I gave  portions of this word to an individual earlier this year as a word for them, but, recently God brought me back to this unpublished prophecy, and had me expound upon it, as I saw that He was speaking to the Body of Christ as a whole . – dee barnes

imageThis is your time, your day of visitation, this is your appointment, says The Lord. There are many among my people esteemed as the least, and many more esteemed as the great, that has been sort of right, and sort of wrong, in areas of their thinking. The right part of it has been profound, and has opened accesses for many, even that which is of the generations whom (in days gone by) carried the likes of Toronto and Word oriented ministries  (like worker bees of kingdom progression) through out all nations.

Nevertheless, if you continue in the old way with out pause to the more perfect way, the tiniest of flaws that evolved in the settling of “THE HOUSE” will widen as you build upon it, especially, walls that should support the frame-work of my open doors. The hairline cracks will not withstand the SHAKINGS TO COME, these foundations will fail the walls that support the “doors of ease” to go out and come in. EVEN IN THE TREMORS of KINGDOM growth, when that which should have been open to you is restricted, for I have aligned them to be open, but, your rhetoric of a political mindset is from the foundation, flawed.

Even your accrued wisdom from former rains will be of not, if measurements are not taken to re-examine your ways, how you have built upon this HOUSE OF THE RISEN SON.

I see good men and women who have influenced your life and their image is embedded in your foundation, says the Lord. Make no idol of these … they were right in me, with their walk, but your implementation of THEIR persona robs you of your relevancy to future generations, put off the old man of yesterday, be renewed in me.

THEREFORE, imitate their voice of instruction, but not their human essence. For I have called you to be a bridge of understanding, and you will be a voice, and it will be to those beyond the walls you have known, take the word FORMER and restructure it into RE-FORM or you shall become the de-formed body that once had relevance in my kingdom, says The Lord. I am doing a work in your heart and you will see yourself, as I see you, and your reach shall broaden beyond what you have known, for your true inner expression whom I have made, will begin to be expressed on the outside, and it will not so much be the same as it has been, take off the animations of a time that was, and mature your mannerisms and conversations for a people who are lost. He that carries the ark of my Glory, does he falter? Is He not sober? Can He not stand under my anointing to accomplish the greater work? Shall he that pours, steady himself to pour? Shall you always be upon the receiving end, and not the giving? Serve not mindsets, images, idols, and trends, but you will be whom you are that pleases me says the Lord, in side and out.

Because of this authenticity, I will bring you into places only a few have accomplished, because of your relevancy, your experience, you will be my voice (like the sound of many waters) even joining that which will speak across the generations that stand before you.

You will move amongst the peoples, from many places, with ease among them. (I see a rushing mighty river and it was as if this generation melted into the waters and began to swim the currents. The white water rapids, the generation who has seen it all, who has sired, and even grand sired movements, will once again ride the crest of the wave head, shoulder, and arms above the waters that will be joined by the latter rains, awakenings, and renewals. And I hear the word (a cappella) And the Lord is saying that you are in harmony with this river of many rivers, from the epic center of HOLY IMMERSIONS, it is a body where many streams have joined, and your swimming strokes are at the speed of the river in harmony with it, for though you feel as though you may have fallen behind, this day of your restoration shall go beyond denominational flows and enter the remnant nation. I looked up a cappella and it is an Italian word for “in the manner of the church”.

There will be no need for bells and whistles to accompany the God inspired human voice of my people, I will amplify, and decorate, with the presence of my Glory, the acts of the saints, says God. All this shall come for you as you enter this new day of renewal to restore completely, and wholly, the new man. For I have called you to be in the mainstream of my remnant people, where you will find your place, and many will step into the river who have been watching from afar, and I see healing stripes upon their arms, for there is healing in the stirring of the waters, by your every stroke of faith, and obedience to me, says the Lord. What they have told you in your house has been all that they could see.

Let the eyes of the Eagle see for you, the ONE who has healing in His wings, and I will give you wisdom to understand it, as your mind is renewed a fresh in me, says the Lord.

The weightiness of your call has caused the words to strike you, to wake you, even to annoy you, but know this my imagesons and daughters, who know the difference between my voice and the clap of thunder, the wounds of a friend are faithful, and I am your friend that sticks closer to you then a brother, I will cover you in this transition, and watch over it until it is complete, and you will find those things that have troubled you in the past, and have marred your understanding of me, give way to revelation of my true character, and integrity, and you shall speak to that mountain and call it by its name, and it shall dissolve before you, in that day, for you will see it as it is. For many of my servants who have served former glories and have broken through into new ones, have suffered from the growing pains of these movements, they truly have been wounded in the house of their friends. Now let us do a corporate thing, let us do this business as one.

THIS ONE THING in its season has already begun, a work under GRACE an embattled portion of my bride, she is called the Wounded Deborah, and this ought not have been for she has faced the iron chariots, she has apostled, and prophesied victory, and sang its beautiful songs amidst the congregation.

She has obliged the Baraks to stand with them, to lead in kingdom wars. The likes of her was an army of strength that stood the battle, her tenacity led the weak against the strong, not only is she known ( collectively) as the mother of SPIRITUAL Israel, she is now grandmother. Be warned says The Lord, cannot my Spirit of might rest upon the WOMAN that I have made, whom I fashioned with in the cup and palms of my hand? Whom I have made weak, can I not make her strong? Was not Barak comforted by her presence? For she was the WORD of The Lord to HIM, standing beside HIM in the flesh. Was not the WORD made flesh? Does HE NOT dwell among you? Stand with you in times of Battle? WHERE YOU ARE WEAK IS HE NOT STRONG? IN my kingdom, there is no male or female, Greek nor Jew. So the Deborah’s who have stood among the captains and the generals of the faith, is worthy of the rank, and title, she carries.

Where is she? Mother bee? Her legs bear the wound of kicking.

In days gone by she was shamed in having such a voice of authority. THE GIRL BEE, has found her voice, but a famine of the mother bee, has struck the land. Call not good evil, and evil good, can a kingdom divided against itself stand? Be not ignorant of my word, says The Lord. A strong woman is no more a Jezebel, then soft spoken men Ahabic. Running with another man’s revelation in partial understanding is a kin to running with an axe. The Sword rightly divides. He that finds the WOUNDED Deborah, restore her sick stricken heart, the wounds are in her legs, and she is well over 50. The generation she has served has been struck in the arm, it lifts not, the girl Deborah proclaims, she sees, but an inoculation of wariness to the call ills her in the strength of the arm. Her reach for support is a source of pain. But God has helped her, she has interceded over the famine of the Bee. The wounded Deborah sits she cannot stand, but, the Angel of The Lord, He lanced her wound, from it came a flyer, the prophet’s words that struck the wound will be the one who heals it, this is given to him for mercies sake for he meant not what He did, and He seeks to heal the bitter waters of misunderstanding, and so he sets the order right.

Healing ministry explosion is coming from the ones correcting this error. Even their error in wording, discernment, and wise application. This is old business that needs resolved, before the new business goes forward, worry not, but now watch for this work, for it is well on its way. Famine of the Bee shall be replaced by Devorah Hives in the land. The Mothers of Spiritual Israel, in their old age, will sit beneath the shade of her wealth in Christ, and lead the captains of the armies to face the FIERCE nation. (The words I speak are spirit and they are truth.) Their house will be called the House of Deborah, Devorah and the Bee, the refugee will refuge there, the Barak’s will Barrack there, and receive the Mother Bee’s instruction, for days like those days of the JUDGES are coming upon the Land, the hive and the comb will burst with honey, from the place where comes the promise. Is not the workings of it hidden with in the cell? ONE a midst the many, says The Lord. HE THAT HATES THE PARABLE has not ears to hear. Now go, she is working in her HOUSE I will show you the way.

One would think all this will take some time, even this one writing these words, but I say no, says The Lord, times are in my hands, I have prepared this from the day these movements were born, to move into a new day beyond what is known or seen, for there has been few teachers that have gone before you, for this, so I have been the teacher, all these many years, and I have shown the way. Am I not the Way? So then, I have already marked it out, and a great guttural sigh shall well up from with in-you in that day, that the law has finally given way to Grace, and punishment to mercy, and bondage to freedom, not for the occasion to sin, but to excel in my rest, where kingdom life is truly lived.

A new order shall find its way, the throne and the footstool shall move bi-laterally and horizontally in one sweeping flow.

Know that what I have begun I will finish in this training, correction, and healing, from the carnage of friendly fire, says the Lord, and time with me shall prove these words, and confirm them, and the sign shall be a rest, and it shall land upon those places of striving, and refresh you that are fatigued, as for all my people who simply confess “I will enter into your rest”you will find it. Certainly, they that wait upon me, shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles … ah, and then there it is, a more perfect way, a greater view, from a higher perspective, and eyesight made “keen” do you not sit with me in high places?


2 thoughts on “The THRONE and the FOOTSTOOL

  1. THank you for your comment. I’m not sure how I missed it until now. Please help me share this word, I believe it is still in its season. Blessings in CHRIST. -deana


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