NeWine Pouring

Where Rivers Are Made

The Remnant Nation
The descender comes upon us like a mist, rolling down the sides of the MOUNTAIN of the Lord. Who can stand under the weighty anointing when HE has fallen upon us? He gives us drink from the pristine rains that pour (from the mountain of seeking) upon those who trek up the solitude paths of God, in their pursuit to know him better. While multitudes frolic in the river down stream, gracious rains  stream down upon the Highlander who makes the Mountain of The Lord his place of habitation. Barely able to get his footing, the mountain dweller grasps the clefts of the rock, pulls himself in, and allows the rolling mist to pour over him with increased magnitude.
The GLORY of the Latter House, shall be greater than the former.
If you love to worship YAH! You will enjoy this podcast. Get ready to kick back and spill your coffee.
An audio reading of THE RIVER DOWN STREAM, and much more!

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