NeWine Pouring

Vantage Point- Spirit Life Perspectives

photo by uriah barnes
photo by uriah barnes


We could subtitle this podcast as: HOW NOT to become a FALSE PROPHET.It is all about VANTAGE POINT. How we see from where we stand. In order for us to see the Kingdom of God through the eyes of the SPIRIT, we need to be standing at the proper vantage point. That vantage point is from the wall of a house built upon a foundation, whose Chief Cornerstone is the Lord Jesus Christ. Perfectly, placed with in the walls are living stones; masterfully prepared, divinely appointed, and carefully positioned. The stone you are has a vantage point in that wall whose chief cornerstone is Christ. This is from where we all need to stand in our SEEING. The first in a series of SPIRIT LIFE PERSPECTIVES as Living Stones.



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