February 23, 2011

Intercession [Transcripts]: Canceled flights … canceled flights. I see an Eagle who has a flight to Seattle. They are trying to cancel this eagles flight, we are praying and there is warfare over this flight.  We prayed that this prophetic flight will not be canceled. Not canceled. Not canceled.

I declare this flight to be made. An Eagle will land in Seattle.

(Soaking) … Eagle has landed, first we had “The Eagle”. Now I see “An Eagle” has landed.  (seeing) “Oh”, there are some things going on in this country right now. There are some things going on. God is positioning His people (pause) literally … there are people being positioned. There are people going places (pause)  moving. Some of these things have come on suddenly … suddenly people are being moved around in preparation for an event. An event, I don’t know if it is a world wide event (pause) but definitely an event that is going to take place … just an event … uh … that is going to take place. There is going to be some flight cancellations because of that event.

But God’s flights are not going to be canceled. His people are not going to be hindered from doing what He has them to do. They are going to be where they need to be, when they need to be there. Doing what they are suppose to be doing, when they are suppose to be doing it. It is not going to effect God’s purposes and plans. Thank you for it right now, Lord. Thank you Father. Thank you Father, sealed and delivered, thank you Jesus … thank you Lord, mighty God.  [End of transcript]

Note: I had a dream the night before this prayer session, that I was going to the Charlotte airport, and I happened to be with an (Eagle) who was going to Seattle, as I was. There was something going on. And for that reason we were not sure that our flight would be going out.  We looked at the board of arrivals and departures and many of them were canceled, but our trip to Seattle was not canceled. Later that evening in prayer I began to see the dream replay before me, after I had seen the White Eagle vision. I saw that we were praying for this flight to Seattle not to be canceled. I saw that an event was causing flights to be canceled. We prayed for several more minutes, and then I began to see us on a white eagle flying over the mountains toward Seattle.

Thank you Lord we have the victory in all things through Christ Jesus, regardless of what happens in this world, nothing takes you by surprise. You go before us and make the crooked places straight. Amen.

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