Derek Prince, in this video, is preaching on playing church, and religious spirits, and a lying spirit manifests in the meeting. People! This was real then and it is even more real today, as we move towards the end of the age. I can absolutely testify that religious spirits manifest when light exposes their masquerade. Revealing the enemies lies. People wonder why they can sit just fine in their church, Sunday after Sunday, year after year; but then go to a Spirit filled meeting and end up foaming at the mouth on the floor, or running out the door! It is because religiosity doesn’t change us, nor does it grow us. It keeps us looking good, and will even promote us. While a masked charade continues its work in our lives. Until the Living Word is released in His power. No matter how Full Gospel a church can claim to be, if that church quenches the Spirit of God, then there will be bondage, that bondage keeps us as slaves. For where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty! We can talk power, preach power, and walk like we got power, but yielding to the Holy Spirit is the only thing that brings in the power!

3 thoughts on “Derek Prince And Deliverance

  1. (continued) deliverance back to where it belongs, I am thankfull for all those who have gone before you and I, to pave the way. We stand in good places because of the obedience of those gone before us. All seeing in part. Looking for the day, we all know perfectly as we are known!


  2. Check out bear creek Prophetic deliverance. D Prince admitted on his death bed that he carried a spirit of fear that tormented him. Many ministries operate as he attempted but few go after the strongman. You are obviously called to deliverance, seek out as much as you can. Blessings.


    1. Thank you for your comment, and exhortation. My ministry has certainly been active in the area of deliverence for 35 years now. With out it few healings, and miracles, break through. Derick Prince was a vessal along with many others, before his era that was used to restore


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