The Twilight Dance of Divination

An important word speaking to our generation. The dangerous engagement with the supernatural lures of darkness mixing the clean, with the unclean, in practices  known as Baal Christianity.

2 thoughts on “The Twilight Dance of Divination

  1. I put your article about divination on facebook there was no response.But this needs to be out there.There are so many so called Christians into the Twilight series and they are teaching their children it’s all okay.And they are not ashamed to tell everyone about them going to see the next movie.Lukewarmness needs to be spoken about .I believe these vampire movies are not being preached against in many churches.That is why they have no conscious concerning it.Thank you for this article.


    1. kk 1970 that is a brave thing to do. The Lord bless you for it. I would have been amazed had there been a lot of support- that is not what I am seeing w/ the Christian community on fb. My 20’s something daughter was slammed for speaking up on facebook about twilight. Astounded to find out that spirit filled worship team members were defending a series glorifying vampires. UNREAL! To those who would like to friend NeWine Pouring on our facebook page go to- we really need support of those who are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ to love on us and interact with our page. Although, many view our page few let their presence be made known. We do not thrive on controversy, we thrive on our love for God and our obedience to him! So, all you who are “not luke” come join us, I would love to revive this page with those who are willing to show support for the benefit of those afraid to. To see the Christian community bearing testimony of the word of God, re-enforces it in the lives of others. Thanks- KK blessings to you.


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