I released a warning dream I had of this crises at the southern border in March of 2016. The vision was in February of that year. It was a cap off of prophetic warnings that began in 2008-2011 and then culminated into one of the most powerful spiritual encounters I’ve ever had, described in the audio. America’s Home Invasion Prophecy has come near to term, these last few days. The announcement that border crossers will lose eligibility (for coming in illegally) is making a little bit of an impact, but that has not eased the humanitarian crises we have at our borders and in our cities right now. We are propagating a situation where some who are not even documented to be here, will do anything they can to not be discovered, under this new restriction. So we have a new set of circumstances that will breed more desperation, if an alien act that will stop the bleeding at our borders, is not put into place. We’ve got to pull the legal trigger that will sift out gangs of soldier-aged men and send them down the road, and put families back together that are trying to escape true threats to their existence. I’m referring to a scene in my dream depicting gangs of marauders (un related to the separated family members) mixed in among the border crossers. If not our quick fix tourniquet policies will only create more of a condition to silence victims of crime and modern day slavery. Imagine avoiding detection for a few years, planning to slip out of the country and start over. See the hot bed for exploitation in that? Crimes against humanity in America will soon equal countries known for abuse and slavery of its own. We need to re-instate the rule of law, and create a solid plan that will stabilize America, with out turning it into a society of surveilled, chipped, and monitored, persons- constantly tracked to be identified. We need to answer the Macedonian call to the border, as a collective CHURCH body, where Christ is the Head. By prayer, by support of those going to the front lines for humanitarian purposes. By demanding a comprehensive Alien Act. People with hopes for the future of their children were irresponsibly encouraged to come here. Now many of them coming in have no idea they are loosing their qualification for asylum for 5 years. There is no effort to educate the masses of people on the scale they need to be informed. But many are so tired and overcome, with their condition right now, they are not thinking about the long term effect of their illegal entrance to America, and the long term consequences. A couple years after this prophetic encounter in 2016, I also had the strangest dream watching a young South American male trespassing in the front yard of a rural home just outside of town. He was digging through a small evergreen bush looking for bird eggs to eat. I remember thinking how hungry would someone have to be? You might think America has enough resources, people won’t get that desperate. If our country continues down this path of failed policies, and printing money, at the threshold of world wars, we have no idea what desperation every American living in this country could be thrown into. Especially those who shouldn’t be here. No one can predict the ramifications of that, because we as a country have never been here in this state of lawlessness before.
Click and read below the intro on this page that takes you through the 2020 thought process in monitoring this prophetic word, then LISTEN TO THE AUDIO of AMERICA’s HOME INVASION PROPHECY.

If the Body of Christ would rise up in this hour we could solve our home land crises with Kingdom governance. After all, has our LIGHT not come? Is 60:1-3

One thought on “America’s Home Invasion. SOS

  1. The body of believers are called to rule and reign. “If I close the sky so there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send a plague among My people, and if My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:13-14)

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