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  Dear Reader,

Hearing from those interested in NWP’s Dream Journal website is a joy I look forward to everyday. My husband and I have a passion for the word of God- praying for the sick, and prophetic ministry to the body of Christ. We have been married for 37 years, and have 3 children who are raising their own families now, and love the Lord. If you are interested in contacting us for ministry, you can start here at our contact page by filling in the information below.    

Your comments are welcomed!

There are comment boxes at the bottom of each page of my articles if  your interest pertains to a specific post. Otherwise, you can send your questions or comments through this contact page. I look forward to hearing from you, either way. May God bless you in all He has for your life.   -Deana Barnes

Dream Coaching

If you are contacting Deana for dream coaching or interpretation please review the Vista Of Dreams teaching series so that you can better submit your dreams. You may find enough information to unlock an understanding of what the Spirit of God is trying to show you, without needing an interpreter or coach; ultimately, dreams are given in our own language, as individuals, and that is why WE are our best source for understanding, with the Father’s help.

Still, sometimes we need assistance, and that is why we are here, at NWP. Because this is a time consuming effort that requires prayer and seeking the Lord on your behalf, we limit our service to a 3 point dream analyses, and provide full coaching segments to our co-laborer. Your analyses will include a link to give to the ministry and we would appreciate your support.

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