We had an awesome time in prayer last night, while on our INTO THE NIGHT Zoom call! There was a prophetic word in that intercession, about the church being the house of prayer for all nations, taking the ground and winning the battles in “travailing prayer” as a spiritual walk through, before “feet hit the ground” in the natural warfare of outreach and evangelism. Because prophetic prayer ministry is the spiritual walk through that secures the land before we hit the ground running! There is always push back just before we step out into any kind of ministry. It is something that always occurs when ever we endeavor to go out and fulfill any aspect of the great commission. Corporate prayer is the “we and us” of the Kingdom that replaces a more narrow look at the “me and I” in our callings, knowing one plants, another waters, but God gives the increase! Because HE is the Lord of the harvest. Being present among those being the “House of prayer for all nations” is a valuable part of a pre-emptive strike, that restricts the power of the enemy, when its time to go out and do God’s work. Often times we will be “better equipped” because of special focused prayers that download more instruction on specifics in the battle. The devil is highly experienced in how to keep us from even leaving the driveway. But, he is no match against the “Body of Christ” in their focused prayer and intercession, because Yeshuah is the head of the church! There are those that solicit intercessors to pray for them and their ministry, forgetting that they need to be the chief intercessor in their work for the Lord. We are not above our master in anything! The most effective men and women in the Bible, including our Lord, was those who were an intercessor first and foremost, above everything else they accomplished! A life of prayer was their greatest asset. Jesus didn’t do it alone and neither should we. While I have my own commissioning to tend to, that includes a prophetic teaching ministry, prayer is a huge part of that ministry. Prayer for another ministry is a privilege, we do this all the time. But I do something a little different in many of the prayer requests we get, I want the head of that ministry to join us in prayer for their own commissioning and call. To experience Christ in true kingdom governance in all he’s asked us to be and do, as one. We need to see our selves in the light of where we come from, and who we are, in the grand scheme of things, and being present in God’s assembly as a House of Prayer for all nations is the sum of what our basic service to Him looks like. As our life on this Earth begins in a home as God has designed it. So should our spiritual walk, in Christ, begin with the nurturing  framework He has ordained on this earth, in the company of that place where the flaming lampstand burns! Rev. 2. In the midst of mantles, He has set, where His holy presence abides. Ephesians 4 Where the equipping of the saints and the gifts and health of the people flourish!   –

Deana Barnes 

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