At one of our Furnace Room prayer gatherings we were given a prophesy and prayer point that we’ve been utilizing in our prayer and intercession for two years now. By that prophetic word we have been waging battle. For the Esthers to arise and the prodigals to come home. Amazingly enough, this word was not confined just to our group. But, afterward we began hearing many confirmations across the body of intercessors, abroad and at home. This article describes the company of Esthers’ God is still raising up in the land, who are now manifesting like an end-of-days army.

The Esther Company Arising.

It goes like this: “She’s awakening to her destiny it was all for an appointed time. The Esther Awakening, is a selected portion of  the bride of Christ (established in strategic positions) becoming aware that the controversy against her own, is with in her power to address. As she did in the book of Esther, in the Bible.  It is become evident that our modern day Esthers’ have a responsibility to step up and use their favor, position, and influence, to make known the enemy’s plans to those that are unaware, and have the power to stop it.  Men and women under a powerful revelation from God, rising up to the fact that this is their time to be bold, to be courageous; to enter the courts, to approach the bench, and set the record straight. These whom have offices and accesses in governments, from the school house to the White House, and everything in between. To stand up in the senator’s chamber, the executive board meetings,  in private and public hearings all across this land, making their requests known and their petitions heard, against great controversies that are arising in America. This Esther (the Bride of Christ, who consist of believers of all kinds and gender) this American Esther, has stood in a bit of obscurity not knowing the power she has, until now …  but this epiphany along with an awareness of duty has begun to reveal itself in dreams, visions, and Holy Spirit encounters, sealed for the political landscape we find ourselves in now.  

A Journey of times.

Years of training and preparation master’s degrees, and doctorates. Advancements, political appointments, and academic tenures. Promotions moving individuals from one position to another, one place to another, one opportunity to another, that has really been God’s plan all along! Though it often moved the missionary minded heart away from the missionary field, and away from the life they had with their like-minded peers, to serve in the halls of a strange empire …  (even as depicted in Esther’s own story) these assignments and amazing doors of access, in this hour, was planned from the very beginning of time. For this prophetic appearing of the bride, to be a voice of protest, and exposure, with great power and conviction. To thwart Satan’s plans. The Esther company has been planted in  high and obscure places through out the governments of this world, for such a time as now. Many are realizing the cost, at the same time they are beginning to understand these positionings were ordained by God. Some have led to power, wealth, and privilege, existing only because the Father purposed it to be so.  An Esther company is coming into an awareness of her leverage and calling. No matter where she has found herself in this hour, the challenge is the same. The gears of oppression are turning and she is one of the few that can stand in the way, in her unique position and favor, and shed light on an evil scheme. Only because of where God has placed her! Will she be crushed, or will she be the one that makes Hamen pay? Either way, her reward is that she was not silent when silence was the easiest road to travel. By virtue of her gift that awarded her favor Esther imposes herself (by faith) in a moment of opportunity, (stretching her scope of privilege), she pushes through an otherwise closed door, relying upon divine placement and her God, to prosper her in her way … The Esther company releases a provision from heaven, a flood gate of wisdom, council, and might, to be the viceroy of sovereigns, the adviser to powers and thrones, when those powers yield to her request. To fill the vacuum of evil advisors, of wicked policies, exposed by her well selected script, influenced by the modern day Mordecai, who really is the one on the chopping block. For the first wave of persecution is always toward the prophets. Where there is an Esther there is a Mordecai standing in the wings. While there is a company of Esthers stationed though out the Kingdom, so the church stands to support in fasting and prayers. From PTA moms to CEO’s, it’s Christ working through His body that advises and councils this company to see the position that she has. Being in an historical place in time, for that which she is a part of, is bigger than the part she plays- for her destiny is to take center stage for one brief moment of time, to engage, and persuade the powers to be, to compel them to come, at her table in the presence of her enemies, attended by those who stand polarized between two great powers. The power of good and the power of evil. Pray for the Esther awakening pray for her courage, pray her words will be anointed and irrefutable. As Esther of old understood her remarkable story was for the cause of her people, so now many in places of influence are understanding their own success or unique access was for the cause of Christ.  As Esther approaches thrones, podiums, and microphones, all over this land, she will not be alone! The  Body of Christ, (Him for Her and Her for Him, (for she is not her own) they are one …) will fast and pray. Knowing the cost, for all that can be lost for her disclosures and requests. Now is the time, in history she’s been in the courts and palaces … She has had the freedom to run down the halls of privilege and power. Lo for seasons and times. But this story will fade, the voice of the bride and the bride groom will become silent in the land, if the Esther company fails her appointment with destiny.  We prophesy to the Esther company rise up and be brave, be courageous. As Esther of old understood the risk, she intrepidly laid it all down saying,”“If I perish I perish.” Esther 4:16, her famous words. So it is, this awakened Body called the Esther company, now rising taking  her place in American history, in the state of captivity she finds herself now in.  So very convicted, even by the ancient words of Mordecai: “How do you not know it was for this you were born?“”


–  Deana Barnes.