Sacred Pilgrimage and the Crimson Banner title  (Click this link for the original prophecy in it’s entirety and how it is linked to the Church in Syria)

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

Vision 6/7/12

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I saw the people, whom the Lord had hidden, in the shadow of a great rock mountain. A people who sometimes felt they were forgotten by God, when the little hills below them became blackened by war. It was as if I stood from a ridge upon the mountain, I could see the hiding places in the rocks below. He brought me down and then I saw from their vantage point, looking out from their war pitted hiding place. The sky was boiling with black and white clouds, it was as if I could see from where they stood, hid from those things so frightening- their clothes were worn but not torn. Sooted but not burned. They squatted down in deep ravines of the rock mountain. From an opening that looked out upon the embattled landscape, we could see there was a stir, and a site, and a procession, and leading it, I saw a handsome view. Her hair was the color of *chestnut, she was armor clad, the royal priestess, a holy citizen. This woman was chosen by a husband, to be His bride, a warrior upon her horse, leading a great company. She was surrounded by her heavenly army assigned to its command, to accompany her. A long journey, from ancient days an ambassador of many places, a warrior-ess from many battles, establishing a footrest for her king. For the earth is His footstool and the heavens His throne. And I saw her banner that was waving above her head. A crimson colored banner, rippled in the breeze, blood red, and it spoke of His covenant, and the promise, as she rode by, I saw a word upon the banner and it was to those who were hiding, and it said, “You have a hope and a future.”  And the rag tag broken came out of the shadows and converged with her, and the scattered became the gathered, and the called became the chosen, and the barren became a bride. Hope pressed on, and the ancient mountain gave to her the hidden, hiding in its clefts, and the lonely became a nation. Where ever her procession went restoration went with her, for the kings dominion was expanded, and through her his decrees were sufficed. In the heavenlies we are in Him. On earth He is in us, and when she passes by HE IS come. Blessed be the Lord God almighty who was, is, and is to come …

Recently we have learned that the media has failed to mention that many of those who are suffering in Syria and are being murdered are Christians. I believe that this prophetic word that came out of intercession is speaking to the persecuted Church of Syria, the victorious one is coming through  in her procession, those hiding in Turkey will be hidden in her clefts until the bride comes through, her intercession in a triumphal procession, and possibly another manifestation of victory, parallel to this spiritual picture. Let us keep praying for our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted and fleeing to the mountains of Turkey.

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