3 thoughts on “A Strange Bird

  1. A few have messaged me about the dates. Strange Bird was a dream I had on October 17th, 2012 I recorded it in an email to a friend of mine, but waited on sending it, the commentary above the dream on this site was what I put in the e-mail that was in draft form, dated October 21. Strange Bird was posted publicly for the first time, at the same time on this forum, and another November 5th, where I was asking for folks to pray because obviously, the dream spoke of two terms. On newine I included the three things the Lord showed me regarding the end of President Obama’s first term. The following is the post where I was asking for prayer, along with my account of Strange Bird. This is where the link was actually picked up and circulated, http://www.openheaven.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=41911&PN=1


  2. BO is just a foretaste of the true man of perdition! The A-c has to have Assyrian (some) decent and then again we really don’t know that much on the fathers side! I do know that we are in that season and believe Hebrews 13:6… Trust in the Lord 100 percent, He’ll never leave us. No matter what, when we all get Home we’ll know that it was worth all. God Bless You All. Lets fully Trust & Obey Him Now, He’ll quicken our spirits all in due time, Pray for One Another for everything including Boldness & Wisdom. It’s an anxious time but when His Spirit falls on you your fears will diminish The book of Romans and the epistles are awe inspiring along w/the Psalms. The Day of Pentecost happened 2000 yrs ago, please understand what that means. He is Awesome!

    Again, God Love
    You & Bless You,
    The fields are
    Golden, the greatest
    Harvest is yet to
    Come, the Lost
    are Watching, they
    can be won just
    by observing and
    acts of kindness


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