Ancient landmarks in Nineva destroyed, one purported to be the tomb of Jonah. The Prophetic word called JOURNEY posted here June 12, 2014 warned what was behind “The removal of ancient landmarks” before the terrorist group ISIS was recognized in AMERICAN HOUSEHOLDS, as another group like Hamas, heading for Bagdad. Journey speaks of an “exodus”. Both a spiritual and literal journey beyond the city of what has always been. A perfect description of an area known as the home of ancient Christianity. The “Landmark” portion in this prophecy is a prophetic marker, or, sign-post with-in the body of the letter, actually written many weeks ago, and published in June to grab our attention to the meat of what the message conveys.

For Chistians suffering through days of upheaval in Iraq, and other parts of the world, we are reminded that the  Lord our God is our HIGH TOWER, OUR GUIDE, and comforter.  The one WHO NEVER LEAVES US NOR FORSAKES US.

Read Journey, and learn the Father’s heart for those “called out” from all they’ve always known, both spiritually and literally; to follow the voice of YESHUAH, the GOD who SAVES, into a deeper walk and reliance upon him in an ever changing, and increasingly, dangerous world. Practical words of guidance given by the Holy Spirt to assist His people in their pilgrimages, that one day will bring them to (not only) their destination, but, into the fullness of the KINGDOM of GOD.


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