Warning for Christian America

Quote regarding the word of prophecy located at the links below from this web site:

QUOTE:“On June 11, 2011 the Lord began to show me a shaking that would take place in Indonesia. I had three visions during this time. The one most concerning is as recorded below:

While many people in many places retire their idols for the true communion with Christ, Christian America will be challenged for her Idolatry this coming election year.

I saw what appeared like one looking through the lens of a movie camera approaching America from the Atlantic ocean to the New York harbor. I then saw a statuesque image that was red white and blue. It was a mixed form that included Washington DC., and the Statue of Liberty, sitting in the New York Harbor. I understood in that moment the idolatry in America, was the same as other countries that would be considered heathen, it was just more sophisticated. I thought of the scripture that describes the whore who sits upon many waters as I looked at the scene and the Lord gave me a warning. It is called A Warning for Christian America and it speaks to the idolatry in some forms of Christian patriotism that was astonishing to me.

Continued …


“American Christians need to have both eyes open in the coming election and beware of dividing lines drawn of men and not of God, what is in the heart of men in America will elect the next leaders. It is better to vote your conscience that you will have to give an account for, than to vote for who can win, there are those who will be rounding up that kind of vote, for their own destruction, if they do not repent, and humble themselves before the Lord, by trusting that which is right and Godly, instead of that which is right and worldly. This will be the rod of distinction between the goats and the sheep for those who have an ear to hear, the true counsel will be for Christian America to vote her Godly conscience. Not the popular right.
The word regarding these prophecies states: that there would be a sign coming out of Indonesia to confirm this word. In fact it says on the web site “Watch for a sign out of Indonesia to confirm this word.”

Since this prophecy Indonesia has had dozens of earth quakes that are stronger than usual, one of the first significant sized quakes occurred 9 minutes after 11 and you can see that documentation if you go to the website links. Yesterday a volcano erupted. It is believed these are the signs out of Indonesia the Lord was speaking of to bring a sobriety to this word of the Lord for Christian America.


Strange Bird II

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