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Judges in Bronze Robes
I heard the sound of the Gavel in the Land and a voice say, “All Rise”.

Prophetic Voice and Prayer Tour 176Should Washington continue to pass monstrous regulatory bills in our country, we will flood our courtrooms with average hard working Americans suffering under the girth of an already over regulated society. A bill to large to read (let alone comprehend) will exact demands upon the people they will not be able to bear. I saw where loose ends, and loop holes, would create entanglements that would ensnare good people, into legal problems, because of the complexity of new laws, and controls, encroaching upon the citizens of our land. Those employed to execute these processes and procedures will, themselves, be confused and cause serious errors.

I saw the scenes played out in many court rooms throughout our country. I began to understand, in these visions during prayer, that there would be battles for the very sovereignty of our States, in the days to come. I saw governors fighting to govern as the power to do so was being ebbed away from them. I saw peace officers become a more militant breed, but I also, saw that God was bringing restraints and limitations against what could become frightful legal empowerment against the people.

I heard the sound of intercessory prayer go up into the heavens. The cry for justice was being heard and many judges were raised up to judge righteously in the land, once again I heard the sound of a gavel, and the voice of an officer of the court say, “ All rise”, and I saw the judges all come in. Their garments were the color of bronze and that comforted me.

I heard the Lord say, “I have prepared judges and have set them for an appointed time to do my work.” I could see lawyers and judges in the land coming in and going out, that the ones He had appointed would be in place for the battles that would be fought in the courtrooms in the days to come. I saw this as a result of the prayers, of Gods people, for America. 2011 will be the year that many of these great battles will begin to be waged. The intent of foundational documents will be put to task in superior courts all over the nation, 2011 and 2012 will introduce a new era of assaults against founding principles. Yet, God has raised up champions to battle these wars and there will be victories, and they will have successes. More, and more, however, these battles will chip at the sovereignty of the states. Many times in my writings I have mistakenly spelled united as “untied” when trying to write out the words ” United States of America.” I can’t help but think that these may be “prophetic typos”. We do not want to be tied so tight that we are not allowed to govern independently as states. We do not want to be untied, either. Let us pray for a healthy balance in our government. I believe this struggle for sovereignty of statehood will be won, for it will be the only thing that will keep America, as America. As choices made by an individual is his preservation or demise, so this will be what creates divided lines between the blessing or the curse in a free land. The right to follow conscience. It will be the best way we will weather our storms.

The scripture says that righteousness will exalt a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people, and this principle will become evident upon each state in the union, more so if it be stripped of it’s sovereignty and unable to choose for itself, when laws imposed upon them by the federal government do not reflect their values and their interpretation of the constitution of the United States. There will be pockets, and seats, regions, and cities, that will be a refuge in the nation so long as governors, mayors, and municipalities, have authority in the land, who were elected upon Godly principles, by the people of that land.  Some of these cities will be a glorious beacon with in the nation, as light houses, to ships in stormy seas. Other cities will be so dark, that men who love darkness, more than the light, will be drawn there,  to hide their evil deed.

America will have divided lines and great contrasts. Each region and municipality shall reflect the prayers and faith of God’s people with in them. Believers will greatly impact their world around them with their prayers. I saw a picture from the lyrics of the battle hymn of the republic laid out before me in a scene that spread across the nation. I saw the watch-fires of all the circling camps from coast to coast in various places across the map, and I am convinced that this is how we shall look, in the Spirit, in days to come.

I have seen Him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps, they have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps; I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps: His day is marching on.                    A New Church Era        

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  The Scripture quotations in this article are from The New King James Version. ©1979,1980,1982,

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3 thoughts on “Days of The Judges Prophecy

  1. At the time I published Judges, states across the nation were filing their lawsuits against the New Health Care Bill(starting in March of 2010.)Now as a result of those law suits the New Health Care Bill’s constitutionality is being challenged in the Supreme Court. At the center of the argument is the concern for state sovereignty. Exactly three years later (this June when a decision will be made) from the time this word was originally published Statehood has been on the line, and in the hands of the Supreme Court. What we are now seeing is the question of the constitutionality of the bill that these lawsuits are raising. I have included a link below (just one of many) articles that goes right to the core of the 27 states greatest concern, and that is the sovereignty of states, that was mentioned in the prophecy. So vital (according to what I believe the Lord showed me) for America if she is to remain a trace of America as we knew her to be in her beginnings in her original intent. As there will be shakings, and her Godly roots put to the test.

    It is the Lords desire to continue his ministry of mercy where the kingdom of God can be served as the people open heaven over their towns and cities. For reasons I have mentioned in ” What I see for America, and Days of the Judges, as well as what was detailed in the Good Friday prophesy. The great divides and contrasts between light and darkness will widen and become evident from one city to another, from one jurisdiction to another, down even to one neighborhood from another, as we already see in so many of our cities. God’s people opening the heavens up in places where they live and have a right to worship, and flourish, as gross darkness showcases the Glory of God upon the land like shafts of brilliant light breaking through heavy clouds. Why this struggle now? Because now the Church is entering corporately into her Apostolic authority in the earth, how quickly will she increase where there is freedom, if she governs herself with in the confines of love, kindness, peace, and self control; to move about, where there is freedom of speech, freedom to prosper, freedom to generate, or spend money at will, make investments, give, declare, and decree, to have or not to have, to hire, or fire, to make commerce, to build, to plant, to grow, to assemble. The people of God can step into this now if they choose to let go of this worlds temporary lures, and embrace the economy of God’s kingdom at all levels.

    As the word says, “if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked way” … we will be able to flourish in a healed land, turning the tide now … for there has already been a dangerous maneuver enacted towards the people of America, that is held in check, so long as we are governed by Godly people in a restrained Government. But the decisions made for our good, can become an ensnarement when wicked authority in our government join foreign alliances to exact controls upon Americans, in times of national emergencies.

    Let’s not forget the executive order for emergency preparedness just recently passed and how that would play out …in the hands of an evil empire. (Again at stake is state rights.) Again, we must be praying during this time, the greatest concern is not so much the health care bill, as much as states loosing the right to govern their people, and say no to the Federal government’s continuous encroachments against what is the will of the people, and their voice entrusted to the elected officials in each state.

    I believe our prayers have been heard and will continue to be heard and He has already raised up a standard, but we cannot let down our watch now, we are in it, and how we live our lives in the next few years depends on how faithful we are to pray right now, as the Holy Spirit works on our behalf. This contrast I see between the two roads- one is encumbered with the heavy yoke of government, and an over whelmed legal system, long drawn out court battles, good citizens weighed down under the girth of an over-regulated society, heavily oppressed by a one size fits all canopy, spread over them like an iron umbrella.

    The judges God is raising up, and the advocates are because of the battles we are in now, that we may have a fighting chance for our liberties. Literally, there will be states and regions of refuge, and beacons of light, to go to, so long as we have individual states able to respond to the will of the people and their Godly conscience, and act upon wisdoms of God for guidance. We need now to turn our face to the wall, thank you lord, for you have set up a standard. Let those bronzed robed judges, those angels, move in the Supreme Court of our land. Amen -dee


  2. Christian Science Monitor

    The Monitor’s View
    Supreme Court and health care law: state sovereignty at stake

    The Supreme Court hears various challenges to the health-care law next week. While the individual mandate will be the focus, state sovereignty is also at stake, especially in state reform of health care.

    By the Monitor’s Editorial Board / March 21, 2012

    March 26, 2012 at 3:56 pm (Edit) Supreme Court rules- Government agencies cannot appoint ministers.



  3. Judge Allows Indiana to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

    Published May 11, 2011

    | Associated Press

    NDIANAPOLIS — Indiana won a key victory in its fight to cut off public funding for Planned Parenthood Wednesday when a federal judge refused to block a tough new abortion law from taking effect, a move that could boost Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels’ image among social conservatives as he considers running for president.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/05/11/judge-expected-rule-wednesday-indiana-planned-parenthood-cuts/#ixzz1M4qhSJoA


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