These dreams are over thirty years old and have never been published. They have only been shared, until now, with a hand full of people, (family and friends) and my Pastor at the time. Pastor Paul Nickens of Parma Revival Center, in Parma, Idaho. They are yet to come to pass. For many years  I just could not believe what I saw could really happen, up until these last few years. Although, I have shared many other dreams, visions, and prophecies, that have come to pass since then, these dreams in the early 80’s were like a living movie, and I can recall them as if it were yesterday.

I always believed rural Idaho would be a safe haven, but I cannot deny what I saw. I know outcomes can change. At one time we wanted to live on the coast of Oregon near Portland. We never made that move, in fact as it turned out these type of dreams ended when we began to migrate away from the Northwest part of the U.S. At the time I had these dreams we lived out in the country. I was not drinking coffee, tea, or any caffeine, I had not watched a movie in 5 years. In fact the last movie I watched was in the seventies called A Star Is Born.  I’m just saying that I was keeping my self apart from a lot of distractions at that time in my life and spending many hours in prayer, and intercession, and yet young enough in the Lord to not know that anyone but myself was having these kind of dreams. Or were even suppose to according to Joel 2. I struggled with them for several months before finally telling my pastor. He asked me if I thought they were of real events or spiritual symbolism. I answered the latter, because I was afraid of the possibility of a nuclear future, in America. It was only later I learned about A.A. Allen’s Vision, and then much later Henry Gruver’s, Dimitri Dudman’s, and Ken Peterson’s, that were similar to mine. I don’t know why I had these dreams. The first two came weeks after each one of my first two children were born. 1982 and 1984.

The Great Evacuation

This dream starts with me in the back bathroom changing a baby in a church, down a long hall from the sanctuary. Suddenly, a large group (of what seemed to be some kind of military personnel) converged upon the church and began to escort the people out of it. They were not aggressive, nor seemed to be an enemy; nevertheless, they had orders to move us out. I was left behind with the child in the restroom, I didn’t want to make myself known to be in there, but soon I was discovered and brought out with the rest of the people and put in large trucks. Some of them were the old canvas covered vehicles you saw used in the Korean and Vietnam wars. We were being relocated to various places away from the city we were in. It appeared to be a part of a mass evacuation.

We were brought to an air plane hanger, it was night, it seemed to be raining and it appeared to me that we were in the North West near Seattle.

Since this dream in the early 1980’s  I’ve had one other GREAT EVACUATION dream.**

People were already there scared and worried. The concrete was cold and parts of it were wet. There were some broken-out windows way above us where we could see the night sky.  We all huddled in groups to pray. I didn’t see any men with us at this point. They may have been asked to seperate in another area, like the women and children were separated from the men, while we remained there over night. I don’t think we were all Christians, at that point. But I gathered to pray with some, we were just a mixed group of civilians caught up in the dragnet of an evacuation that had no problem huddling in to pray with those who were Christians.

An American jet bomber flew past us just above the partially opened ceiling of the air plane hanger, I could see it was loaded with bombs. Later, in real life, I recognized in a photo what I saw as the exact same look of hardware attached to the under belly of a jet, something I had never seen before in detail, it was just how I saw it in the dream. The jets seem to fly south down the coast. The sound was deafening. I never saw enemy military, ever. But something was going on. The officials that herded us around did not look like American military, they wore charcoal black/gray suits and there was just as many men as women. That was different to see in the early 1980’s.

Oddly enough, getting snatched up for my own protection was something I was willing to escape from, with the baby, if only they had not discovered us in the room in the back of the church. It seemed better to move yourself out, to evacuate yourself, rather than fall under this forced evacuation, I knew that in the dream. I was caught up in what was known as the ‘great evacuation’. I can only say that no one really understood what exactly was happening and just walking off or out of their assistance could put you in peril, and/or in truancy of some kind.  For some, in the dream, like myself, we fell into the state of being in  a chain of custody, in continuous detainments. While others apparently were relocated and released to start over somewhere else in the country. Revealing that life would go on as usual in places, but far from that (in other places) in the country. A certain profile of individuals found themselves in a succession of detainments.

Strange Uniforms. 

You have to understand, during those days military wore green, not tan, nor charcoal black fatigues; and women were far less involved in the military as gun toting, combat booted, personnel. So, I was stumped about who these people were after waking from my dream. I know now 35 years later, that they may be the UN, or some other global or allied force assisting Americans in these evacuations, under the guise of humanitarian aid. At the time it made no sense to me. It just felt that they were no more for us than they were against us. Just doing their job, and I didn’t feel they were our people, but not an enemy either. Nevertheless, for myself, what started out as an evacuation from what appeared to be real and present danger,  evolved into a series of exchanges and transports. At some point, where much time seemed to pass, I am cut off from my family, and transported to what appears to be in the vicinity of Virginia, near the coast. Hundreds of detainees are walking in long lines toward a massive complex of  temporary mobile housing units. More about that later.

Back to the Initial Evacuation

After the rainy night in a military airport hanger, in another scene, we are taken to a high school gymnasium in the trucks, it’s day light now, I’m with my husband. I have no concern for the child or my children, it appears it is just myself and him. In fact, the baby was unknown to me in the dream and it seems as though the child is with its mother, and our children are not apart of this evacuation. I was just changing the infant as a favor. Still, what is it that I know about these circumstances that I think the child and I both would have been better off not being discovered in the back room? We were swept up in an evacuation order. That’s all. I had reason, it turns out, to believe this wasn’t the best scenario for us. The officials moving us around are becoming more indifferent and somewhat annoyed with our reluctance to be moved around by them. It became apparent during the course of time we had no choice, there was a sense of fear about not doing what they told us to do. We were isolated with them from others so they were all we had to rely on, hoping we could just move through the crises and be done with it. We stood in a long line in front of the school building. I take note now that we have become a segregated group from the others we were with in the Airplane hanger. At the double door entrance to the gym was a table of food to take as we filed in, but they didn’t care to regulate how it was distributed. They told the people at the front line to take all they wanted, so they could entertain themselves- watching the front of the line leave nothing for anyone in the back of the line.

It seemed as though these people who were suppose to be helping us had a streak of cruelty in them, as time passed they became more and more annoyed and careless. This particular group filing in the school that we were now a part of was Christians, and they did a remarkable thing, they took very little for themselves at the front of the line for those to have enough at the back. These were the type of things that showed those in charge, our faith and unity. In the gym the food was redistributed among us, so all could get an equal portion. My husband was getting tired of their attitudes and I was afraid he was going to become combative with them. There were threats that confirmed the fact that we were not going to have a lot to say about anything, as time progressed. It seemed to be an evolving circumstance of more, and more control; what started out for our safety, and well being, became more and more restrictive. There is no blatant reason why we are now somehow grouped up as Christians. The amount of people in this group could line one wall of a school gymnasium the length of a full basketball court, with a few gaps in between. At this point families were still intact.

We lined up against the wall and sat down on the floor in the gymnasium trying to get comfortable. There is uncertainty, and lots of waiting. We are all sombre and not feeling the freedom to move around much from where we were sitting. We’re anxious and waiting for when all this will end. Somehow, In the dream I am able to see sort of a parallel occurrence that has happened, else where in the mean time. Or, sometime after, I’m not sure. I am able to see an old homestead where my relatives use to live, they are long gone. I remembered they left in their old pick up and camper when they heard the trucks were hauling people off, and relocating them. The thing was, they were in rural Idaho, we were in Seattle. That is how far reaching these “evacuations” were.  They headed out and evacuated on their own, into the mountains, but now they are gone. They are not a part of the immediate evacuations that took us by surprise. Infact, no one is out there in rural Idaho an hour north west of the Mountain Home AFB. I’m alone out there looking around like a mouse in the corner to see what happens. The property is out in the sticks, foot hills surrounded by distant mountain ranges. Suddenly, I see a pin point of light above me arching down across the sky toward the air force base. A few minutes go by and then there is this straight blowing hot wind. It’s so hot that the fence posts combust into flames on the corners. When the wind passes through it was like every bit of moisture was sucked out of an already dry landscape.

In Conclusion

From the gymnasium I am now on the east coast in another scene that seemed to jump forward in time, as the dream finishes.  I am walking in a long line with many people across the sand from what appears to be on the east coast, a little in-land. There is a sense of time gone by. The area I feel like is near the North Carolina Virginia state line. I’m feeling we may be in Virginia. Remember, at this time all I have ever known was the Northwest. I see  mobile trailers fixed on the dunes. (?) I’m wondering  why so much sand in-land. I remember thinking what happened here? Where is the coast? This dream is decades before the FEMA trailers of Katrina, but they looked like them. We were wearing government issued clothing. I seem to remember some kind of solitary confinement and it feels like I was in the Midwest when that had occurred, wondering  where my family   was.  A significant amount of time has now passed since we were first evacuated from the Church, my civilian clothing is replaced by what looked like government surplus. My hair is short, unlike the length I’ve always worn my hair since childhood, until this day. We all know we are probably going to die; my husband, my children, are all gone. A sense they are else where, none of them are there with me. I’m alone- but, I recognize a friend I knew from years ago! We are singing amazing grace as we walk with hundreds of others in a single file. I have to say that there was no fencing. But, we were controlled just the same. At this point there is a sense of the ordeal being over, even though it’s the end for us, we are resolved, relieved, even joyful.

We were under the jurisdiction of some other government while yet being on American soil, a  government that had control. We were under the control of  something else besides what we have always known. I never saw invasions of enemy combatants. I never saw military hardware other than our own. I saw what looked like a short lived military skirmish on the Mexican border exactly south from the Treasure Valley, of Idaho in a separate dream years later. But, nothing more. I saw jet fighters and our tanks, that is it. Still, there were strikes on American soil, so that has to be someone’s Apocalypse. But it seemed as though the “cavalry” that swooped in to aid us were well rehearsed, and not of us. I saw myself, and others I did not know, seemingly detained in a chain of custody through out the dream, that began with the first evacuation. Again, not by police or army personal as we know them, but authorities that  looked like us, spoke like us, but were not American, per-say. Again, in a time that military surplus was the color of green camies and fatigues, I couldn’t understand why we were all wearing tan clothing, the color of the sand.

White Train

The Pale IRON Horse- Feb. 24, 1984

It was 2 o’clock in the morning, our newborn daughter woke me up from a dream. It was hard to shake it off. In the dream I was watching a long  [1]white train pass by me with the Russian leader Andropov lying in-state under a glass coffin in one of the open cars. He had died 15 days earlier in real life.


I woke up and picked up my child and sat upon the bed, about that moment I heard a train whistle down town, and thought it a little strange to be blowing so much this time of night through a mid sized town in SW Idaho. What I didn’t know at the time was a train carrying *nuclear warheads was passing through. The train’s unusual whistle that early in the morning was because of the protesters on the tracks. Somehow, busy with our newborn, and toddler, we missed the fact that they were transporting warheads across the nation up to Washington State.

Later, I was astounded to find out the train was painted white. And the protesters had called it the Death Train. For days afterwards I felt burdened with intercession, understanding that the Lord was trying to show me something. Finally, this is what the Holy Spirit said, “As the death of Andropov is an event, that will lead to more events, in the fulfilment of prophecy- so the movement of these warheads are all on the same track.”  For the first time I began to wonder who America really was in biblical prophecy, is her part not so obscure after all? No answer. Of all the years and all the teachings and books. Still no complete answer. However, we know this now- there are many Babylonian systems in America tied to the beast of Revelation.

Many runs into one hub.

One Black Steed

The place where I saw a thermal wind blow.

I look over to one of those foot hills that dips into a ravine where a gravel road is cut through. Suddenly, a black horse rushes violently up out of the ground in a full run, stampeding over my head- air borne. If (from where the sun sets in the west) it is 12 o’clock, this horse flies out of the ground at the 11 o’clock position. From the same place I saw the bright pin point light tracing high up across the sky, down toward the Gowen field/Mountain Home Air Force Base, there is a flash, in the next scene a hot wind blows across the acreages I’m looking at. The fence posts and the corners of the house combusted into flames sucking all the moisture out of every thing. From where I saw the black steed- the property owners name-etymology is (Leaper) means to “run with a message” from where the horse came.

Note: 3/15/2015 I found out that the Hebrew word for horse (soos) transliterated into English is “leaper”. This is another confirmation to me where the Lord is revealing hidden knowledge in the landscape of the dream, to confirm its validity because God knew I didn’t have this information about the horse at the time. After this I have the last dream that is seemingly connected to the first two.

3 Black Horse And  Riders 1989 Signs in The Heavens And Earth  

I had a dream, again I am in rural Idaho, It is at night I look up towards the western sky a little more north. and I see a glow far beyond the horizon line. I know it is something big. To be that bright yet so far, I see three billows of smoke puff up, one right after the other.
Each puff of smoke turns into a black horse and rider, again they are airborne, in the sky heading south as if the two separate dreams had a common track  from where I stood. The missile, the steed, and the black horse and riders. North west to south East. This one (black horse and riders) originated more from the NW, and seemingly heading farther South East. Trotting across the US it seems, come out from the orange red glow beyond the far NW horizon. . In real life just hours after having the dream, at three in the morning, my mother calls me on the phone!  (As disturbing as it was to get a 3 o’clock am phone call) she  breathlessly tries to tell me to go  and look outside in the sky. It was like the scene earlier in my dream, as I stood in the same place in my back yard, gazing into the night sky, I saw a red transparent cloud that was obviously deep in space beyond our planet. I knew immediately, the Lord allowed me to see this sun flare above me where the black horses and riders trailed across the Sky. All from the same direction. A sign to give credence to the dream earlier.

Joel 2:30-31

I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

 1 White Train

By ROBERT LINDSEY, Special to The New York Times Published: February 24, 1984

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 23— Twelve Roman Catholic bishops in the West urged their parishioners today to join a “prayer vigil” along the route of trains carrying nuclear warheads to Trident submarine bases in Washington State and South Carolina. …The announcement today urged direct action to impede deploying nuclear weapons and implicitly supported acts of “civil disobedience,” in an appeal that Catholic laymen said might stir resentment among many conservative Catholics in the West. The 12 bishops announced that they had decided to join a “nonviolent protest” along the route of a white-painted freight train carrying nuclear warheads for Trident missiles. … The train, they said, left a plant near Amarillo, Tex., where the warheads were assembled, early Tuesday, and is expected Friday or Saturday at Bangor, Wash., the site of a Trident base.

2   Andropov

Three Black Horses On March 9, 1989: Kitt Peak Observatory recorded a major solar flare that was visually observed.

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A Mass Exodus 

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  1. I have been hitchhiking the United States for most of 20 years now. I have hitchhiked through the Boise-Nampa-Ontario area many times. I have met a number of people who have moved to Idaho County (Grangeville is the county seat) from other states; some of these people said that the Lord told them to move there.

    Maybe Idaho is a place of refuge, if the Lord ever decides to judge the United States for sin. The Lord has had me hitchhike many many times through Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Maybe these three states are states of refuge.

    I believe I have driven through Parma at least once many years ago.

    Escape from a Death Camp

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    1. Hello I have to answer this and it’s a few years later but just going over it for future reference . I wouldn’t say that the Boise area or any where with in a hundred miles would be. Because in a vision I saw a nuclear wind blow through it. Which is documented in this write up. There is good reason why, as well. Near Boise is an Air Force, and it’s that location that Israeli jet fighters were trained in 2015. Also, it is becoming a well known fact that Wyoming is teaming with military activity and Cheyenne has an under ground military bunker there. Where I feel God put us after a few divine events, is a safer haven than other places would thought to have been. Nevertheless, every person needs to seek the mind of Christ in all of this. We are launching a new media outreach called Into the Night: 1-857-216-6700. #109170 Friday nights @9pm submit a story or testimony you would like to come on and share. Its an alternative way to to connect with information outside of the web. To keep channels of communication open at a time when algorithms are working against various Christian media.


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