The Floridian Mandate. Who knew the impact this state and its governor would have several  years after this prophecy?  I remember giving this word back then and thinking how random it was. Of all places, a prophetic word marks Florida as a state that will release a trend of hope for our nation, that will act like a tropical breeze across the frigid  landscape of American politics! During a time when the circumstances we are facing today with the economy, and gas prices, fades at the dire prospect that we could be standing at the threshold of  World War III. There were pre-cursor fulfillment’s I saw in the spring of 2012, as other prophetic markers unfolded through out the rest of that year. But, now I am revisiting the Floridian Mandate because it seems to fit in a more profound way, and not only that it’s the nature of the prophetic to be circular rather than linear. So of course, in seasons prophecy  often cycles through until it is entirely fulfilled! Something tells me there is more to expect, God used this State to set an example for freedom, as a voice of reason against the fear and panic that shut down our economy this past two years, and so I think that “warm tropical breeze” still has its influence and may be cycling up into a gale. What do you think? Is the Floridian Mandate Prophecy  to decree a word for such a time as now? Read it right here and decide for yourself:

The Floridian Mandate

3 thoughts on “The Floridian Mandate Prophecy

  1. Thanks for sharing, and for it makes sense that God would speak this over Florida, for I understand that in that state is one of the three major prophetic gates (in the kingdom of God on earth realm) of the nation, and it is also one of the 12 global gates. It is why there has been such great moves of God as it has opened in different seasons. It is also why there is so much contention in and around there spiritually and naturally.


  2. Love the circular aspects of the prophetic — our God is awesome. I am Canadian and saw angelic armies pouring into the US in 2017 on a visit into the Dakotas. God has a powerful end time purpose for the ‘eagle’ (USA) 🙏❤️🙏

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