Now it is! In the Spirit of intercession. It’s the hour! The Spirit and the Bride calls out, “Come Lord Jesus, Come now!” The Red River Nation, is a gathering of the remnant in the spirit of intercession, as a bride in her procession gathering together through all lands, in this journey with the moving bride. The remnant joins under the banners red, crimson red, with golden letters, saying: LOVE  His banner over me is love! The view from above this prophetic procession, appears like a red river, a peculiar sight! Winding through the kingdoms of this world, literally in the spirit if you had eyes to see this army, this mobile “house” of prayer for all nations! This nomadic dwelling place hidden in the secret place of the Most High abiding in the shadow of the almighty! The chamber of the faithful, where the cry of the bridegroom is calling COME AWAY, my beloved! Did you think it would be in any other place? Did you think it would have four walls built by men? Did you think it would be in a far away land, or deep in the ground, this hiding place? Has it not always been found in me this place of refuge? Come away my beloved and hide your self in me, I AM the secret place of the most High, says the Lord. It has always been me. I will gently lead you, I will carry the little lambs in my arm. Be my house of prayer for all nations, for you are my house. Where I send you, you shall be as one. In the spirit you are that army under my banner, a mobile assembly. Yes, my remnant is there from all nations gathering with you, entering that hiding place that can only be found in me. The words I speak- they are SPIRIT and they are truth. I will lead you in a natural way, and you will find the green pastures, the still waters, but the flow that will carry you comes from the place I am calling you! Find your rest in me, and all your concerns will fade into the landscape set before you, for you shall see my kingdom come into view, and you shall see the SON, and He whose mind is stayed upon this one has perfect peace!  There is no other right now that should be so important to you, do not be as Lot’s wife, do not be as Peter when he looked at the waves, and began to sink with his eyes on the circumstances raging around him. Now is the time to take all that you care about and release them into my hands, for my eye is even on the sparrow, shall they not be more so upon you and yours? They are my children too, says God. It is not my indifference to your loved ones that I say to you, “If you love them more you are not worthy of me.”  Nor is it my indifference to your great love for your family that I say this. But, you must love me more, to stay your eyes upon me no matter what, for it is because of your unwavering devotion many will will be saved, more than if you fail as lots wife failed, for could not more be born of her and Lot, as Sarah and Abraham had the son of promise in their old age? No one said she desired a city that sought to ravage her daughters. No script unpacks the why, some ones daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s grand daughter, someone’s friend, and neighbor, looked back to the city that many of them now mentioned perished in. Why did Lots wife look back? The answer is not in what she did, but what she did not do. She did not heed the warning of God! She did not follow the WAY of escape made for her. She did not keep her heart and mind upon the WAY! Know that I Am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. No man comes to the FATHER accept through me. Forsake all for me, entrust all things to me, and you will find your true treasures well preserved in HIM, in that day when there will be such a great day of reunion, joy, and celebration! You will rush from one precious face to another and clasp them in your hands, tears will be wiped from your eyes. Trust your commander, who paid such a ransom, follow Him intrepidly, yes with fearless resolve! How great He is, how in love He is, how jealous over you He is, His warrior bride pursuing Him through the nations under His crimson banner called Love!

Red River Nation

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