The Altar of Renewal

Today’s altars can easily become monuments of what was yesterday. What God did yesterday. Before we know it yesterday is behind us in months and years. Our church, our experiences, our encounter with God, even our songs, and method of worship- can quickly become a memory of what once was. Visiting those places become nostalgic, and nostalgia can settle down on us like a nice warm blanket, until Sunday comes again. Until we see our friends again, and there we relive it all; in our songs and testimony of a God who was. Forgetting He is the Living Word. Forgetting that He wants to fill us full of His Spirit each day. In HIM we live and breathe and have our being. His mercies are new every morning, and so our DAILY worship should be an altar of renewal. #Jesus #holyspirit Deana Barnes Prophetic Ministry


2 thoughts on “Altar Of Renewal

  1. So true. It is amazing how the word of God can become a graven image when that word is taken beyond its time. We have this fallacy that we live by the word of God. But that, is not what He said. It says we live by every word which “proceeds” from the mouth of God. It is the proceeding word which is the most important, and we miss so much. In the 6th (ish) century BC we have Hezekiah walk into the temple to take a tour. At one point he says to the priest, “what’s that?” The priest was so please to show him the Brazen Serpent which Moses had created while in the wilderness. Hezekiah walks over to the serpent and smashes it into pieces. He says, “it’s nehushtan.” Simply said, a piece of brass. For 700 (ish) years they were still worshiping this idol. Not until somebody brought the proceeding word did that get corrected.


    1. Thank you, good word. I hope you had a chance to listen to the podcast. If you have an article expounding on what you’ve shared here, feel free to post a link in the comment section.


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