Reduced to Powder

I was in prayer and it was travail. The Lord had us in travail for God’s people, and for a moment I saw what I thought was the church in the form of a woman bended on her knees in prayer, but then this vision began to take a horrifying turn. I began to see that this woman who I thought was the church, did not have her hands up like the scripture that says “lift up holy hands to the Lord in His holy place”, but were lifted up and turned in toward herself, and they were not palms up, but palms in towards herself, and her hands became rigid and clawed. I am not saying that her hands were claws but they were rigid like clawing, and they were turned into herself and she was wailing and gnashing her teeth. She became rigid like stone, and then she began to crumble and became like powder and then she was gone. For a moment before she disappeared I saw the remnant, the faithful, pass through her, and then come back out before her rigor mortise set in. Fixed in this death, the impostor was posturing in accusations, and judgments, against the saints who passed through her, turning in on its self. Such is the destructive nature of everything that exalts itself above the knowledge and wisdom of God.

For the remnant  the lines at times have been blurred between what is religion and what is a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ, and how that relationship is lived out. But now the bride is coming into the brightness of her dawn. An exodus from the houses of bondage, she leaves behind the forms and structures devised by man. Separating from those who love darkness and not the light ( for their deeds are evil). It was for them this warning was given …” make sure the light that is in you is not darkness.” The voice of God is calling:

“Depart! Depart! Go out from there, touch no unclean thing; go out from the midst of her, be clean, you who bear the vessels of the LORD” (Isaiah 52:11). “Flee from the midst of Babylon, And every one save his life! Do not be cut off in her iniquity …” (Jeremiah 51:6).”We would have healed Babylon, But she is not healed …” (Jeremiah 51:9).”Up, Zion! Escape, you who dwell with the daughter of Babylon” (Zechariah 2:7). “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4).

Ever Increasing Glory

I saw storm clouds seeded with false accusations against the saints of God from institutions mistaken to represent the Church. I saw interrogations that were so severe that they incited false confessions. I saw terror in the courts. I saw prosecutors as persecutors and the law became an iron rod to beat the innocent, while good is spoken of as evil, and evil good. I realized that this had been the state of things for the church through out the ages. When righteousness prevails in a land, the people have rest with in it. Now we are coming into places of unrest. Yet, the Church is more defined in who she is, and will continue to transform into His image in ever-increasing glory.

She IS Gone!

“The Spirit of the Lord has departed …”

The night before I woke up out of a dream and began to proclaim, “She is gone! She is gone!” I Saw the institutions of men reduced to powder and dissipate into the vortex of an abyss, my husband asked me what it was I saw, but in the moment couldn’t speak of it. The institutions from where the Lord has removed his people shall be for a time, and will prosper for a time, but the remnant will have moved out from it, when He goes out, they go out with Him. God’s anointed lamp stands full of oil will be removed from  apostate churches. This is Ichabod.

More Changes More Upheaval

Remnant Churches that are in trouble will experience dramatic shifts of authority, and upheaval. In these places the outer court was allowed to trample, and even control, the sanctity of the inner court. This “shaking” is to remove that which is not grounded upon the rock from the midst of the remnant. Though greatly reduced in size these church families will be salvaged and the spirit of [reverential] fear and glory shall rest upon them. The displaced vessels of the Lord will be carried in, and set back into their place, bringing restoration of purpose to the house. I see a “flask of oil pouring” the color of honey in the sun …

They Have Lost Their Seat

I saw an army of believers who have lost their seats by political maneuverings with in the Church. They who have stood up for righteousness, justice, and truth, have been replaced by the less controversial, that will not make waves. This has caused a great stagnation in many churches that were truly going somewhere. Fear of change entered into the leadership, and another spirit took over. This spirit worked to keep peace no matter what the cost. It replaced the passionate with the compliant, and avoided all controversy. The house of God became institutions of men.

Tares Among Us

The Lord showed me that they were actually impostors having a form of Godliness but denying the power there of. Clouds with out rain. The anointings of God replaced by what actually boils down to embedded apostates. The anti- Christ spirit uses peace to destroy; as it is written in Daniel 8:25 … and he (the lawless one) will destroy many with peace. Jesus said in Mathew 10:34 Luke 12:50-51 “I came not to send peace, but a sword that will bring division.” This sword is the Word and it divides truth from lie. Leadership that allows this kind of rule is under the control of an Ahabic spirit ( out of order authority) who allows Jezebel (religious, manipulative, opposition, and counterfeit) to come in and persecute the true prophets of God. This is the unholy flood that pours in to our sanctuaries, when God’s anointed leadership, bows to a spirit of political compromise, and cowardice, to keep the peace; rather, than standing up for righteousness that brings peace and joy in the Holy Ghost … the kingdom of God.

The Coward Finds Courage

I could see churches, ministries, and projects grounded short of their destinies, because of this. I saw those who knew better (but would not stand up for the truth and watched these displacements take place) falling under a judgment of shaking. This shaking has been released by the cry of the dispossessed for justice, and it is dealing with a spirit of cowardice among the ranks of God’s people. Literally, I saw the office of the prophet take the coward by the scuff of the neck and shake him.  I see the word of the Lord, reminding the fearful of  Revelation 21:8, “they will take their part in the second death …” He that has ears to hear this warning,  is not a vessel of destruction but preserved by mercy, and is a son. Those who belong to God will repent. I see where the dispossessed suffered great loss, but must, now, trust the Lord and release it in time to step up and move on to the next level. I saw those who gave themselves over to be shaken for their cowardice, regain composure, and step back in line to move on with God, calling to the displaced to disregard the loss and come, and to be encouraged! The greatest challenge will be to accept love from those who wound us.

One Voice, One Sound, A Thrust of Power Into the Heavens

This army of believers have begun to come out of hiding in the Spirit of Elijah, to face off with the false prophets of our time, to confront Ahab, and the spirit of falsehood in the land. They will do exploits and reveal the one and only true God to be the one who IS, Was, and IS to come. They together with all of God’s anointed, will bring continuity, order, and power to the Church in her final hour. The Church will meet Christ in the air and join Him who will bring His presence, His order, and HIS power back down upon this earth; and we  will be clothed upon with a new garment not subject to decay.

 1 John 3:2

New International Version (©1984)
Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.

I see the Church and she is boarding a 700 series Boeing jet  shaped like a bow it is night, the lights are on, the turbo engines are generating a wind.  The sound is deafening, the engines are powering up, I see the one who was shaken calling to the displaced one, “Come on!” As coats  flap violently in the wind.  The displaced one bended down at the shredded baggage looks up … the vision is over.

What many in this army will do depends on the ability to trust God, and forgive. What could have been will be replaced by what WILL BE, if they can only move onward and upward in the midst of this great transition. In a time where the scripture has said,” will be a great falling away”. That one who gave themselves to the dealings of God, who fell upon the rock, will be the voice of invitation, alarm, concern, love, humility, and restoration. God is bringing  his people together.  Let us let  go of that shredded baggage of past  disappointments, and reproach, even the loss that was suffered; and move on towards the sound, the roar, of a flight that is powering up for take off!  We have a heavenly mandate to achieve in high places. And After all, it is going to be around trip! Amen. “We don’t know what we shall be, but we know that when we see him we shall be changed into His image, vessels of clay transformed into the image of Christ.”

by Dean Barnes see Atmospheric Changes in Spiritual realms

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