What I see For America (Revisited) follow up.

I wanted to refresh this word because I believe that it is coming into the peak of its season with certain presidential campaigns that were mentioned in the prophecy, which are now on top of the race in Iowa. I don’t believe that the focus on this prophecy is on who is going to be the presidential candidate for a particular party, but a confirmation or marker for the timing of the prophecy.

(Based on the scripture where God says,” I will confirm my word with signs and wonders following.) This to me, is a sign, for us to pay attention to what the word is saying for now we are in the season of this prophecy.

The reason being is that the face upon the campaign button I saw, in the vision, is on top of the race in Iowa right now, and is running on the motto “Restore America Now”. This marker gives me a window to see “The heart” of the American people. According to the prophecy they are crying out to God for restoration, ( His original intent) for America, in this window of time.

His response to us is that “from this place of the heart”  America will receive sustaining grace for the days to come.

I believe that the cry of sons and the voice of the prodigals have been heard by God. We are on the path to our way home now, and we must continue to pray, “… if my people who are called by my name  will humble themselves and pray …”

In the days to come Christian America must continue to humble itself and pray. We must stay away from dividing lines drawn by men through TV, and radio personalities, political parties, and Christian leaders, and HEAR FROM GOD, and vote our Godly conscience. We are His sheep and his sheep know his voice. We can take all this a step further and accelerate a turn around. Our obedience to God will have a voice.  God will respond to obedience, no matter what the figure head will be. He will turn the heart of the kings to fulfill His purposes in the earth. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

God is going to prune what needs pruned, glean what needs gleaning, turn over what needs turned over, and we need to obey him and listen to His still small voice in the hour we are in.  I assure you that America will never look the same, (not a bad thing) but she will have beacons on the hill tops that will cause her to shine again, and her Babylons will become desolate, in her best hour.

Cities in America and places within those cities are being turned over, and the question is not, should we go, but really should  be, Lord should we stay? I know that this line sounds familiar and it is in a little bit of a controversy, but I am not speaking to that or siding with it. As you can see by the date  What I See For America (excerpt) …”But know this there is a time when one must come out and flee the land…” was given prior to any other warnings made public, recently, regarding earthquakes, in Christian media, by other prophets in the family of God.  So what I am saying is from what God has given me, It is not a “parroting” of what I have heard, or me agreeing with a general consensus  of prophetic words, not that I wouldn’t but that is not where this word has come form. Each family will hear from God and the exodus shall be of His supernatural provision.

What makes us any more different than the first church who had to flee, at times, persecution? Even our forefathers in this country moved in God’s purposes to escape oppression and persecution. History shows us that the church would turn cities upside down where the people would respond to evangelism, as the persecuted shared Christ as they came into cities more responsive to God. I have also written in other places that God will put the voice of wisdom with in chaos,  to save lives so … we just need to be where we know we belong.

I believe that there will be powerful awakenings in different places through out the land.  As long as the US continues to recognize each state as sovereign with in the one, and is free to make decisions based on the moral conscience of the people who live in them, this will allow us to have cities and states of refuge through out America, in places that value Godly principles.

While we will be shaken by some of the things we will see happening in our country,  I also, feel that there will be a “comeback” for some lost cities and that they will even rename their cities as if they had been born again. As it is mentioned in “What I See For America”  (Just for  example) let’s say: Detroit  would be The New Detroit, or  Chicago, New Chicago. Maybe I am seeing these things into the millennial reign of Christ but this is where we are going, someday we will see it when God restores all things, I believe, just as we will see the New Jerusalem. When the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God.

What I see for America-

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