atmosphere is being controlled by the powers of darkness, but all of this is God’s plan to refine, purify, and concentrate the move of His spirit into the cracks and crevices of the earth, where the hearts and minds of the tormented, will be mightily delivered by far reaching concentration of Christ in us, the Hope and Glory.

Churches will take new routes and find forgotten peoples. The trembling widows, with nothing but a flask of oil, and a handful of grain, will be visited and blessed by Him  in the miracle of provision with residual sustainability in famine and drought. Like Philip was translated on his quest of evangelism, traveling restrictions will not hinder the move of God’s Spirit, no more than the wind can be bridled. The miracle of loaves and fish, water to wine, and healing of whole communities will be the norm. The sight of the blind restored, the lame will walk, and the dead will be raised. “Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen, and the glory of the Lord has come. Darkness shall cover the earth, and great darkness the people, but my light shall shine upon you …”

In the midst of this shall be the “Great Apostasy” and “falling away”. The flame of love will be extinguished in the heart of many whose hearts will harden like the wax of an extinguished candle. Either way they will run away from, or to the light. The valley of “in between” will only exist for crossing over. For those with in the “camp” who love the darkness will seek to be hidden by it, to cover their deeds. “The ever increasing glory upon the faithful will frenzy evil into acts of insanity. Yet, great kings will bow and declare that God is the Lord, and they shall decree it in their departures. Power will be removed from great men, not because of their evil but because of their acts of righteousness.  There will be  snares and entrapments  sprung shut. The capturing away of the Church shall become the entrapment of those who did not make themselves ready, it is that which kept this trap from snapping shutting  that will be removed from out of the way. This will be when we shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye …

In one instant and season of time, destined and pre-appointed, the evil one will have his moment but he will be cut off and righteousness will step in and reign supreme, to culminate the ever increasing glory resting upon the redeemed of the Lord and their Head (who is the fullness of the Godhead bodily) shall be crowned with many crowns, and His feet shod in preparedness to (decree, proclaim)  teach peace shall rest in victory upon the footstool of the earth. He will bring to the world rest, in the seventh day.

As Kings come and bow to the brightness of His Glory from dawn to dusk of the millennial age, so Christ shall reign (in whom we abide) for ever. And where shall the Church be at the Great White Throne Judgment? Will not the body be with the head? Will not He be sitting at the right hand side of the Father? Him who is the fullness of the Godhead bodily? And will He not behold the heavenly city come down as a bride with celestial glow and meet with her? Will he not enter into her and consummate the marriage where old things are passed away and all things become new?  And shall they not see a new heaven and new earth? Even as Isaac entered into Sarah’s tent with Rebecca  and was comforted with His new wife in Sarah’s “transportable habitation”  was he not captured in His bride’s embrace? ….And so shall we forever be with the Lord.

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One thought on “Atmospheric Changes in Spiritual Realms

  1. As was originally Recorded. Watchtower/ Icelandic Volcano/the Pregnant Church
    by NeWine on Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:02 pm

    Search in: Dreams and Visions to be Interpreted
    Topic: Indifferent Company on the Beach.
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    Indifferent Company on the Beach.
    I was at the beach and it was white sand and blue sky, but I saw produce that belonged to a loved one, and it got crushed. I laid next to my loved one and this one was large with pregnancy, and when I put my arm around them to comfort, I felt a wave of pregnancy come all over me as well, I looked and the pregnancy was radiating from her, but I had indignation towards those who were near by, that we were all with. They were a segment of the body of Christ and they were in a group, and they were indifferent to my loved ones produce, that was crushed, and I said, “they are indifferent” you belong to them so why don’t they care.

    I could see that there were prophets, worshipers and elders in their company. As I was embracing this loved one, I saw past the company of believers and across the water. (Ocean) North East. I saw a glow on the horizon and began to see a haze, I fixed my eyes upon the development across the seas. As I walked to the house on the shore near by that belong to the company, (it was okay to go in there, but did not feel it was okay to recline with them on the beach) I kept my eye on the glow and haze. I went up and up to the top floor and as I looked out the window I saw that it was an erupting volcano. I began to pray (and it turned intense). When I finished, I realized the window was not glass but a screen and they could here me pray. I was embarrassed for myself when I noticed that they continued to lounge and rolled their eyes because I was up there praying. I felt hurt for God, and the pregnant loved one laying alone full of this radiating pregnancy. She was so pregnant she couldn’t stand.

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