The Seeing Eyes of Realms Untold

 Come let us reason together, says The Lord! What we can see and hear is not all there is to know. Let us get together with our ultimate LIFE-COACH, and allow Him to guide our lives.

2 thoughts on “The Seeing Eyes of Realms Untold

  1. So true! After finding an upside down beached Green Sea Turtle, I had a lot to say about stewardship, in my latest blog. I know you’ll be blessed by it, as this post blessed me. It seems God is speaking clearly to many right now, to sound the alarm about taking care of our planet.


  2. Amen! After discovering a beached, upside down sea turtle on a trashed beach, I had a few things to say about preserving the circle of life, in my latest blog. I think you’ll be blessed to check it out.


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