Dream Inauguration

Deana Barnes
Falling Barrel Dream
Obama Inauguration

Waiting on this-
In the dream I was talking to a neighbor who owned a warehouse next to us.  A person who was like my friend or daughter, was standing behind me and we were looking at the high voltage power lines that criss crossed over my house. I was telling them I didn’t think I liked that to much. As we were looking up, I saw what I thought was a satellite just above the poles, into the night sky. The friend and daughter said no that’s not a satellite,  it’s a gas plateform (?). All of a sudden a barrel of gas fell out of the sky and crashed in our back yards, then bounced over a 6 foot fence into an old industrial yard. We walked around the area amazed, saying we need to find out how that happened. We began to call the gas company for an explanation, but then all of a sudden their clean up people were all over the place, picking up empty barrels and lids. They were cordial but would not answer any questions. I picked up a lid off the ground and handed it to the clean up woman, and she quickly laid an orange flag over the top, where the lid had hit the ground. When they left, I looked down and saw an orange plastic flag in my left hand. Which is my “writing hand” because I am left handed.  Amazed and Puzzled were the emotions in this dream.

The old industrial yard had heavy equipment parts in it. Mostly big engine parts, mufflers tires and rims, I guess you could call it a scrap yard. The barrel had gas in it not oil. That was curious. The lid on the ground reminded me of “topping out at rock bottom prices.”Which would seem to be real cool- but the orange flag is saying something is wrong. No one is saying how it happened. The gas part will effect us all in a personal way…landing in our back yards. 

The dream seemed to be running bi-lateral with another dream I was having about the Inauguration
of Obama…

There was a company of Washington people standing at what seemed to be Obamas inauguration. This was just days after he was elected. 

The Clintons were there in the company, they had an eight year old child with them. The child was running around in the midst of the the company, unruly, and he was acting like a little pervert- !?  I looked over at Michelle Obama, and she was disgusted with the child and disgusted with the Clintons, for letting this child run un  disciplined. She actually turned from public view and made a yuck face. In a dark hall behind the stage was a long line of people who were well known actors, celebrities and noted people. There was an old man sitting on the end of the line, he is an actor from a tv show from long ago he was acting outwardly perverse. A young, well known, movie director, who has made a lot of family movies was sitting on his lap.The perverse old man was kissing the director, and it was perverse, but the director kissed him back a platonic kiss, (This director was once a child actor in one of the most wholesome tv programs made). I was incensed at the old man, and went up to the director and said he is kissing you in a perverse way! He ignored me, soon the director was in a full blown (kissing) exchange with this perverse old man. Both of these individuals have ties with NC.*

What I know of this dream:
An unprecedented spirit of perversion was released in the land during the eight years of the Clinton administration. It now runs  unruly and uncontrolled, in politics, Hollywood, and among the elite in the earth that have influence. The end of it will have full blown course in the family entertainment, industry, and come into fruit during the Obama administration. Keep your families out of it.This administration will see perversion whirl wind it’s way across America. It seems as though Michelle Obama has moral discernment, but will have no control, over the progression of those things that disgust her. But rather, will have to endure politicle favors with some she would rather not. However, on the inside, she will let her feelings be known, to those close to her.
The Michelle and Lemons dream:

The nations choice was announced to me early in the morning of the 5th when I had a dream that the Obamas came into my house. I did not want them there, but knew I had a responsibility to
house them, help them in any way I could, and be a good host. Obama, the father was  attentive to his children, looking for a place to put a Christmas tree. Michelle came in with a tray of cut lemon slices, that brought a refreshing aroma to the home. Perhaps their visit today, at the White House, is the beginning of this.
What I know of the dream:

The White House is our house. It belongs to We the People. We will be accommodating them regardless of whether or not we wanted them there. Michelle will bring a refreshing fragrance into the “house”. She will be a refreshing role model to men and women of color, in domestic responsibility and child rearing. However, remember- the lemon is bitter. Michelle, also, made the statement that she required her children to read all of the Harry Potter Books. This is not a good sign for “child learning”, in the Obama administration. Possibly, education requirements will infringe greatly upon Christian concerns. It may bleed beyond the public schools and begin to work it’s way into private school controls, on a government level. Michelle’s “air” will be palatable for Christians, however, the tray she serves will be bitter to “partake of” for our children.
Like the 8 year old perverse offspring of the Clinton administration. Another “offspring” will be in the making for America. A long lasting and influential platform mandated  by the government, will support occultic doctrines in education. Books such as the Harry Potter series, and many of the now grown-up disciples of these doctrines, will be teaching them in government controlled schools. Can this be changed, is it too late? Will our children be forced, to go to these schools? Will government require private schools to comply? Will we becoming into an era where civil disobedience is required for us to obey God?  Have we stepped across the threshold and into Babylonian captivity? Or, can we still pray and turn these things around? Will God have mercy on us?  Will Obama have an encounter with Christ?  Non of this is new news- But what we have seen, has been sowing the wind. What we will see in, and after this administration is reaping an unimaginable whirl wind.

December 1, 2008.  President Obama appoints Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Secretary of State. 


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