Daniel 2:21 

He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and
deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge
to the discerning.

I believe that the enemy hears “rumors” of those things
that God is about to do, and sets up derailments and
counterfeits to appose them. Such as he did in Egypt when
Pharaoh ordered Hebrew boy babies to be taken from their
mothers and killed, or when Herod did the same in Jesus
time. The enemy heard a rumor, “the deliverer is come”
and he activated an assault.

Worldly creative trends, are shadows of the real,
amplified by the prince and the power of the air who
broadcasts them through the ways and means he has control
of. (Media) While the Church seemingly, follows behind,
when in fact, she was ahead all along, birthing these
things into the kingdom.

He has done this with music, and the creative arts, to
distort there purposes, while using the power of there
relevance to sway generations, filling the God shaped
void with kingdom sound and imaging that is void of
truth. But we have wised up to that, and now are taking
these venues back. More so now that we are escaping the
confines of legalism, and religious control that has
dowsed the flames of creativity and ingenuity. Yet, as
long as we are in this dispensation of time we need to

War is declared against every new generation, and the
deliverers born with in them. Like the snake swallowing
the egg, or the dragon seeking to devour the woman’s
child in the book of Revelation, or Herod and Pharaoh
destroying the infants in the land. Yet, in all those
circumstances Satan did not prevail, but instead the Lord
fulfilled His plan, but not with out engaging that war.

I can’t help wonder, who was the enemy trying to rid the
earth of when six million Jews were murdered in the
Holocaust? An army of delivers? The 144 thousand?
The two witnesses? Who was the enemy trying to take out?

A more present example, that I experienced personally,
was the “Occupy America or the Occupy Wall Street”
that I believe was a counterfeit movement
of the real to bring confusion to the gates of the cities,
in opposition of the true call of God to His people,
that they would take this land in prayer, and occupy its
gates, with prayer, and declaration, as they step up into
a greater authority in kingdom rule.

The reason why I believe this to be true is because of a
prophetic word that was given, in August 2010 one year
before Occupy Wall Street had begun, calling for the people
of God to “Occupy” the land with prayer. I’ve included
it in this article.

Now, as far as this prayer movement is concerned,
that many have been apart of under different titles, and
names, involving various ministries. We still have one month,
and even there after, to continue in it.

The occupy prayer movement last fall was in seed form,
and now is coming along into fruition- what will be the
pay off? What will be the yield? The former rains have
come and gone, now the latter rains are upon us, for this
work, will we finish as strong as we started?

I pray this October, we will go out in droves- fast, pray,
and walk the cities in prayer, as we continue to turn
away from those things that displeases Him, that we need
to repent of. It is not up to the sinner. It is not up to
how many we can get saved. It is up to the Church of the
living God to repent and change their ways-

I pray, and I believe that no matter who is
elected God will move upon His people and we will have an
awakening in this country, like none before, from Main
Street, to Wall street and every place in between, as
always it begins with us. Nothing is impossible with God
when we put our trust in Him.

The Joshua Campaign in Song 

I’m calling you, I’m calling you! Joshua, right now!
it is time to stand up, it is time to run!
See what I have for you, this place in the SON.


Now your name is Joshua, that is who you are!
Joshua, run now! Deep into the Land, and far ..
Go where I called you to be, what I have set in front of
Where you belong in me!

In my father’s place, there is room for you to go …
In my fathers kingdom there is room for you to grow!

Look into my eyes right now. See who you really are!
Look into my eyes right now. See who you really are!

Abide in me, my Joshua tribe!

Do not fear this place, I have given you this space, to …


The garments I see is for the runner, a cover around his
That’s all!

A spear in his hand
That’s all!

Running into the land
That’s all!   YAH!

What is that barrier from wilderness to promise?
what is that to you?

Fear will only keep you, from doing what
you know you can do. YAH!

Faith will leap you, across the hidden gates.
… past the darkness that whispers (hesitate).

Yes- u- RUN- Yes-u-Run- Yesurun- Yeshurun Jeshurun

Now Go, now GO, NOW GO!

AN Army of Joshuas’ I see them stand, spear in hand,
girded only about the loins,
with speed, and light-footed stealth, they run across the
invisible trench, to the other side.

They arrive … in a flood of fearless resolve, they

A people GOD strong! A peculiar nation, a holy
priesthood, GOD strong!

What will we take lord? What will you show us? What
strong holds are coming down, never again to be found?
Only rubble in its place, a broken base.

Making strides. Taking your place.

A fashioned city come from within, built upon a corner-
stone where no man’s hand has been. From with in its
wall, come … trade.

Life for death, revelation for the blind, healing for the
sick, and peace for the mind. Can you see it now?
Jeshurun? Can you go there now? Jeshurun?

Will not a river from you flow? Oh holy city, Now? Will
not virtue like a stream go out … and flood the barren
soul? NOW?

From the ankle, to the hip, up the neck, a cross the
lips, over head, now immersed … to the nations now
dispersed …

The knowledge of God his Glory too, will fill the earth
through and through.

1 Peter 2:9
New International Version (©1984)
But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy
nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare
the praises of him who called you out of darkness into
his wonderful light.

*Jeshurun, in the Hebrew Bible, is a poetic name
for Israel. Derived from root word meaning upright, just,
straight. Describes Israel when it does not stray away
from the high standards set by and upheld by God.

Joshua 1: 11-12 (The Message)

… Make sure you carry out The Revelation that Moses
commanded you, every bit of it. Don’t get off track,
either left or right, so as to make sure you get to where
you’re going. And don’t for a minute let this Book of The
Revelation be out of mind. Ponder and meditate on it day
and night, making sure you practice everything written in
it. Then you’ll get where you’re going; then you’ll
succeed. Haven’t I commanded you? Strength! Courage!
Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God, your God, is
with you every step you take.”

Joshua Campaign The Vision 

In prayer the Lord began to show me in a vision what he
called His Joshuas’‘. I saw what looked like a company of
long distance runners leap up from out of their place of
hiding, and go into a full run with spear in hand; with
nothing more but a cover girded about their loins. They
crossed over a divide in the earth from what I knew was
the wilderness into the land of promise.

Why Joshua was portrayed as a runner in this vision is a
word from the Lord. It speaks to God’s people regarding
the kind of campaign he is calling us into. As it was
time in Joshua’s day to take the land, so it is now time
for these, his anointed, to come out from the hidden
place and cross this great divide, out of the wilderness
and into the promise, into a new place where this
generation has never been before in the strength and
stamina of the Lord, not to be weighed down with the
cares of this world. There is a factor of “stealth” in
this vision, as well.

For every campaign of the Lord there is a “wisdom” on how
to approach it. We see this in the accounts of how God
instructed each “taking” of the cities in Canaan. In what
God has for us now in the days ahead, we are to “run
quietly caring a long spear.” The word of the Lord that
goes before us, and gets there, long before WE do! In
that way we will easily slide into our place, and reside
in our promise.

The loin cover was of animal skin. When ever I see that I
remember the sacrifice of the life of the animal that
provides our cover. Christ is the sacrificial lamb who
took away the sin of the world. All that this sacrifice
has provided for us should be that which girds us. Bears
us up, and strengthens us.

We have a place of promise that God is calling us into as
a people, for this generation’s strongholds to be taken
down, and places for us to occupy, in the Spirit and in
the natural on this world’s stage. In this season, I see
where these Joshuas’ move into their promise as
determined and focused as an Ethiopian messenger glides
across the African landscape with out a sound, with out
spectacle. I see it like this: They will come into their
places and it will be as if they have always been there.
Just be, just do, just OCCUPY! August 2010.

The Lord bless you as you follow him, may his Life
encompass you always.

1. Military .

military operations for a specific objective. Obsolete .
the military operations of an army in the field for one
2. a systematic course of aggressive activities for some
specific purpose.
-to race (a horse, boat, car, etc.) in a number or series
of competitions.

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