Spirit Flood Rising

I see a spirit flood, and it is as the flood of Noah, for the flood of Noah washed away  the things that displeased the Lord, and cleansed the earth. Yet, he gathered together what was pleasing to him, and secured them and separated them unto himself, they were not touched. Those things he hated became swept away in the flood, yet the flood also, lifted the ark of the lord, and carried it to its appointed haven. So this spirit flood will lift you, and all that he has ordained to remain, that was “in him”. As Noah’s flood swept away those who gave themselves over to carnality, living after the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.  So those things that are born of the spirit will remain with you, lifted up and strengthened.

I see a wave, a spirit tsunami, and the power of it will separate you from the dead thing. And you have desired to move on with the things of God, “...and this separation from the dead thing will enable you to do so”, says the Lord. The dead thing will die, yet the living thing will remain, and be strengthened. I see this thing on the horizon you see it, it is in view, what you have been waiting for, praying for, watching for is about to come upon you. A new day. Old things being passed away, all things becoming new. A holy spirit flood. “… And it will wash out the former struggle,  disappointment, and reproach, and it will begin for you a new day, and move  from you what never belonged”, says the Lord.

I see a Noah’s flood a rising.

I see a tsunami on its way,

The flood will take away the dead things around you, lifting you to a new day.

I see a Spirit wave upon you

I see it washing death away

He’s gathering everything that has pleased Him, and the flood will lift you to pray-

I want more of my father

I want more of his way

Let the flood come upon me,  lift up this ark, carry me on to that better place

I see a Noah’s flood a rising

I see a tsunami on its way

A spirit flood of love separating me, from things that were never meant to be.

A spirit flood of love taking me to higher place above, the death, and the raging sea

Spirit Flood Rising 8/5/10

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