So naturally, we were praying as the super cell (see thumb nail) passed over us.  This larger photo is what was under it. Now when I say pray, I mean binding death and destruction in the name of Jesus. Guess the “cell” didn’t like that. (Untouched photo) 6/8/2018 Out side St. Louis Mo. Thankfully, no damages no touch down.


One thought on “Under the Super Cell

  1. i know how people fear death, it’s a scary thing, but as they bring the mark of the beast on line, we will have to face this event, death. if we truly trust GOD then we will be able to walk threw death’s door with little more than a finch, because the mark must be refused at any and all cost! the mark is coming and it’s coming in the form of a shot or vaccine. we must prevail and not fear the first death for this is were wisdom lies…


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