March 2010

Charlotte, North Carolina, Broken Glass.

Sunday morning I had a 3 part dream just before I woke up that has me in prayer. I dreamed that my husband and I and our entire family including some friends, were driving through down town Charlotte, North Carolina just be for sundown. We were driving over shattered glass from the high-rise buildings. (Charlotte has some beautiful high rises.) As we were looking around slowly, driving through, I saw that the shattered and cracked windows were about 3 to 4 stories up and then the damage stopped. Some of the windows belonged to clothing stores and offices. It seemed that a riot had gone through the down town area, and then as soon as I thought that, I saw a picture in the dream of rioters running through the down town, and it was because of the Economy. There was a coffee shop with people in them at ground level, but the windows were broken out. The lights were on in those places but not in the high-rise buildings above. I could see a garment in a boutique above near a broken window flapping in the wind. The scene changed and we were now in a restaurant around the corner.

Touch Not My Anointed and Do My Prophets No Harm

As we were getting seated we were sat down at two tables and were separated into two companies, our son and their spouses and friends were sitting crowded into each other at a bigger table, nevertheless, there was laughter and fellowship, my husband, I and and a young woman, were seated by the waitress at an even smaller table with 2 or 3 people we really didn’t know. We remained standing because the table was way to small for 5 people and just wasn’t practical to sit at. (More like seating for two.) My husband and I stood in order to not compete over seating as that would have been un-civil. My husband pulled out a chair for the the young woman but she was not comfortable with others standing while she was sitting. I spoke to the waitress that there was not room for everyone to sit, I spoke to her about how the restaurant created an environment where it would require people to struggle over seating, in order to sit at the table. A woman who sat down with a man in our area began to slander us for standing, but when she got up to leave her high heel shoes became entangled in a mantle/garment lying on the floor at my feet, and she fell, she did this twice, once when she walked past coming in, and again when she approached me, on her way out. The next scene we are sitting at the table with the rest of our family.

Port City Bad Water

In the third scene of this dream we are talking about Wilmington, NC., at the table with our friends and family (where my other son and future daughter in-law, and friends live) that had problems with bad water, that in real life they have had. (Old sewage system that they are trying to replace is causing some problems). In the dream water was so bad that it created an emergency in the city where people actually got sick from thirst because water was not supplied to them, in the dream we were discussing how shocking something like that would be in a developed country, people dying of thirst or sick from water because they were not reached in time.

Note: With in a few weeks after this dream my husband and son began working on a Job in downtown Wilmington and then on to Charlotte on a high rise to install “air control units” many times when I drove my husband to work we prayed through the city. These two cities are not where we live so to dream about them and then end up working in them, straight way is interesting. We pray for the cities we work in, and live in, extra prayer went up for both these places after the dream. There is more I have written about regarding this that is yet unpublished, but the portion where there was no room or place setting at the table continued to reoccur in other dreams and visions. My son and husband’s occupation that basically involves the distribution and routing of AIR CONTROL, is included as a prophetic element in my writings that stem from this dream. Since we have lived in this area, 40 minutes from Charlotte, there has been grievous opposition, and spiritual warfare, regarding a Python spirit and Jezebel.

Note: Another significant find was that when we drove through Charlotte for the first time and found the coffee shop as it was in the dream, we also, found the restaurant to be where it was, as well. It is called the Brazilian Steak House. I believe this dream reference the state of the Church for many in this area, at least this has held true for us. There are those who are sitting (posers) that should be standing, and those standing (legitimate) that should be sitting, Regardless, the initial names of present-day Brazil were Ilha de Vera Cruz (“Island of the True Cross”) of course Jezebel is never very far from God’s anointed, mocking, slandering, and kicking up opposition.

  The only Coup’d’eta  successfully taken place in the United States. From the root to the fruit, creating dependency upon the government is a passive aggressive form of tyranny. The gut wrenching acts of racism and the bone chilling history of the Cape Fear river region. Till this day the democratic party is still committing acts of violence against the black race. No other political party has done more to contribute to the destruction of the black race then the pro-choice agenda, that is now apart of the health care bill.

3 thoughts on “Charlotte North Carolina Broken Glass Vision

  1. Because the windows were broken on the 3rd and 4th levels of the buildings in downtown Charlotte- I cannot help but believe that the damage is caused by riots. Knowing that the Democratic convention is coming in a few weeks- stirred remembrance of this dream. I believe that I have a lot more writings on it. A few weeks after the dream we drove through downtown Charlotte for the first time and I noticed that the lay out of the city was just like my dream, in fact the Starbuck’s Coffee shop was actually the way I seen it in the dream. The approaching buildings as we drove down the street were the same, as well.


  2. Wilmington is a port city, on the coast, a land full of steeples, that needs a new well, a fresh well of living waters opened up to it. Charlotte, the southern queen, gripped in racial tensions, and very prominent in the banking industry. The praying remnant alert and aware in two companies- the fragmented fringe and boxed in faithful. Just another region that needs the prayers of God’s people to maintain an open heaven above. These are serious times, and each city needs prayer covering in our land.


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