Kin Knows Kin

… When She heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped for joy in Elizabeth’s womb.

Jesus and John were relatives called of the Father and appointed for end time ministry. Christ the Messiah, and John His for-runner, who came in the spirit of Elijah had a date with destiny. The CALLED and appointed of the Father, know kin. If you’re pressing on to the upward call of Christ, kin knows kin. Those who truly belong to the household of God rejoice when they see you coming. Why? Because the Holy Ghost bears witness of Christ, and that quickening gives joy when another (in Christ) comes along. As John did in his mother’s womb. It’s ingrained in our DNA. So the next time you’re snubbed, left out, ignored, talked about, shut out, or left behind … Just remember, those that reverence God walk in His Spirit, and would never desire to grieve the Holy Spirit who dwells in you. This is the fear of The Lord, and they are of a kindred spirit. God says I have not rejected you, but I have chosen you. We are sought out, and not forsaken. Those who make you feel excluded by friending you on their terms only- desire to keep you for themselves, for they are not of those who truly belong, nor do they want to. The spirit they are of wants your energy to serve them. They have made themselves a stranger and by offenses separate, divide, and freeze the wounded out, by use of the cold shoulder. Notice how attitudes change toward you when you key down your joy for the Lord?  It’s like a thermostat in the room. At one point things freeze up if you try to FELLOWSHIP, on the other hand things WARM UP when you keep it LUKE. In the end times, the hearts of many will go cold and harden like wax of a blown out candle, because of offenses in the world. Understanding that kin knows kin, helps us navigate through relationships that are FOR US, and avoid the ones that are against us. God is for us, and so are those who are of His household.

Gal 4:17 in The Message translation: Those heretical teachers go to great lengths to flatter you, but their motives are rotten. They want to shut you out of the free world of God’s grace so that you will always depend on them for approval and direction, making them feel important.

The problem is they ain’t kin. 😉

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