This section is a review and evaluation of prophetic dreams, visions, and prophecy by NeWine Pouring that are in the now season.                                                                                                                                                                

                                                                                            Newest prophetic entry  Dogwood Spring

Often in these words- there are prophetic markers that point to current events  predicted beforehand, to bring attention to the word given.  Happenings to signify the season the prophetic word is in.  This gives a whole new dimension to the scripture that says “I will confirm my word with signs and wonders following.”

For instance in 2010 the Lord showed me that there would be a volcano that would erupt in Iceland. This volcano went off twice, since then. Both times air travel in Northern Europe was shut down for several days, it brought to attention two prophetic words to the church, one of them was posted here called Atmospheric Changes in Spiritual Realms, explaining the changes and shifts we have been experiencing in the body of Christ for the last few years.  Natural circumstances in the earth are paralleing these heavenly evolutionary moments that have taken place in this New Church Era, that we are now living in, and will continue to do so. What we do not want to do is get so fixated on the signs that we  miss the message. Like wise the human messenger  should pale in importance next to the message given, if the word is His word, then it is as He  is, alive and permeating with life that transforms us, equips us, and shines light upon our path.  This tab will be  lists and links to events in NeWine prophecy that are “markers” or “sign posts” for Words in The Now.  Providing citations and news links to these events, along with the editors notes.

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