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Source: America’s Troubles Dreams 1982-89

It appears that there are many reasons to prepare for trouble on the pacific rim of the west coast. On June 7th there will begin safety drills all along the area. According to many news outlets including Charisma Magazine. I felt it was time to release these prophetic dreams kept private, all these years. It seems now there are just too many confirmations for me to continue to ignore the need to publish them. They are warnings for America, for prayer, and preparation. Take serious the evacuation warnings when they come. Pray that there will be time for them. Repent; that the Father and HIS Son- the Lord Jesus Christ; who has been rejected by so many, may be received to do what HE longs to do. That is to heal our land, and save all who are lost- that call out to him. Expect the un-expected, remembering to watch and pray. David Wilkerson the evangelist and prophet said a great earthquake would happen, possibly after a devestating one in Japan. It may NOT be where people may think.

God is a very present help in times of trouble.

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Thermal Wind

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Signs In The Heavens And The Earth

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