This morning the day of president Trump’s departure, and  other events, to follow- I woke up to an open eye vision. I saw two large banners being pulled by a vehicle down the road. One banner said: SYSTEM INSPIRED and the other said: BIDEN, flowing right behind it. I believe the vehicle is the globalist agenda. In the groggy ness of waking up,  my mind prophetically deciphered  the name Biden as “By The Den.” You can look up the etymology of the word den, and get a lot of interesting insights. Oddly enough, it coincides with the pandemic induced nick name: Basement Joe. I’m just stating the facts, and not trying to be funny or disrespectful. Den means: a place below, low ground, and from in the earth, a shelter below, among other descriptions.  Is Joe Biden’s presidency a product of a brilliantly executed plan of supernaturally induced systems? That would be the definition of that banner, broken down. Inspired systems, rather than the brilliant, excellently, executed efforts of a man (for a cause) which would normally be the inspiration and achievement, of a candidate winning an office in an election.  We know the globalist agenda is on the table for Joe Biden as president.  The definition of systems is this:  A group of interacting bodies under the influence of a common or relateed force. It is a “smooth running machine of interactive parts that are unified when in motion, that moves toward an inspired plan that won the efforts and dedication of all those involved. While individuals mapped out the plan we now call the globalist’s agenda, perhaps fifty to even a hundred years ago- we have another element involved, presently, and that is the automation and the computerization of systems. Operating from the  matrix of mathematical possibilities, probabilities, and algorithms. Boosted by quantum computing, as artificial intelligence is activated towards the seated goals, already in place. We know AI is launched from the world view of those creating it, and is fed data out of that construct, as well. We also know that Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to leap beyond human intelligence and control, into what AI developers call a landscape beyond what they can always know or regulate. With these ‘machines’ creating their own language and doing other “spooky tasks” their creators can’t keep up with. This is why it’s easy to imagine that the “Beast System” is already upon us   working through every objection and complication that presents itself, without (it seems) a value system reflecting what is normally acceptable among the human family. It certainly has no constitution resembling the United States constitution.  What is behind this intelligence? Will governance and policies be vetted through a system that gauges their value and outcome as being viable for the globalist agenda, now in progress? We see big tech has already implemented these tasks, based on algorithms, that define certain opinions of certain people to censor them.  In the beginning of every revolution their is a messy, bloody launch. Until all is in place to make it run well. It’s the unlovely results of “transitioning,” that seem so undignified and even barbaric,  for what is called progress. This is why those willing to “crush the opposition” do it by any means  possible with out moral reflection. Seeking to change everything that stands in the way of their goals.  Remember, the declaration of a “RESET” that this new administration was promising to begin right away the moment it came in power.

Her Cup, Is Not Yet Full.

God has not forsaken America, America has forsaken God, nevertheless, He is answering the prayers of His people for this nation and we will see many sons and daughters of the Republic turn back to Him, and surrender all. Unfortunately, others will fall. There is a new day coming, in all things God wins in the end!

The Good Friday Prophecy“.  Which I received  In 2009 on Good Friday. Every year it becomes more and more relevant not less. In the days to come we have to remember that the love of many will grow cold because of lawlessness in the earth. Having to deal with blow after blow of injustice will require “the patience of the saints.” If justice comes to all wrongs, finally, its a miracle I’m hoping for; believing for .. if not it’s a biblical warning we all should be bracing for. All praise and honor goes to the Father of Lights! In Him we live breathe and have our being! Through our God, we shall do mightily! It is He who treads down the enemy! We shall sing and shout VICTORY, for Christ is our coming KING above all the earth! He is our daily joy and promise! In the end every knee shall bow and every tongue confess: Jesus Christ is Lord! It’s the Judgment of God that cleanses the land. There will be a restoration of all things. All means all.

See Dead Tree Following, another prophetic word still in progress!


Dead Tree Falling  

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