Host Criteria Page For Into The Night Conference Calls.

Into The Night, is being modeled after a late night radio program, with a host and guest panel. Each Friday ‘Into The Night’ will have a host and Show booking. Meaning the host will carry their own conference call concept according to the scope and vision of Into The Night. Inviting, and interviewing their own guests, as well as promoting the evening.  Into The Night, will have its own web page and NWP‘s social media will also promote the program. The first hour will (more than likely) have callers on line that will stay for the second hour. The second hour Host is encouraged to connect into the conference call a few minutes before their promoted hour to help the transition before their audience connects in. Two hours can be reserved by the host and Show. From 10- to midnight. A three hour show is attainable starting at 9pm est., for multiple guests, and discussion.  The over all goal for Into The Night is to be a tool for evangelism. For example, through testimonies of salvation, end times discussions, stories, God encounters; as well as bringing biblical perspective to world events. Preaching a sermon to the lost, or an open mic question and prayer ministry. For this one purpose to give people an opportunity to hear that there is hope in Christ, that they need Him, and instructions on how they can become a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

 Into The Night’s Mission is to use a broad scope in guest booking, to pull testimonies in from all walks of life, with diverse encounters with the living God. As well as approaching current events and even controversy with a redemptive biblical view. To search out a broad expanse of human experiences, where making a decision for Christ, healing, and/or deliverance has become the end result. Because the Kingdom of God is made up of many people coming from different back grounds- Into the Night encourages the Hosts To engage with the spiritual profile and need of their night time listeners. To scout out God stories beyond their own experience, to activate a broader conversation, among the guests and panel members. Keeping it real, for the glory of God. For the advancement of His kingdom, through the Resurrection Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Into The Night will develop an after care strategy to continue to connect or get people connected, and encourages the host to provide their ministry and outreach resources for after care;  for those who have been impacted by that host and panel’s late night conference call. Each show will have a moderator. The listening audience can be invited to ask questions, make prayer requests, or engage in a conversation by hitting *5. When the host wants and is ready- the moderator invites the listener to speak, by letting them know they are “On Mic’ the moderator has the ability to mute anytime that is needed. Anyone including the guest panel. Just in case of vulgarity, or abusive speech, etcetera. The moderator can also re-set lost connections. And step up for the host should the host be disconnected or has an emergency. Unless the host has an appointed replacement, or co-host that is there to step up. The Host opens and closes the conference call. The moderator will help carry unexpected events, but is otherwise a silent partner in the show, from beginning to the end. In other words this time slot belongs to the host and panel booked. To send your presentation for a booking. Text Deana @ 7O4-748-38O9 


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