Prayer Journal Vision: Obama and Romney Debate

The White Hot Train

10/16/12 6:45 pm

I saw these two presidential candidates in their debate with

elongated heads. Both of them, I saw Obama watching this

train on its track. He knows,  America is on a track, and it

will go where its headed to, nothing can stop it now.

America will continue on in what it is coming into.

 God knows.

Now this is where the
Church comes in, this is where we come in. In a moment I
was observing these two men, storm clouds boiling above
their heads, and they are real brainy, but in the next
scene I’m moving above, observing now the train, moving
with it as fast as it goes. I believe I am the Church at
this point and not necessarily myself. In fact it all
seems to go, like we change from a watcher to a
participator, with power. The train seems to begin to
change color just before the vision ends, this dark metal
train with dark paint- it started to look like it was
turning white coal, as if the speed in which it was going
fanned a furnace, it looked like the rail itself and the
embankment on each side … began to turn, at some point
it felt like, a transfiguration … those two men faded
in the back ground, they were not there any more,
something transpired, maybe the tracks shifted, but some
where down the line a transference of power took place
and Christ Church was all over it. The white coal, gold,
and fire- you couldn’t separate one from the other. It
was Hollowed.

Now I’m thinking about this- the kingdoms of this world
shall become the kingdoms of our God. Trains have
schedules, they have their stops, and transfers, from
here on out there are no stops, only momentum through
times, seasons, and seasons of change.

America will go through her refinement, it has to be,
but she has a destiny, a date, a “for this you were born”
moment in history, an Esther moment, preceded by
purifications and readiments, the Church will be that
Mordicai that teaches and counsels nations, their
destiny. Hamen will be cheated out of his plans and
plots, and that which was devised by him will become his
very own demise.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again, what has
been done will be done again; there is nothing new under
the sun.

Ecclesiastes 2:12 Then I turned my thoughts to consider
wisdom, and also madness and folly. What more can the
king’s successor do than what has already been done?

Ecclesiastes 6:10 Whatever exists has already been named,
and what man is has been known; no man can contend with
one who is stronger than he.

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3 thoughts on “No Stops Just Momentum

  1. President Obama has been caught I think between the ideology he was taught…of socialistic policy …and what he has experienced…good decent Americans in the Military and elsewhere…who believe in the defense of personal liberty. He is also thoughtful and intelligent…so it is hard to believe that he does not realize that the ‘economic’ theories he was taught and implimented are wrong as well…yet he cannot shift them now at least politically. He was not shifting left enough on social issues for his supporters…and so did so some as the campaign has heated up. But I believe possibly worse than that…is the possibility of throwing Israel under the bus for some kind of notion of ‘middle east peace’…if not publicly…privately. It has been hard to listen to some of the liberal pundents from think tanks…the NY Times…supporters of the UN…who speak so terribly of President Bush or Prime Minister Netanyahu…and spread their foolishness. Noone likes war…I pray for peace…but…well…no need to finish that thought probably… I am not sure of it all…but there are powerful interests and entities that believe I think in a course of somehow letting Islam have the middle east. It is a terrible appeasement…and might explain many things. But the Lord is not finished with America yet…He loves her and considers her his bastion of freedom…but she must…she will return to the Lord…as the Lord is saying that great healing revival and ourtpouring is coming…and He will have His beautiful ministers of love and mercy…who walk with…and like…Jesus.

    As for the Dream…yes Obama shifted left in the last few months…perhaps making His choice in the Lord’s eyes. God loves the President…and we all pray for his safety and his family…America needs great grace now…

    the Bible Code says something like.. “Mitt…he waits…he ascends…a gift.” (then there are what the Hebrew scholars would consider
    three distinct blessings…) and finally…”Remember the Lord your God…when you come into your Kingdom.”

    the Holy Spirit sometimes gives me ‘goosebumps’ when I agree with Him…typing that last part about Mitt…made it so strong…I shivered!

    all humbly submitted…

    love, michele


    1. Thank you Michele, I was just looking into the bible codes yesterday, getting updated, that was an interesting intersection in Deuteronomy 28. The “in blessing, I will bless you” chapter. Prayerfully, hopefully the prodigal nation is turning back.


  2. See Revelation 13;11-18

    Most of this will occour at end of Oktober 2012.

    The USA are as far away from GOD as never before and have a president with a fragmented personality.

    Stay very, very close to your Savior and KING Lord Jesus the Christ.

    Kalisha Moana


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